Time to Get Bullish on Commodities? OECD Warns on Corporate Bonds

Mar 1 – Everyone is talking about stocks, but there is another bullish story. Many of the technicians we’ve had on the show have been bullish on commodities, especially after what happened to oil in the final months of the year. On this edition of the Financial Sense Newshour, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss what’s been happening with key commodities such as oil and precious metals. Also on this hour, Jim and Chris talk about the possible crisis in the corporate debt markets. We’ve done several shows on this subject, but it is now starting to gain wider attention. Just this last week, the OECD issued an extensive report titled “Corporate Bond Markets In A Time of Unconventional Monetary Policy.” In the second part of this program, we’ll discuss that report and what it means for the markets.

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