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  • Big Picture: Time to Start Hedging – Cash Is No Longer Trash May 19

    May 19 – In today’s edition of the Big Picture, Financial Sense Newshour’s Jim Puplava explains why it’s time to start hedging your portfolio based on, as Don Coxe said earlier this week on FS Insider, a “convergence of storm fronts,” including...

  • Derrick: US Outlook Still Positive, Though Global LEIs Rolling Over May 16

    May 16 – FS Insider interviews John Derrick at The Derrick Letter to discuss the US stock market outlook and what sector performance is telling us about the sustainability of the recent rally. Derrick also provides his view on...

  • Oil Shock - Oil Prices Heading to $80 a Barrel May 12

    May 12 – In today’s Big Picture episode, Jim Puplava and John Loeffler discuss how oil prices have been climbing. Now that summer is almost upon us, we look at expectations for oil prices to head toward $80 a barrel.

  • Basil Chapman: Dow in Breakout Mode May 12

    May 12 – Ryan Puplava talks about the Trump announcement to withdraw from the Iran deal and its implications for energy and the financial markets. Basil Chapman, host of The Tiger Technicians Hour joins us on the show...