How Will Americans Respond to the Coming Wave of Vaccine Mandates?

August 30, 2021 – There is a very good chance we will see a wave of corporate mandates across the United States in the months ahead, says attorney Quentin Brogdon, now that Pfizer has been unconditionally approved by the FDA. This is going to be putting millions of Americans now in the difficult position of having to choose between their job or getting the vaccine. For some hesitant to receive the vaccine, that don’t want to face the uncertainty of losing their job and a steady source of income (not to mention likely being unable to collect unemployment insurance once fired) this will be enough to get those jabs. However, for other Americans, they would rather quit or be fired than be forced to do something they don’t want to do. As well, we are going to see a range of measures being utilized by companies spanning everything from extra incentives, fines, or, at worst, firings. Without a federal vaccine mandate in place, that means these decisions will vary largely state by state and by business. At this point, it is still too soon to say what the overall outcome will be but, if the wave of corporate mandates continue, we’ll likely see both an increase in the rate of vaccinations and an increase in people quitting their jobs or getting laid off in the months ahead. As always, we will be tracking this data and these trends as they unfold here on Financial Sense Newshour. Listen in as we discuss all this and more with Quentin Brogdon at Crain Brogdon Rogers.

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