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Jim Roemer's Contributions

Global Food Prices at 10-Year Highs, Heating Oil Spike

Feb 3 – Jim Roemer, President of Best Weather and author of the Weather Wealth newsletter, discusses the outlook for inflation and commodities based on current inventory data. Jim also comments on food costs—spiking to decade highs...

Weather-Related Commodities Underperforming But Keep Your Eyes on Natural Gas, Says Jim Roemer

Jul 23 – What's happening in the commodity space? Jim Roemer at Bestweatherinc.com provides FS Insider an update on a number of commodities and explains why he's keeping a close eye on natural gas in the weeks and months ahead...

Jim Roemer on El Nino, Commodities, and Weather Derivatives

Jan 22 – Widely recognized meteorologist Jim Roemer, who advises hedge funds, farmers, and commodity futures investors, discusses the oil market, the outlook for El Nino, its impact on commodities this year, and even the...

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