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Jeff Christian on Precious Metals Outlook, Copper, Green Energy Transition, and More

Oct 21 – Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at CPM Group, speaks with FS Insider to provide an update on his outlook for gold, silver, mining stocks, copper, the green energy transition, and much more. Jeff is one of the most accurate precious...

The Price of a New Globalized Order Is...Higher Prices

Oct 20 – In today’s FS insider podcast, geopolitical strategist and consultant Jacob Shapiro explains the big picture view of what’s happening in the world today, namely a large-scale restructuring of the current globalized order...

James Garriss on La Niña Impacts on Energy and Global Markets

Oct 19 – FS Insider speaks with Browning World Climate Bulletin's James Garriss about the outlook for a La Niña this winter and the potential impacts this may have on various parts of the globe, including colder than average temperatures...

Rich and Poor Will Pay More Under Current Tax and Spending Plans

Oct 18 – Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Chris Hennessey, a tax attorney, CPA, and Professor Emeritus of Law at Babson College, to discuss the current tax proposal and what it means for Americans. Chris and host, Jim Puplava, explain...

Weekly Update: Shipping Costs and a Potential Gold Bottom

Oct 18 – Frank Barbera, Senior Portfolio Manager for Financial Sense Wealth Management, looks at surging shipping costs, the precious metals market, and underlying technical indicators for the S&P 500. Frank says the large spike in shipping costs...

Big Picture: America's Coming Energy Crisis and the Return of High Inflation

Oct 15 – Bullseye Craig Johnson at Piper Sandler gives us an update on his outlook and says we’re—amazingly, once again—right on track to hit his year-end target. Then, Dave Morgan comes on to discuss what we’re seeing in the precious metals...

Russell Napier on Inflation, Financial Repression, and Investing for the Years Ahead

Oct 14 – Inflation has seen a big uptick over the past year and it may just persist at these levels for another decade or more. Today we are going to discuss why that is and how to invest in such an environment with Russell Napier...

Long List of Downside Risks to Global Economy, Says Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni

Oct 13 – FS Insider welcomes Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni to discuss their recently-released fourth quarter forecast. Adriano lists a large number of headwinds expected to weigh on global economic growth and lead to a slowdown over...

The Carbon Paradox

Oct 12 – Craig Golinowski, President and Managing Partner of Carbon Infrastructure Partners, dispels a number of myths surrounding the reduction of carbon emissions from fossil fuel sources vs. the use of renewable energies...

Dr. Sircus on the Power of Oxygen and Hydrogen Therapy

Oct 11 – Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Dr. Sircus to discuss EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) and how this is used by athletes as well as the sick for helping the body to perform better. Dr. Sircus explains...

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