Financial Sense

A Worrying Set of Signals
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There is presently a bull market in complacency. There are very few alarm bells going off anywhere; and frankly, in reaction to my own personal complacency, I have my antenna up for whatever it is I might be missing that would indicate an approaching recession.

Simply Dreadful US Jobs Report
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There is nothing good that can be said about the US jobs data. It was simply dreadful. Every metric disappointed, and the August series which so often is revised higher, came in lower. This will raise fresh doubts about...

Worth Wray on China's Failed Plan to Blow Stock Market Bubble and Attract Global Investors
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"The equity market was a major element of Beijing’s restructuring plan. What they needed to do was blow this big equity bubble domestically, attract a lot of foreign capital in that would allow their over-leveraged debt burdened companies to sell bad assets..."

NIRP, Its Likelihood and Effect on Commodities
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In last week’s article I pointed out that negative interest rates should lead to a general shift in consumer preferences from money towards essential goods. Central bankers may wish for this outcome on a...

Optimistic Narrative for China?
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China’s factory sector is still under pressure, but today’s release offers some tell-tale signs of improvement. The country’s official manufacturing PMI survey for September came in a tad better than expected at 49.8 vs...

Why Year 3 of the Presidential Cycle Hasn't Gone the Way Everyone Expected
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Year 3 of the "Presidential Cycle" was expected to post a gain of over 20%. Instead, SPX is down 3% from a year ago. Why? The set up was all wrong, which brings up a basic principle in analyzing markets: patterns work...

Jim Puplava: "This Is Not 2007-2008"
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Household debt to income, loans outstanding, owner’s equity in real estate and debt service ratios have never been this good… The same thing holds true on the corporate side: corporate net worth, debt ratios, liquidity ratios have never been this good [and] companies are sitting...

Overshooting to the Downside
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There are 195 sovereign states, according to the United Nations, and two “observer states” (Vatican and Palestine). The high income countries in North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific account for about 15% of...

What Could Reverse the Global Market Decline?
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Falling stock and commodity prices around the world are underscoring a change of fortunes for the global economy. As the shockwaves from Europe, China and the developing markets spreads, there is a growing sense among...

Jeff Saut on Dow Theory Sell Signal, Biotech Breakdown, and More
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On August 25th the Dow Industrials and the Dow Transportation Index simultaneously made closing lows below the mid-October lows of last year and that is a Dow Theory sell signal. Now, initially, I have chosen to temporarily ignore that because in the past 18 years...