Adam Sherry's Contributions

Big Changes With Estate Planning

Feb 04 – On this episode of Lifetime Income, Jim Puplava interviews estate planning attorney Adam Sherry. Adam takes time to explain the major changes for estate planning that went into effect last year...

How a Trump Administration Will Affect Estate Taxes, Trusts, and Exemptions

Dec 13 – Jim welcomes back attorney Adam Sherry to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on how a Trump administration and the policies he’s proposed affect everything from estate planning to charitable gifts and...

Lifetime Income Series: Adam Sherry on the Consequences of How You Take Title to Property

Aug 16 – Jim welcomes back Adam Sherry, an estate planning attorney at Anderson & Yocum, APC. In a wide-ranging discussion on estate planning issues, Adam focuses on the side effects of holding property in joint tenancy...

Estate Planning Attorney Adam Sherry on Year-End Gifting Strategies

Dec 15 – Jim welcomes back attorney Adam Sherry who discusses a number of different gifting strategies that would benefit parents or grandparents. He begins by explaining the purpose and provisions of the Crummey Trust. Adam also explains why the A/B Trust may no longer be...

Lifetime Income Series: Women and Social Security

Oct 5 – This week’s program continues on last week’s theme of maximizing Social Security benefits. This week however, Jim and John will focus on Social Security as it applies to women, be they single, married, divorced or widowed.

Lifetime Income Series: Five Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes

Apr 27 – This week Jim and John continue the tax strategy theme. At this time of year you still have eight months to plan, so it’s not too late to take steps to reduce your 2015 taxes. This week they look at broader tax planning techniques.

Lifetime Income Series: Retiring Early – How to Make It Work

Special Guest: Adam Sherry on Year-End Charitable Gifting

Dec 8 – This week Jim and John cover the topic of early retirement, and offer strategies to make it work for the long term. Early retirement can be a voluntary decision, or in the case of a job lay-off, non-voluntary. Jim discusses critical age thresholds for IRA’s and Social Security benefits.

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