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Passive Tidal Wave Looming Over Markets, Warns John Roque

Also, Marc Chandler on late-cycle investing, dollar outlook

Nov 3 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market update on Financial Sense Newshour, covering the volatile price action, earnings releases by Apple and other major tech companies, the current beat rate relative to the 5-year average, and the latest major economic reports from the US, China, and Europe.

Technician John Roque discusses the massive cumulative inflows into passive index funds (see charts below), while also warning that crude oil may be setting up for a sharp move lower. Roque also comments on the euro, which he believes is also heading lower, semiconductors via the SOX Index, risk on/risk off market action when comparing defensive vs. growth sectors, and much more.

Next up, Marc Chandler at the widely-read Marc to Market blog gives his outlook on the US dollar and why, even with the recent pullback, he believes it's still heading higher. Marc explains to Financial Sense Newshour listeners the number of ways in which the US economy is displaying late-cycle behavior and how he's currently investing given his outlook.

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