Market Facing a Confluence of Confusion, Says Ralph Acampora

September 6, 2019 – Ryan Puplava, CEO of Financial Sense Wealth Management covers the array of geopolitical issues impacting the markets this week including protests in Hong Kong, Brexit woes and upcoming U.S. - China trade talks. He also explains the recent jobs data (see charts below).

Legendary technician Ralph Acampora joins the podcast and says the market is facing a confluence of confusion. He delves into what factors are causing this confusion and how it's playing out in the markets. Listen in to find out why Acamopra thinks the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ could make new all-time highs. Scroll down to see images of his real-time mural of the stock market.

Then Danielle DiMartino Booth explains why expanding consumption isn't a good sign and is a lagging indicator. She also covers recent job data and says job cuts are related to the trade war. She also discusses the impact of negative interest rates in the U.S.

In the Big Picture, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss negative interest rates, or what they call free money. They cover what's happened in Europe and how this could impact the U.S.

See below for charts mentioned in Ryan Puplava's market wrap:

Growth rates are moving in the wrong direction. Saw decelerating employment growth rates from late 2014 to mid-2016 during that slowdown and have been seeing decelerating growth rates again with no upturn so the trend continues to be toward decelerating job growth without a catalyst:

Before employers cut payrolls they cut worker’s hours and we are seeing contraction in the workweek for both manufacturing workers and retail workers. The longer their work weeks contract the more likely we see outright job cuts:

Much of the BLS data is revised and of great concern is the non-revised Paychex data. The one-year change is negative according to Paychex:

Acacmpora's real time mural of the stock market:

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