Jim Bianco on Fed Killing the Recovery, Kavanaugh Political Aftermath

Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Jim Bianco at Bianco Research to discuss the recent breakout in 10-year yields to a seven-year high, and what this means for stocks, bonds, and the overall market. Bianco says traditional money managers and robo-advisors are likely to get shaken up with a major trend change underway, not just with rates, but with how bonds and stocks have historically moved together and that may now be ending. Lastly, Bianco comments on what the betting markets, Presidential approval numbers, and polls are revealing when it comes to the public’s reaction to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and how things may shake out with the midterm elections November 6, 2018. To learn more about Bianco Research or for a free trial, visit www.biancoresearch.com.

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