Ed Clissold CFA's Contributions

Economic Pain to US Workforce Much Higher Than What's Being Picked Up by Market, Says Ed Clissold

Jun 3 – FS Insider speaks with Ed Clissold, Chief US Strategist at Ned Davis Research, about their current market and economic outlook. Ed explains how the 2020 COVID crash was the fastest on record going back to 1900 and what history tells us...

Stocks Typically Soar After Second Rate Cut, Says NDR’s Ed Clissold

Sep 19 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan discusses rate cuts with Ed Clissold of Ned Davis Research. Ed does not believe the US bull market is over and he describes the circumstances with which...

Tops Are a Process, Not an Event But Keep an Eye on Yields, Says NDR’s Chief Strategist

Feb 8 – FS Insider interviews Ed Clissold, Chief US Strategist at Ned Davis Research, on the recent market correction, how to tell if this is the beginning of a major top in the market or a normal reversion to the mean...

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