Greg Weldon: Fed Policy Now Sufficiently Restrictive, Brace for 2024 Headwinds

October 27, 2023 – After this week's wrap-up with Ryan Puplava, Financial Sense Newshour discusses the market outlook with Oppenheimer's Ari Wald followed by a wide-ranging tour of the macro landscape with noted strategist Greg Weldon. Ari says the market is currently oversold and thinks there's a decent chance we'll see a year-end rally. He outlines the sectors and areas of the market he believes are primed for outperformance. Next, Greg Weldon, CEO of Weldon Financial and publisher of WeldonLIVE and The Portfolio Playbook, gives an update on the macro outlook for the market and the economy, saying that Fed policy is now sufficiently restrictive, which is likely to translate into a more dangerous investment landscape moving into 2024. Note: Greg is offering a discount to Financial Sense Newshour listeners for 1-year access to his research and materials. See below for more details:

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