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Employers Aren’t Just Whining: The “Skills Gap” Is Real
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Every year, the Manpower Group, a human resources consultancy, conducts a worldwide “Talent Shortage Survey.” Last year, 35% of 38,000 employers reported difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent; in the U.S., 39% of employers did.

Here’s Why Women Feel Underemployed (Hint: It’s All in the Major)
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This Great Graphic was posted by Christopher Ingraham on the Washington Post's Wonkblog. It shows the results of a survey conducted by PayScale. It shows the percentage of people by undergraduate majors that identified themselves as underemployed.

Will Ukraine Retake the East From Separatists?
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Ukraine is on the road to re-establishing its control of the East, but serious issues still remain, making it vulnerable to Moscow’s wishes. On August 4th, Ukrainian forces began operations to...

A Look at the Coming 30-Year Inflation Cycle
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The upcoming bottom of the 60-year cycle will drastically alter the U.S. economic landscape. The ending of the long-term disinflationary/deflationary undercurrent will soon give way to a new long-term cycle of re-inflation/inflation...

Deflationary Fears Are Spreading Globally
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A worldwide deflation fear is expanding and may actually be rampant. BCA Daily Insights (August 25, 2014) notes that, “out of 32 OEC countries, more than two-thirds have domestic inflation rates that fall short of 1%.”

Consumer Confidence Rises Again
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The Latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through August 14. The headline number of 92.4 was an improvement over the revised July final reading of 90.3, an upward revision from 90.9.

Scotland Is Building the World’s Largest Tidal Array
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Scotland is building what it calls the world’s biggest tidal array in the Pentland Firth in northern Scotland, the country’s government announced last week. Once built, the tidal array is projected to provide enough electricity to power 175,000 homes...

Iraq and Syria Follow Lebanon’s Precedent
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Lebanon was created out of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. This agreement between Britain and France reshaped the collapsed Ottoman Empire south of Turkey into the states we know today...

Inside the Market’s Mind: Debt, Growth and Politics
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Looking at growth and debt beyond developed countries, Moody’s forecasts that GDP growth for 2014 across the 20 largest emerging markets, excluding China, will only amount to 2.1%. Data from Thomson Reuters shows that 2014 is turning into a record year for issuing...

U.S. Warms to Clean Energy
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A review of monthly figures for new installations of electric power capacity in July shows that renewable energy is quickly becoming the energy source of choice in the U.S.