Stocks Pummeled As Fears Grow Over Inflation, Rapid Fed Tightening

January 21, 2022 – Ryan Puplava discusses what moved the markets this week as high prices slam consumers, bringing more attention to just how fast the Fed may have to tighten rates. John Kosar at Asbury Research joins us as this week's market technician and he says the market internals are negative but there are a few sectors and asset classes that look positive. Next, Rick Sharga at RealtyTrac gives an update on the real estate market and provides his outlook for home prices and mortgage rates for 2022. Rick says that in order to see a large price correction in housing vs. a moderation in prices, we would need to see a big pick-up in housing supplies. Listen in as he explains what is holding new supplies from coming on the market, and why it may take awhile for that to change. Lastly, in our Big Picture segment, Jim Puplava and Cris Sheridan explain why inflation is here to stay, and why it'll be hard for the Fed to do much about it. Listen in and tell us what you think by leaving a message on our Contact Us page. Also, if you aren't already a subscriber to our weekday FS Insider podcast, click here for more info.

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