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The Road to War: China vs the US

By Rick Mills – In 2016 Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, declared that there was no doubt, in his mind, that the US would go to war with China in the South China Sea in the next five to 10 years.

Currency Wars: The Race to the Bottom Has Begun

By Richard Mills – This article will show that not only is Trump engaging in a trade war, but also a currency war with China. Plus a bit of a history of currency wars. What does a currency war, and a low dollar, mean for investors and for commodities?...

Gold Holding Its Own

By Richard Mills – What the heck is going on with gold? The past few weeks have seen global equities falling amid a broad selloff in tech stocks, but the traditional safe-haven metal has barely budged, floating along in...

Trump Builds Economy and War Machine

By Richard Mills – On March 1 Donald Trump announced that his Administration would implement a 25% tariff on all steel imports and a 10% duty on aluminum. President Trump initially said the tariffs would apply to all steel...

Blue Chip Companies on Track for $800 Billion Buyback Record in 2018

By Richard Mills – S&P 500 firms are reportedly on track to give $1 trillion in either dividends or share buybacks to shareholders this year, based on the lower corporate tax rate, incentives to repatriate overseas cash and strong earnings.

How Global Growth and Infrastructure Are Driving Commodities

By Richard Mills – The global economy is booming again after years in the doldrums, commodities are back in a big way, and metals prices are for the most part, way up. In our last article showing how commodities are the place...

5 Reasons Why Commodities Are the Place to Be in 2018

By Richard Mills – The stock market pullback of the last couple of weeks has shown that markets are jittery, and will likely be volatile for a while as investors keep a vigil on rising bond yields (inflation) and potential interest...

This Is the Number One Factor Driving the Price of Gold

Real interest rates are the level of annual yield paid to savers and investors over and above the pace of inflation. PIMCO makes a convincing case that the number one factor influencing the price of gold is the changes in real yield on 10 year US Treasuries.

Laundromat Banks Too Big To Fail

Money laundering is the process by which illegally obtained cash is made to appear as if it has been obtained by legal means.

Did Bernanke Get It Right?

It certainly appears that there’s a global recovery underway and it’s being led by the U.S. The Fed has even given itself a successful report card and started to taper. What should we expect for 2014?

America’s ‘Exorbitant’ Privilege Will Continue

The questionable ‘exorbitant’ privilege (the interest-free loans, U.S. Treasury purchases by foreign governments versus the loss of business competitiveness and all that entails) bestowed upon America for having the world’s reserve currency is going continue for the for-seeable future.

Quantifornication and An American Spring

Ironic isn’t it? A record number of people on food stamps yet new highs for stock indices. Below is an interesting question posed by Michael Snyder. The answer is very important to your future.

Beggaring Thy Neighbor – Robbing Joe To Pay Chan

Lately there’s been a lot of talk regarding currency wars. Let’s take a look at why competitive currency devaluations – currency wars – won’t accomplish what’s intended and why we’re going to have to see increasing U.S. protectionism (subsidies, tariffs etc.) regarding global trade.

The Red Queen Syndrome

All through human evolution we have been harnessing increasingly effective forms of energy. From human power to horse power, to wood, coal, natural gas and uranium we’ve been working our way up the energy efficiency ladder. In reality what we’ve been doing is searching for the highest energy density to make energy production more efficient.

Voluntary Servitude Begins with a Debt

Should we leave the creation of new money in the hands of bankers or place its creation solely with our government?

Whisky Is for Drinking

The number of people living in areas affected by severe water stress is expected to increase to almost four billion people...

Copper Shenanigans from Beijing

Copper is critical for China and the country has imported unbelievable tonnages over the years, but according to the copper bears the story could be coming to an end.


Overheated US housing prices started dropping in 2006. Homeowners were going underwater (they owed more than the house was worth) and many had questionable credit – “fog the mirror loans” were common, if you breathed you got a loan.

A Nation’s Report Card

The GDP is considered the nation's report card because it provides the broadest measure of economic activity. What does the US’s latest report on the state of the economy, the US’s GDP report card, say in regards to further monetary easing, yes or no? Let’s break it down into a pro/con list, the pro’s are actually negative stats but are positive for more quantitative easing (QE).

The Global Infrastructure Investment Deficit

There is an undeniable, an unarguable connection between the quality of a countries economic competitiveness and its infrastructure. Yet study after study shows the global economy running an infrastructure deficit of anywhere from US$ 40 trillion to $70 trillion.

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