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Stocks Plummet on Coronavirus Outbreak; Plus, Book Interview: Daylight Robbery

Jan 31 – As concerns over the coronavirus grow, stocks plummeted Friday on Wall Street. Ryan Puplava explains what moved the markets this week. Basil Chapman gives a technical update and Dominic Frisby discusses his latest book...

Dominic Frisby on Bitcoin, Gold, and the Future of Money

Jul 28 – Did you know that the largest and fastest supercomputer in the world operates Bitcoin? Or that numerous political leaders, finance ministers, and bankers have publicly endorsed a bitcoin-like digital currency system...

This Indicator Suggests Gold’s Bear Market Has a lot Longer to Go – But Is It Right?

When is this gold bear market going to end? There’s a question to which we’d all like to know the answer. I actually have gold and gold stocks on a short-term buy signal at the moment. They’re bouncing from oversold levels, as I suggested last week they would.

Gold and Silver’s Time Will Come Again, but There’s More Pain Ahead for Now

Gold’s time will come again, and so will silver’s. But I don’t think we’re there yet. If a bear market has three phases, I’d say we’re in the final phase – but the bear still has some biting to do. Time will tell if I’m right or not.

Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin Is One of the Most Important Developments Since the Internet

Oct 7 – Dominic Frisby discusses his new book, Bitcoin: The Future of Money? and the revolutionary technology that drives bitcoin, blockchain technology. This technology can be used for communicating in a purely peer-to-peer...

This Incredible Technology Could Form the Next Great Bull Market

In the 1970s, the big bull market was in gold. That was the place to be. In the Eighties, it was Japan. In the Nineties, it was tech. And in the 2000s, it was commodities. But what about the Tens?

How to Save the World from Governments and Banks

Some benefit hugely from this system: those who control it, and those who are at or near its point of issuance. Governments and banks, in other words. As well as enjoying a monopoly, they have the power to create money (whether by printing or through lending) and to charge interest on it.

It All Boils Down to This

This current UK budget is probably the most fiercely discussed I can remember. Some of the most passionate and even violent language is being bandied about our in our newspapers, on our televisions and radios and across the net.

The Bull Market In Stocks Looks Set to Continue for Now

There are, as I see it from the vantage point of my South London hide-out, two huge financial forces at work in the global economy. We have the natural forces of deflation. Debt being paid down, credit tightening, houses being put in order - the inevitable deleveraging after a period of excess.

Catch the Market Rallies and Avoid the Busts with this Chart

In the New Year's edition of MoneyWeek magazine, I gave my predictions for the year ahead, along with various other contributors. I said that I was looking for a strong first quarter - with the risk trade back on - and that if the S&P 500 could get through 1,260, there was a good chance it could re-test the highs of 2011.

How Much Gold Does It Cost to Buy a Home In Britain?

As I mentioned last week, I may be buying a new house and I may have to sell some of my gold to do so. I don't particularly want to, but needs must. So today I am going to take a look at one of my favourite subjects - house prices, as measured in gold.

Why the World’s Biggest Property Bear May be Buying a House

Dominic Frisby has been bearish on the property market for years. His view on house prices hasn't changed, but now he is seriously considering buying a home. Why?

Should You Invest in Brazil?

The first thing that struck me about Brazil is its sheer abundance. It's the fifth-biggest country in the world. It has 20% of the world's fresh water supply and just 3% of its population. (China has over 20% of the world's population and about 6% of its fresh water).

Why Haven’t Gold Stocks Gone Up with the Gold Price?

While the price of gold has shot up to record levels in recent years, the same is not true of gold mining stocks. In fact, they're underperforming badly.

A Great Way to Play Growing Demand for High-Tech Batteries

Despite the weak economy, demand for high-tech goods from tablet computers to smart phones is soaring. Dominic Frisby looks at how to invest in the metal that's crucial to keeping our gadgets powered up.

Get Ready for Another Gold Buying Opportunity

Despite gold's recent volatility, don't be tempted to sell. In fact, you should buy more. Dominic Frisby explains why now could be a good time.

The Most Bullish Chart on the Face of the Planet

Precious metals expert James Turk recently described this chart as the most bullish on the face of the planet. But which metal is he talking about? Dominic Frisby explains.

This ‘Psychic’ Metal is Predicting a Christmas Rally

Most people think of copper as a good predictor of market sentiment. But in fact, there's a better metal to keep an eye on. Dominic Frisby explains what it is, and what it can tell us about today's markets.

How Much Further Will Stock Markets Fall?

It's been a terrible week for stock markets so far. Unfortunately, things only look set to get worse. So how far could markets eventually fall? Dominic Frisby investigates.

Gold Bounces Off 144-Day Moving Average Yet Again

Gold's recent nasty fall took many investors by surprise. But it seems to be recovering well after dropping to a very specific technical level – the 144-day moving average. Dominic Frisby explains.

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