Greg Weldon: Consumers Are Choking on Inflation and Now Taking on Record Debt

February 18, 2022 – Greg Weldon at Weldon Online joins us today to discuss the massive surge in household debt in recent months. Greg says consumers are choking on inflation and taking on debt in order to pay it. You’ll definitely want to hear how he thinks this is going to all play out. Next, our CIO at Financial Sense Wealth Management, Chris Puplava, joins for another Smart Macro edition to give an update on the credit markets and what they are saying about the market outlook. Late last year, just as stocks were putting in their peak, Chris reiterated many times on our show that in alignment with what we were doing at our firm, investors may want to raise cash and get defensive because things were likely to get bumpy heading into this year. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve seen and Chris now says that the credit markets have unfortunately only deteriorated further. Buckle up, because today’s show is going to be a wild ride.

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