Our View: A Global Revolt Against Lockdowns, Mandates, and Misguided Policies

February 15, 2022 – Many of you likely heard of the controversial study that was released in recent weeks concluding that lockdowns were ineffective and may have caused more harm than good. There’s a number of reasons why this study has received as much attention as it has and one of them (aside from the conclusions themselves) is because it was done under the direction of the notable Professor Steve Hanke, Founder of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. Today, we provide our view on the study's key findings and conclusions, the criticisms it's received, and also air comments from the World Health Organization, infectious disease experts, and well-known guests to our show when it comes to science vs. policy and trade-offs of lockdowns or other government mandates.

Mentioned in today's show:

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