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gold nearing $1,300 oz

Gold is nearing $1300/oz. What's next for gold. FSN wants you to cast your vote in this weeks poll.

federal reserve

Is the Federal Reserve a public servant or public master? Cast your decision in this weeks poll.

washington dc and main street

Washington DC. Why is our nations capital so out of touch with the public? Cast your vote in this weeks poll.

urban crisis

Are you prepared for an urban crisis? FSN asks you to consider some of the ways America can make way for the possible future.

gold standard

A new gold standard is being considered. Do you think it could work? Vote in this weeks poll!

the middle class

The middle class has been enduring trying times during the last few years. Does it have a future?

medicare can it survive?

Medicare needs to be evaluated as a program. What do you think in present time, can this institution survive?

unemployment dilemma

Let's attempt to unravel the dilemma of unemployment currently troubling our great nation in this market recovery.

Sound Off! Tell us your favorites

Sound Off! Tell us your favorites of the Financial Sense Newshour.

New Law to Tax and Track Gold Sales

A new law is being proposed to tax and track gold sales. What's your take in this legislation?

National Debt -  Ticking Time Bomb?

Is the National Debt a ticking time bomb waiting to explode? FSN is looking for your vote on this growing crisis.


Charts on LEIs & CLIs turned more negative in May

Treasury Bond Bubble?

A treasury bond bubble is growing. FSN asks you the listener to weigh in on what's happening in the bond market.

Will Gold Go Parabolic

FSN asks you, the listener, if you think the price of gold is going to go parabolic.

california at risk

Financial Sense Newshour asks you, the listener, what you think will happen to California.


Charts on the probability of recession, taxation, and market stress.

Can Nuclear Power Save America?

FSN asks you, the listener, if you think nuclear power can save America.

Peak Oil: Is it close?

FSN asks you, the listener, how close we are to Peak Oil and how it will change our lives.

Will the Euro Survive?

FSN asks you, the listener, about what you think will happen to the Euro.