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It’s All About the Fed Today
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It’s all about the Fed today, with the FOMC concluding its two-day session later this afternoon and expected to provide clear indicators about its next steps in the statement. Beyond the Fed, the parade of weak earnings...

Third Bailout Generates New Political Division in Greece
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After long and difficult negotiations, the SYRIZA-led government managed to reach an agreement with Greece’s creditors on a third bailout program. However, one of the main implications in Greece’s fluid political field is...

Warren Buffett and Elon Musk to Spark a Lithium Boom
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The age of electrification across the transportation sector, the solar panel revolution, and Tesla’s battery gigafactory are igniting a battle for the cheapest battery. That will transform lithium into a boom-time mineral...

Is the Gold Price Manipulated?
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One of the most commonly held beliefs among gold investors is that the market for gold is heavily manipulated. It has become an article of faith among gold advocates that the price is subject to direct control by government...

Thoughts About Chinese Stocks, Reserves, and SDR Inclusion
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The sharp decline in Chinese stocks and the policy response is important for global investors but not on the grounds commonly cited. It is unlikely to have a major impact on the Chinese economy. It is unlikely to be...

Quantum Geopolitics
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Forecasting the shape the world will take in several years or decades is an audacious undertaking. There are no images to observe or precise data points to anchor us. We can only create a picture, and a fuzzy one at best.

The Fed’s Dilemma
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Correspondence with a longtime Camp Kotok fishing partner concerning some interesting omissions from the Fed’s most recent semiannual report to Congress piqued my curiosity as to how feasible would it be...

Europe: Running on Borrowed Time
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Prodi and the other leaders who forged the euro knew what they were doing. They knew a crisis would develop, as Milton Friedman and many others had predicted. It is not conceivable that these very astute men didn’t realize...

Russia-China Gas Relationship on the Rocks
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The Russian media is reporting an indefinite delay in the final signing of the contract for Russia’s state-run Gazprom to supply China with gas through a new Siberian pipeline because of a decline in Chinese...

Rude Awakening for Those Who Ignored the Energy Markets' Warning Signs
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Back in February numerous equity investors refused to believe that a crude oil recovery is likely to be unsustainable. Many viewed this as a buying opportunity - just as they did in 2011 when such "bottom fishing" strategy worked.