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Virtue Signaling, or … Why Clinton Is in Trouble
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If you’ve ever played a team sport, you’ve experienced a game that was a mismatch on paper. Now usually that game goes according to form. The better team scores early and often, and the inferior team doesn’t sniff a win.

Has Saudi Arabia Pushed OPEC Too Far?
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Surely the latest actions by OPEC in Algiers threatens the very core of the cartel, given its members have agreed to something that is going to be extremely difficult to follow through on. To coin a phrase (well, kind of) from Top Gun...

Destructive Education Models Bankrupting US: New Models Needed
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Education is one of the best long-term investments we can make individually and as a society. But this is only true where education enriches the student. Where the business model is designed to prey on the trusting and gullible in order...

Deutsche Bank Reckons With a New Reality
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Germany's banks have had a tough week. Deutsche Bank, the country's largest lender, saw its share price drop sharply on Monday and Tuesday following news of a possible $14 billion fine from the US Department of Justice for misselling...

Bonds Are a Potential Powder Keg in the “New Normal”
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Uncertainty is growing, with divergences between the Fed’s stated intentions and their actions leaving markets unsure of direction. Additionally, interest rate policy worldwide may be creating the very conditions for the next dislocation that...

VIX Spread Signaling Excessive Complacence on Market Risk
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When there is a big disagreement between the value of the spot VIX Index and the prices of its futures contracts, that carries important information about trader sentiment. As of the close on Sep. 28, 2016, the spot VIX was well below...

You Want to Fix the Economy? Then First Fix Healthcare
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We don't just deserve an affordable, sustainable healthcare system—we're doomed to bankruptcy without one. What is blindingly obvious to employers but apparently invisible to the average zero-business-experience mainstream...

Capping Oil Prices…at Highest Production Levels in History!
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The high-frequency algos went wild blasting millions of buy orders at risk markets yesterday afternoon on headlines that OPEC members might agree in November to hold-production near recent all time highs.

Real Estate Bubbles: Vancouver, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Munich, and Hong Kong Top List
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What do Vancouver, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Munich, and Hong Kong all have in common? According to economists at UBS Wealth Management, these six cities all have the notorious designation of being the real estate markets...

Vice Index Shows the Start of a Downtrend
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Over the Summer, retail sales data strongly diverged from Moneyball’s Vice data: The official data pointed to a sharp burst of spending. The Vice data showed no acceleration. Recent revisions to the official data removed the surge and...