The Machine-Driven Economy

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FS Insider interviews Woody Preucil, Senior Managing Director at 13D Global Strategy and Research, to discuss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, the convergence of blockchain, AI, and quantum computing (the BLAIQ-NET), and some fascinating scenarios for the future.

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[00:01:22] Alpha zero and self-learning algorithms

[00:02:33] Gained chess mastery in a few short hours

[00:05:30] Microsoft and Alibaba algorithm passing Stanford test

[00:07:00] Collaboration between OpenAI bots to beat human competitors

[00:08:48] Four waves of AI

[00:12:29] Recent breakthroughs towards artificial general intelligence (AGI)

[00:14:37] BLAIQ-NET: Convergence of blockchain, AI, and quantum computing

[00:17:29] Real-time object identification and dynamic pricing

[00:19:32] Web 3.0 and digital real estate

[00:23:34] Implications for economy and society

[00:25:41] Hypercustomization, oversupply

[00:28:08] Best skillsets for humans in an increasingly AI-dominated world

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