Smart Macro: Too Much Debt, Not Enough Buyers

November 10, 2023 – In today’s Smart Macro segment of the Financial Sense Newshour, Chris Puplava and Cris Sheridan hold an in-depth discussion about one of the most critical issues in global finance that is quickly gaining attention: the alarming amount of US debt that is currently rolling over and having to be financed at higher interest rates. The estimates put the debt volume at close to $10 trillion that will mature from now until the end of 2024, and this could rise further. Adding to this landscape was this week's disruption in the world's largest bond market as the US attempted to sell 30-year Treasury bonds. With an imbalance in the supply-demand dynamic threatening to rattle the financial markets, the question looming large is: What does this mean for the broader financial and economic landscape? Listen in as we delve into this pressing issue.

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