Jim Welsh on Correction Risk; Frank Holmes on US Debt Downgrade, Metals Outlook

August 4, 2023 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Jim Welsh at Macro Tides and Frank Holmes at US Global Investors on the risk for a market correction as bond yields (borrowing costs) climb higher into restrictive territory. This is putting pressure on the pricey mega-cap tech stocks, notes Jim Welsh, along with a number of cracks beginning to appear when it comes to consumer spending. Although Jim pushed back against earlier fears of a US recession, he now says that the odds are increasing and many investors may get their timing wrong on the economic cycle...again.

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In the second half of today's program, Frank Holmes provides his perspective on the US debt downgrade by Fitch this week and whether this will have an impact on the outlook for precious metals and other asset classes. Tune in to hear what he and Jim Welsh have to say in today's show!

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