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John Doody: Silver Stocks–Small Universe; Great Opportunity

Oct 24 – Jim welcomes back John Doody Ph.D., Editor of The Gold Stock Analyst. John sees silver stocks as gold on steroids and believes that because of the small universe of silver producers, there is great opportunity in this group.

John Williams: The Tipping Point−If Fiscal Issues Not Seriously Addressed, Dollar Is Doomed

Oct 23 – Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John believes the US has been given a "free pass" due to election year politics, but if its fiscal issues are not seriously addressed after the election, the dollar could...

The Lifetime Income Series: Planning for Incapacity−Disability and Long Term Care (Part One)

Also, Emergency Preparedness: How to be prepared for anything

Oct 20 – In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim discusses how to plan for incapacity, specifically looking into disability and long-term care options. In the next topic, Jim interviews Kevin Matsukado, Director of Safety and...

Ian McAvity: QE Is Nothing But a Bailout for the Banks

Oct 19 – Jim is pleased to welcome Ian McAvity CMT, editor of Deliberations on World Markets since 1972. Ian sees all the Quantitative Easing by central banks as nothing but a banking bailout and believes the world is heading toward a global currency crisis.

Kurt Wulff: North America The One Bright Spot for New Oil and Gas Supply

Oct 18 – Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt notes that in terms of new supplies of oil and gas globally, North America is currently the one bright spot. He also mentions that the foreign oil majors...

Don Coxe: Commodity Super-Cycle Still in Its Early Stages

Oct 17 – Jim welcomes Don Coxe of Coxe Advisors LLP to discuss the Commodity Super-Cycle. Don believes that because most commodities are no longer priced primarily by Europe and North America, they are less risky than conventional...

Axel Merk: Beyond the Fiscal Cliff−The Dollar At Risk

Oct 16 – Jim welcomes Axel Merk, founder of Merk Investments LLC. Axel discusses the potential risk to the US dollar, beyond the issues of the Fiscal Cliff. He also discusses three scenarios that put the bond market at risk going forward.

The Lifetime Income Series: Young and Wanting to Retire Rich−A Roadmap

Also, “From Gloom to Boom: Avoiding the Investment Bunker-Mentality”

Oct 13 – In this week’s Lifetime Income Series edition, Jim focuses on the younger worker with many years to retirement and hoping to retire comfortably. Jim looks at ways that the younger person can plan now and use the advantages of time to build...

Russell Napier: Deflation in a Fiat World

Oct 12 – Jim welcomes back Russell Napier, a consultant with CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. Russell sees bank credit contracting, and a dearth of borrowers globally. He also notes a weakening in money-supply growth among the emerging...

Dr. Peter Warburton: The Return of the Global Inflation Dragon

Oct 11 – Jim welcomes back Dr. Peter Warburton, Director at Economic Perspectives Ltd. in London. Dr. Warburton offers nine compelling arguments for higher inflation coming our way. He sees global markets becoming more...

Jeff Christian: Gold Stock Performance to Improve Going Forward

Oct 10 – Jim welcomes back Jeffrey Christian, founder of the CPM Group in New York. Jeff notes that gold coin sales are down 42% year-to-date, and silver coins sales are down 22% YTD. Despite this, Jeff sees shrewd investors continuing to...

Evelyn Browning Garriss: El Niño Has Returned

Oct 9 – Jim welcomes back Evelyn Browning Garriss, editor of The Browning Newsletter. Evelyn discusses how the El Niño weather pattern has returned; the only question is how strong it will be. She sees warmer and wetter weather for the US...

The Lifetime Income Series: Case Study−The Solution to the Springer’s Early Retirement

The conclusion to the Carl and Tish Springer case study on un-planned retirement

Oct 6 – In this week’s edition of the Lifetime Income Series, Jim concludes his case study on Carl and Tish Springer, and shows how they were able to successfully deal with a sudden early retirement for which they had not planned.

Doug Noland: Central Banks Have Created a Ponzi-Finance Monster

Oct 5 – Jim welcomes back Douglas Noland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors Inc. in Boston. Doug believes the central banking system has created a giant Ponzi-finance monster. The Ponzi-finance sequence begins with...

John Butler: Gold More Underpriced Today than During the 2008 Financial Crisis

Oct 4 – Jim welcomes John Butler from London, Amphora’s CIO and author of The Golden Revolution. John notes that central bankers are not taking accountability for their mistakes, which is leading to unintended consequences.

Marin Katusa: Islamic Revolution in Saudi Arabia Could Lead to $300 Oil

Oct 3 – Jim welcomes back Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research to discuss energy and political tensions in Saudi Arabia. Marin sees the aging Saudi royal family in jeopardy and losing support with the Islamists in Saudi Arabia.

Bud Conrad: Perpetual QE−Investors Need to Own Tangible Assets

Oct 2 – Jim welcomes back Bud Conrad, Chief Economist at Casey Research. With the Fed now committed to open-ended Quantitative Easing, Bud believes investors need to own tangible assets, with gold and silver topping the list.

The Lifetime Income Series: A Retirement Planning Case Study—Lump-Sum or Annuity?

Sep 29 – In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series , Jim offers a retirement planning case study on the factors that go into taking a lump-sum distribution or...

JKC de Courcy: Looking More Like an Israeli Strike on Iran

Sep 28 – Jim welcomes back JKC de Courcy, Chief Executive of Courcy’s Intelligence Service in London, and publisher of Courcy’s Intelligence Brief. Mr. de Courcy sees more evidence of an Israeli strike on Iran ahead, and likely...

Brian Pretti: When Do We Pass the Point of No Return?

Sep 27 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian believes that the markets are now driven by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and P/E multiple expansion is driving stock prices higher.

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