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Michael Shedlock
06/15/2017 - 13:19
By Michael Shedlock – The state of Illinois has not passed a budget for close to three years. Arguably it’s just as well because Illinois budgets for decades have been nothing but a moth-eaten collection of lies, one time deficits repeated endlessly...
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FS Staff
04/24/2017 - 15:38
Recently, markets have been taking a breather. Are they signaling a temporary stall or something more worrisome? And what comes next? This time on Financial Sense, we spoke with Tom McClellan, editor of McClellan Financial Publications...
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Detlev S Schlichter
03/19/2014 - 12:22
As the tentacles of the central planning octopus reach ever more forcefully into more corners of the economy, the free market is inevitably in retreat. But nobody seems to notice or to care.
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Sheraz Mian
03/19/2014 - 08:14
The market is now waiting for Janet Yellen’s first news conference as the Fed Chairwoman this afternoon. The weak start to the Q1 earnings season with underwhelming reports from FedEx (FDX), Oracle (ORCL) and General Mills (GIS) will also attract...
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Ben Hunt PhD
03/17/2014 - 12:57
In 1791, Jeremy Bentham published a book describing what was clearly a revolutionary design for prisons, factories, schools, hospitals – any institutional building where a few administer instruction, discipline, or care to the many.
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William K Black PhD
03/17/2014 - 09:21
The FDIC has sued 16 of the largest banks in the world plus the British Bankers Association (BBA) alleging that they engaged in fraud and collusion to manipulate the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR). BBA called LIBOR “The most important number...
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FS Staff
03/13/2014 - 15:00
Long-time deflationist David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff, joins the Financial Sense Newshour for an exhaustive interview to explain why he’s more worried about inflation now than in decades past and what he’s...
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John Butler
03/12/2014 - 02:00
Created in 2008 by the mysterious ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, in the past few months bitcoin has gone from a fringe financial technology topic to a mainstream media phenomenon. The debate is now raging as to whether bitcoin is, or is not, a sound form of...
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Michael Shedlock
03/11/2014 - 08:57
The authors claim the current financial bubble is even bigger than the one in 2007. I agree. But how does it end?
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Axel G Merk
03/06/2014 - 08:51
The cleanest of the dirty shirts doesn’t necessarily preserve your purchasing power. Sure, the U.S. dollar has beaten the Russian Ruble and some others of late, but when it comes to real competition, the U.S. dollar has taken a back seat.
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Tim Duy PhD
03/04/2014 - 08:59
With the end of asset purchases in sight (and assuming activity does not lurch downward) Fed officials will increasingly turn the discussion toward raising interest rates. It is not as if the anticipated time line has been any secret.
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Monty Guild
02/28/2014 - 10:48
Google has its fingers in so many technological pies that it’s hard to keep track of them — even the ones not hidden in Google X, the company’s development lab.
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Bob Eisenbeis
02/25/2014 - 09:33
The recent CBO minimum wage study has sparked a lot of headlines because it concludes that if the US moved to a $10.10 minimum wage, the increase would cost the economy about 500K jobs, most of which would be those of low-wage workers.
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Daniel Amerman CFA
02/20/2014 - 10:55
The very common belief that it must be one or the other — either inflation or deflation — is one of the myths that we will explore.
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Monty Guild
02/14/2014 - 09:20
As investors, we are always alert to the effects of government policy on the economy and on the markets. And the larger the policy, the larger those effects will probably be. People change their behavior in response to incentives, and any complex...
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Adam Taggart
02/10/2014 - 13:37
As we've transitioned to an economy in which corporate profitability — and thereby, stock prices — is THE metric for success, the employer-employee relationship has become much more superficial than in past generations.
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James Gruber
02/10/2014 - 09:34
A week doesn’t go by without hearing about the problems which will be created by the world’s rapidly aging population. Much of the focus is on how fewer people will mean lower future economic growth.
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Tim Duy PhD
02/05/2014 - 09:00
The financial markets are not being kind to freshly minted Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The level of scrutiny she will face when she makes what is likely to be her first public appearance as Chair next week was already high, and is rising by...
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Chris Ciovacco
02/04/2014 - 09:53
Last week, we noted that buying dips in 2014 was riskier than doing so in 2013. Markets often anticipate bad news. The news that came Monday made it hard on last week’s dip buyers.
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Michael Shedlock
01/31/2014 - 09:54
Next on the list, deflation fighter extraordinaire, Telegraph writer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, picked up on Lagard's commentary and screamed at the top of his lungs "More Bubbles! We need bigger and bigger bubbles to combat the threat of deflation!"
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FS Staff
01/24/2014 - 16:47
Satyajit Das, a derivatives expert, former banker, and author of numerous books, explains why the U.S. has the upper hand against foreign nations and other emerging markets due to its very powerful arsenal of "financial weapons of mass destruction."
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Daniel Amerman CFA
01/23/2014 - 14:01
For the first time since the end of World War II, the total US federal debt now equals 100% of the size the US economy. But while that is obviously a situation of great concern, it may not be the worst of the danger.
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Chris Ciovacco
01/22/2014 - 09:44
When the U.S. markets are healthy, overseas concerns often get overlooked. You have seen headlines about China recently, but may not have taken the time to click-through.
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Tim Duy PhD
01/21/2014 - 10:07
Plenty of data and Fedspeak to chew on last week, the sum total of which I think point in the same general direction. Economic activity is on average improving modestly, the Federal Reserve will push through with another round of tapering next week...
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Tim Iacono
01/17/2014 - 10:13
A couple of sets of brand new poll results from Gallup show how increasingly difficult it has become for Americans to achieve any real financial security — for the first time since 2012 they are now worse off financially than a year ago and they...
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Dwaine van Vuuren
01/16/2014 - 10:49
The RecessionALERT monthly U.S Leading Growth Index (USMLI) is an index that attempts to capture future (6-9 months) U.S economic growth. The USMLI posted a modest rise in November, after 5 months of declines, pointing to an improved outlook...
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Matthew Kerkhoff
01/13/2014 - 09:49
China's policymakers have been working to shift their economic model towards consumption, and away from excess investment spending. An explosion in lending is beginning to saddle China with the same problems that have plagued other debt-ridden...
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John Mauldin
01/09/2014 - 10:10
Economic life is full of surprises. We cannot predict the value of our homes or prices on the stock market from day to day. We cannot anticipate illness or automobile accidents, the behavior of our children or the incomes of our parents
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Michael Shedlock
01/06/2014 - 10:25
Peruse through the Yahoo!News Top 10 List if you haven't done so. It missed Abenomics, China, the bankruptcy of three major US cities, and many other extremely important stories in favor of the George Zimmerman trial, the Paula Deen lawsuit, and the...
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Puru Saxena
01/03/2014 - 11:14
Interest rates are near historic lows, credit is cheap and the prominent central banks are not planning to pursue tough monetary policies anytime soon. Consequently, the stock markets of the developed world are...