We Are Undergoing a Secular Shift in Debt Markets, Says Dan Wantrobski

March 31, 2023 – After this week's wrap-up, Dan Wantrobski at Janney offers a fascinating bird's-eye view of the current investment landscape. Dan argues that a new stock market low is unlikely as capital continues to flow out of public debt markets into private equities and tangible assets. Dan highlights an ongoing generational shift in debt markets, with interest rates and inflation poised to stay above average—particularly due to war-related inflationary effects.

Next up, Financial Sense Newshour invites Dan Steffens of Energy Prospectus for an engaging discussion on the latest developments in the oil and energy markets. Dan reveals how banks' long positions on oil, amid recent banking challenges, triggered a rapid sell-off in oil prices and numerous energy stocks. However, he believes the forced selling of longs has run its course, and market fundamentals are now steering prices back up. Tune in to discover Dan's expert strategies for navigating the oil and energy sector, and which stocks he considers the cream of the crop!

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