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Weekend Edition: Stocks Are Halfway Back to the Peak, Time to Jump Back In?

Aug 12 – After this week's wrap-up, Chris Puplava provides an update on the technical, fundamental, and monetary backdrop facing the market given that the US stocks have now climbed halfway back from their all-time highs at the beginning of this year...

Welcome to the Post-Covid Robotic Takeover; Labor Market Trends Ensure It's Here to Stay

Aug 11 – Lisa Chai, Senior Research Analyst at ROBO Global, speaks with FS Insider about the swelling demand and increasing reliance on automation, robotics, and AI when it comes to many trends we see today: working from home, demographics...

Gary Shilling on Economic Outlook, Housing Bubble Impact

Aug 10 – FS Insider speaks with Gary Shilling, President of A Gary Shilling and Co., to discuss his outlook on the economy, consumer spending, and housing. Gary explains how housing is a significant contributor to economic growth and...

JR Nyquist on China, Russia, and the Wider War

Aug 9 – Today, we are joined by JR Nyquist, a former longtime contributor to Financial Sense, a writer for the Epoch Times, and the author of multiple must-read books. JR warned listeners two months ago that China was mobilizing...

Weekly Update: Why We're Still Early Into an Economic Slowdown

Aug 8 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, looks at the lagged impact of Fed tightening on the economy, and how this is showing up in leading economic indicators for a downturn to persist well into 2023...

Josh & Crystal on What You Should Know About the Housing Market Right Now

Aug 8 – On today's Lifetime Planning episode, Josh Nunn and Crystal Colbert discuss major trends impacting the housing market and how housing is at an extreme point in history when you take a look at the most current data. Josh and Crystal dig into...

John Roque and Greg Orrell: Blow-Out Jobs Report, Rising Geopolitical Trouble

Aug 5 – A blow-out jobs report helped to alleviate fears over recession but led to a jump in the futures market to price in another 75 basis point hike by the Fed this September. The market has staged a strong rally off its June lows but our technician today...

The History and Geostrategic Importance of Taiwan

Aug 4 – Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan has led to a fierce response and show of might by China. Why did the US choose to provoke China by doing this and what is the history and geopolitical importance of Taiwan to China and the wider...

Jeff Christian on Gold, Taiwan, and Renewable Energy Realities

Aug 2 – Today, on FS Insider, we speak with Jeff Christian, managing partner at CPM Group, to get an update on his outlook for precious metals, US recession, Taiwan, the Russia-Ukraine war, and much, more...

Why Pilates Is Becoming Increasingly Popular for Young and Old

Aug 1 – Pilates is a low impact method of strengthening and stretching, especially when it involves the use of a so-called "reformer." On today's edition of Lifetime Planning, we speak with Melissa Bentivoglio, Co-Founder of Frame Fitness...

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