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Bud Conrad: Future Inflation Baked in the Cake - Hyperinflation Possible

Jan 2 – Jim welcomes back Bud Conrad, Chief Economist with Casey Research. Bud sees the US passing the “tipping point” with US debt levels moving from 100% of GDP to 120% of GDP in President Obama’s second term. Bud believes...

James Grant: The Return of the Gold Standard−It Lies Ahead (originally aired 7/19/2012)

Dec 28 – Jim is pleased to welcome James Grant from Grant’s Interest Rate Observer this week. James discusses a variety of topics, including the return of a gold standard, deflation, how the central banks went astray, what he would do if...

Bill Fleckenstein: The Big Story in 2013 - The Beginning of a Bond Bear Market

Dec 27 – Jim welcomes back Bill Fleckenstein, president of Fleckenstein Capital in Seattle, and author of Contrarian Chronicles for MSN Money. Bill believes the deflation fears are fading as the country enters a period of stagflation. He also sees...

Felix Zulauf: Europe’s Recession Will Worsen Next Year (originally aired 9/7/12)

Dec 26 – Jim welcomes back legendary asset manager Felix Zulauf from Switzerland. In a very timely and powerful interview, Felix covers many important issues, foremost among them the European debt crisis. He believes politicians will...

Doug Noland: Historic Global Credit Bubble is Forming

Dec 25 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Douglas Noland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors Inc. in Boston. In Europe, Doug believes the ECB will continue to do whatever it takes to bring down the credit spreads among EU member countries...

Dr. Marc Faber: My Greatest Concern−The US Could Confiscate Gold, Again (originally aired 09/06/12)

Dec 21 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Dr. Marc Faber, publisher of the "Gloom, Boom & Doom Report." Marc notes that without current US government deficits, the economy would be in recession. He also expects the Fed to initiate QE3...

Kurt Wulff: Energy Stocks Still Represent Great Value for Investors

Dec 20 – Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, an independent energy analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt sees real value for investors in energy stocks at current prices. As to the beaten down royalty trusts, Kurt believes they now offer a tremendous value.

Greg Weldon on Europe−A Brushfire That Has Turned Into a Forest Fire (originally aired 06/04/12)

Dec 19 – Jim welcomes back Greg Weldon, CEO of Weldon Financial. Greg sees the European debt problems growing from a brushfire into a raging forest fire. He also notes the lessons from the Argentine devaluation won’t work in Greece.

Jeff Christian: The Fed’s QE Policy Does Not Guarantee Higher Gold Prices

Dec 18 – Erik Townsend, sitting in for Jim Puplava, welcomes Jeffrey Christian, founder of the CPM Group in New York. Jeff believes that the gold price has hit a cyclical peak, within the longer term secular bull market.

The Lifetime Income Series: Year-End Tax Planning Strategies That Enhance Your Retirement Planning

Strategies to Minimize Your Taxes and Fund Your Retirement

In this edition of the Lifetime Income Series , Jim looks at strategies to minimize current taxes and utilize the savings to fund your retirement plan. Although there is still much uncertainty about the tax situation for 2013, there are ways to save taxes this year and enhance your retirement funding.

Grant Williams: Expect More Wealth Taxes and Capital Controls

Dec 14 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Grant Williams, Portfolio & Strategy Advisor at Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore, and author of the popular investment letter, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”. Grant and Jim cover...

John Doody: Recent Volatility Just Noise; Gold Stocks Remain Very Attractive

Dec 13 – Erik Townsend sits in for Jim and welcomes John Doody Ph.D., editor of the Gold Stock Analyst . John believes that when you step back and look at the long-term fundamentals, the recent volatility in the gold miners is just noise...

Ronald Stoeferle: European Central Banks Are Repatriating Their Gold

Dec 12 – Jim welcomes back Ronald Stoeferle CMT, author of the popular “In Gold We Trust” research reports, to discuss the gold markets. Ronald notes that central banks in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria are starting to repatriate...

Ned Schmidt: I'm the Most Optimistic I've Ever Been on Gold Stocks

Dec 11 – Jim welcomes Ned Schmidt CFA, Publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports. Ned is extremely optimistic about the gold stocks, particularly the best quality gold stocks. He believes investors should...

The Lifetime Income Series: What’s Your Number?

Once you know your number, the investment strategy falls in place

Dec 8 – In this week’s Lifetime Income Series Jim looks at the big question: What’s your number? This refers to the specific result of putting together a true retirement plan, how it works, and how it leads to financial security. In the second...

Joel Salatin: Urban Survival - From GMO to a Healthy Diet and a Healthy Life

Dec 7 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Virginia. Joel is a farmer, an author and a strong advocate for creating sustainable agriculture without government subsidies. Joel notes that in the last 50 years...

Mark Nestmann: Escape From America

Dec 6 – Jim welcomes Mark Nestmann, from the Nestmann Group LLC to discuss second passports, international tax planning, and expatriation. Mark looks at offshore tax and reporting obligations for US citizens and permanent residents, as well as what you must...

John Williams: The Endgame – The Only Path Left Leads to Higher Inflation

Dec 5 – Jim welcomes back John Williams, Executive Editor at Shadow Government Statistics. John looks at what’s coming ahead, and he sees a bleak situation. John believes there are simply too many unfunded liabilities to tax our way out...

Marin Katusa: How to Increase Revenues- Carbon Taxes for All Americans

Dec 4 – Jim welcomes Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research to discuss a potential carbon tax in the US. Marin believes it will happen because the government, the large oil companies, and environmental groups all want...

The Lifetime Income Series: Understanding the Benefits of the Stretch IRA

Case Study: A “1%-er” Plans for Retirement

In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series , Jim begins by taking a close look at the “Stretch IRA”, discusses it’s benefits and provisions, and explains why it may prove beneficial in your estate planning process.

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