David Morgan's Contributions

Special Edition Precious Metals Roundtable With Jeff Christian and Dave Morgan

May 22 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's wrap-up. Jim Puplava talks to Basil Chapman of the Tiger Technician's Hour who explains his bullish projection for the Dow Industrials. Then, Jeff Christian and Dave Morgan discuss the precious metals sector...

The Liquidity Rush: Why Markets Are Heading Higher

Nov 22 – Ryan Puplava starts things off and explains what moved the markets this week. Then Jonathan Krinsky says the market's firing on all cylinders and shares areas he thinks are about to break out. Silver expert David Morgan discusses commodities and in the Big Picture Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer look at the liquidity rush...

Monetary Magic + Socialism = Gold

Sep 13 – On today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Ryan Puplava explained what happened to the markets this week, Jonathan Krinsky at Bay Crest Partners discusses the technical outlook for stocks, bonds, oil, and the US dollar, and Dave Morgan...

Art Hill on Disconnect Between Stocks and Bonds; Tech Still in the Lead

May 17 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. StockCharts.com's Senior Technical Analyst Arthur Hill discusses the disconnect between stocks and bonds. Then, Financial Sense Newshour interviews well-known metals and mining analyst David Morgan...

David Morgan: Silver Production Curtailed – Good Time to Accumulate for Long Term Investors

May 22 – Jim welcomes back David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group and publisher of The Morgan Report. David and Jim discuss the outlook for the silver market, as well as the recent ending of the London “Silver Fix”.

Platinum: Today’s ‘Rich Man’s Gold’ Palladium: Tomorrow’s?

Platinum is usually more expensive than gold. But for well over a year, it actually traded for less — substantially less. One could purchase a troy ounce of platinum for $150 or so less than a troy ounce of gold.

David Morgan: Investors Still Holding Silver and Buying More

Jul 23 – Jim welcomes back David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group and The Morgan Report. David and Jim cover the precious metals markets, particularly silver. David notes that on balance investors are still holding their silver...

David Morgan: Fundamentals for the Metals Haven’t Changed- But Investor Sentiment Near Rock Bottom

Mar 12 – Jim welcomes back David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David believes the fundamentals are still strong for the precious metals markets, but investor sentiment is at or near rock bottom. He also sees the metals markets as the most...

David Morgan: The “Scare you out - Wear you out” Phase for Gold and Silver Coming to an End

Jan 8 – Jim welcomes back David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David mentions that both gold and silver prices got “ahead of themselves” in 2011, hence the long consolidation period since. He believes that this “scare you out, wear you out” phase...

David Morgan: Gold and Silver Consolidation is Over

Nov 22 – Jim welcomes back silver expert David Morgan, founder of The Morgan Report . David sees silver as confirming the recent move in gold and believes that the gold and silver consolidation period is now over. David notes that...

David Morgan: You Need to Own Precious Metals Equities Now

Sep 25 – Jim is joined this week by silver expert David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group and The Morgan Report. David believes investors need to own precious metals equities now, as he sees strong moves directly ahead.

David Morgan: Precious Metals−The Long Consolidation Coming to an End

Jul 18 – Jim is pleased to welcome noted silver expert David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group. David offers the case for precious metals equities, as he sees the long consolidation coming to an end. David also discusses the impact of...

The Unexpected Coal Crisis

Mining coal is a dangerous business to be in because of the flammable nature of the material! Many companies are close to bankrupt with large fines and downtime of production due to the many disasters that seem to follow the business.

Gold's Rally: Breakout or Fakeout?

Many commodity traders are familiar with the question of whether a stock or commodity has broken out for “real” or not. In other words, when making a new high for the first time, many speculators are unsure if the trend will continue.

Silver and Gold Fall from Favor

It seems many main stream commentators from the financial channels have abandoned the precious? Rather than beating the drum that gold is over $1000 per ounce we hear that gold is in a bubble.

Silver/Gold/REE Review

Many have been asking what is going to happen with gold and silver this month, and I maintain it is a tough call. The September month is usually pretty positive for the metals. In fact, there have been several articles talking about the last chance to buy gold under $1000.

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