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Pettis: Chinese Debt-Related Shocks to Last for Years
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With so much happening in China in the past month it seems that there are a number of very specific topics that any essay on China should focus. I worry, however, that we get so caught up staring at strange clumps...

Don't Overplay the Bounce
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The major indexes have started today’s trading on a positive note, despite the soft(ish) labor market reading from payroll processor ADP (ADP). While some may attribute today’s bounce to Fed-centric hopes following...

Weapons of Economic Misdirection
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GDP is far from the rather exact number most people think. There are lots of ways to measure GDP; and recently, what is not measured has been the cause for some controversy, at least among economists who care...

California – A Deluge Followed by Mega Drought?
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Both NOAA and the Australian Meteorologists issued El Nino updates in the past 24 hours. The weekly numbers that were released confirm that an historic event is...

China PMI Contracts Fastest Since February-March 2009
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By now it should be perfectly clear to everyone that the entire global economy is cooling and the US will not decouple from that slowdown. Nonetheless, most economists, including those at the Fed, still do not see the obvious.

“Fear Trade” Alert—Again
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We are in the midst of the Fear trade again today… and China is again the culprit. This time it’s not that country’s stock market, but its all-important manufacturing sector. More evidence today that the market’s recent China-centric anxiety...

Lessons From a Failed Prediction
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While there are actually other stories unfolding in the world of energy, you would never know that by my inbox. Most of the correspondence I have received in the past week is still related to oil prices, particularly following...

Markets and Morality
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Economics is dubbed the dismal science because it studies scarcity. A question that predates human society is how should scarcity be distributed. Nature rewards the strong, the quick, and the cunning. Societies mitigate this...

Chinese Firms Edging Out Samsung and Apple in the Smartphone Industry
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Aggressive pricing and strategic partnerships drive China’s rising profile in the global smartphone market. It may not be long until “Made in China” becomes a mark of prestige. Smartphones may be a ubiquitous part of...

Oversold Extremes and the Case for an October Low
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Price patterns created by repetitive general psychological investor reactions to panics can be interesting and useful. Often these panics occur when there is no economic basis in reality. The Black Monday 1987 panic, the 1998 Asian Contagion panic and the Flash Crash...