Gold Key Signal for Prolonged Stagflation, Fed Policy Error, Says Frank Barbera

October 8, 2021 – Stocks saw a bit of chop this week but ended up higher on Friday after Congress reached a two-month agreement on the debt ceiling until they’ll be forced to revisit it again in December. Headlines proclaiming that a debt default crisis has been averted…at least until the holidays. In this week’s Financial Sense Newshour, Frank Barbera joins us today to give an update on his outlook and says gold is reaching oversold levels just as stagflationary pressures continue to rise. Also, in today’s show we are going to play an FS Insider interview from last month with Dr. Nada Sanders who predicted the global recession last year and also forecasted that inflation would continue to increase well ahead of all the headlines we are reading today…all because of what she was watching take place in the global supply chain. You'll definitely want to hear about what she has to say about the outlook moving forward. If you aren’t a subscriber to our premium weekday podcast, click here sign up and listen to all our shows airing during the week.

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