The US Economy Is Rolling Over, Says Greg Weldon

July 12, 2019 – Fed Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed a rate cut is coming at the end of this month. Markets reacted positively to this news with major indexes hitting new highs. Ryan Puplava makes sense of what moved the markets this week. Then, Basil Chapman, host of the Tiger Technicians Hour, says the bull market has further to run, but that a short-term correction is possible. Be sure to watch the video of Jim Puplava and Basil’s interview where you can follow along with the charts they discuss. Greg Weldon joins the program and delves into the approaching crisis in Europe and what it could mean for the dollar and gold. In the Big Picture, Jim and Chris Preitauer look at the New York Fed’s recession indicator and discuss if rates cuts will prevent another recession.

Watch Jim and Basil’s video here

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