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The Unstoppable Spread of Armed Drones
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The presence of armed drones is a reality of the modern battlefield, but only a limited group of countries has the technological ability to produce them or the military capacity to operate them. The United States once held the edge in...

Is the “Earnings Recession” Over?
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Over the past five quarters, corporate profits have been shrinking, but the stock market remains near all-time highs. This divergence can’t persist forever, and will eventually break one way or the other.

Why Aren’t Global Markets Freaking Out Over China’s Currency?
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There were two dogs that did not bark this year. The Japanese yen, which despite negative interest rates and an unprecedented expansion of the central bank's balance sheet, strengthened 15% against the dollar.

America’s “Pivot to Asia” May Be Over
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Obama’s pivot should have represented a shift in US foreign policy. However, with the end of his presidency fast approaching and the mitigated results of the policy, the future of the pivot has been thrown into question.

The Drone War Is On: Australian Startup Beats Google, Amazon
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Startup Company Flirtey is making enormous progress in the drone industry, far sooner than some of the most prominent tech companies. The Australian based company has developed drones capable of carrying packages over vast...

EM Reflation Confirming Indicator Raises a Red Flag
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With their Reflation Confirming Indicator rolling over, our EM strategists believe that it is only a matter of time until EM equities follow. The Reflation Confirming Indicator is an equally weighted aggregate of platinum prices...

End of Gasoline Powered Autos by 2030?
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Earlier this month, the German Bundesrat voted to ban new gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles from EU roads starting in 2030. Days later, the German Transport Minister Calls Internal Combustion Ban “Utter Nonsense”. Let’s take a look at...

Don Coxe: Raise Cash, Hold Gold
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Problems are cropping up around the world. In the Middle East, we’ve seen Obama sacrifice everything to get the nuclear deal with Iran, Coxe stated. The center of conflict has shift, he added, with Europe no longer being the epicenter.

Gold Bars Go to $6 Premium in China as Yuan Hits Fresh 6-Year Lows on Capital Outflows
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Gold prices traded in London's wholesale market steadied against the rising US Dollar Friday, heading for a solid weekly gain versus all major currencies as the Chinese Yuan hit fresh 6-year lows on the FX market.

Moody’s: The M&A Market Is Flashing a Red Warning Sign
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One of the most reliable indicators of a market peak is M&A. When profits near a cyclical peak, sales growth stagnates and the risk of missing earnings targets grows, managements chasing growth at any price, push takeover premiums to extremes.