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France: Paris Attack Shakes up Presidential Race
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France is once again picking up the pieces after another terrorist attack shocked the country — this one just days before polls open for the first round of its presidential election. Late April 20, a man opened fire on policemen on...

Ontario Finally Moves to Douse Real Estate Inferno
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My hometown Barrie is one hour north of Toronto. Here, the average selling price in September 2015 for a detached home was 476K, up 24% from September 2014. Recent data suggests that the average price gain since March 2016, is now more than 40%.

China Update - Why Is the Consensus Now So Optimistic?
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As long as China has debt capacity, it can achieve any GDP growth rate Beijing requires, simply by allowing credit to expand. But debt levels are already high, and credit must expand at an accelerating pace to maintain growth. China is probably still a few years away...

The State of the Dollar Bull Market
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The Federal Reserve's real broad trade-weighted dollar fell for the first three months of 2017, and the greenback's heavy tone this month has raised questions about the state of the bull market. Despite this recent weakness, we think the bull...

Hasta La Vista... Traders? (The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Industry)
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One of our favorite movies at Macro Ops is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The early 90’s classic had Arnold at his best and changed the sci-fi action genre forever. People have always had a particular fear of technology and machines...

Rising Rates and Shrinking Balance Sheets Pose Risks Ahead
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The Fed seems dead-set on raising interest rates further and this is putting the squeeze on borrowers, savers, and investors. This time on Financial Sense’ Big Picture segment, Jim Puplava discussed the impact of rising rates, how savers are losing purchasing power...

Is the US Stock Market at a Major Inflection Point?
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A powerful reality check on the limits of Presidential power has deflated some of the euphoric bullish expectations of investors in recent months. After hitting a new all-time high on March 1st—the day of Trump's first speech to Congress—the S&P 500 has been steadily losing steam...

Gold Bullion Slips Again from 'MAJOR' Hurdle of 2011 Downtrend as IMF Raises Global GDP Forecasts
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Gold bullion priced in Dollars retreated on Wednesday from its second attempt in 3 days to break the 6-year downtrend starting at 2011's record peak, as world stock markets and commodities steadied after yesterday's drop amid a higher...

Softer Hard Data Weighs on Stocks
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Hard data is soft! Retail sales have contracted 2 months in a row, construction spending and industrial production data are soft and other hard data inputs have pressured economic models sharply lower in their 1st quarter GDP estimates.

The Behavior of the Market Actually Has Very Little to do with Trump
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Because of the US stock market's strong move after the November 8th election, many have referred to it as the "Trump rally," believing political factors are one of the main forces driving investor behavior. However, Matthew Kerkhoff, Chief Investment Strategist at Model Investing...