Investing in Global Robotics – Interview With ROBO Global’s Bill Studebaker

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Bill Studebaker, President and CIO of ROBO Global, says that we are in the early stages of a robotics and automation revolution that is accelerating due to recent technological advances, particularly in the fields of AI and machine learning. Bill goes in-depth with FS Insider today to discuss their company and ETF (ROBO), including:

  • Why ROBO Global was formed, the unique experts that maintain their index, and the companies they track.
  • An overview of 2017 robotics trends.
  • The “robotics growth curve” and how the industry is changing over time.
  • Growth projections for the industry as a whole as well as specific segments.
  • Where the greatest disruption is taking place today.
  • The convergence to “Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems”.
  • Impact of machine learning, AI.
  • And much, much more...

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