Book Interview: Cowries to Crypto: The History of Money, Currency and Wealth

October 6, 2020 – The award-winning financial journalist Jame DiBiasio joins FS Insider to discuss his latest book, Cowries to Crypto, which details the evolution of money from commodities to the first major fintech—coinage—up to present day programmable money with cryptocurrencies.

From Amazon: "Money really does make the world go round. But what is it? This piece of paper in my pocket? A number in my bank statement - or a message sent from my mobile phone? COWRIES TO CRYPTO is a playful romp through world history that explains why money is all of that, and more. Beautifully narrated through a series of witty illustrations, this extraordinary book documents money's progress from one civilization to another. It's the story of innovation, of belief, of culture...and of power, war, and exploitation. Money is the blood flowing through the veins of society, and COWRIES TO CRYPTO's globe-hopping, time traveler's tale reveals why - and what is coming next."

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