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California Hitting "Affordability Wall," Real Estate Correction Likely, Says Housing Expert Rick Sharga
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By FS Staff – Late last month, CNBC reported “Southern California home sales crash, a warning sign to the nation.” The main culprits cited for the crash in one of the largest housing markets in the nation were higher rates, affordability concerns, and a shortage...

Dollar May Not Peak Until 2019, Says Marc Chandler
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By FS Staff – Marc Chandler from Brown Brothers Harriman discusses the US dollar's recent breakout, why he expects it to consolidate and then move higher into next year, and his concerns regarding how low the Fed funds rate is upon entering the next recession...

R.I.P. Bretton Woods
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By Marc Chandler – On this day in 1971, US President Nixon broke the last formal links between the dollar and gold and ushered in the modern era of floating exchange rates. What was a necessity has become a virtue...

Yuan Continues to Slide; Copper Getting Crushed
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By Peter Boockvar – Today is less about Turkey as the lira is up about 3% (after Turkey announced a limitation on banks level of currency swaps they can do which was being used to short the lira) vs the US dollar and...

King Dollar? Russian Ruble, EM Currency Weakness May Not Be Over, Says John Roque
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By FS Staff – Stock markets around the globe have come under pressure in recent days with a collapse in the Turkish lira and vulnerabilities in the emerging market space. John Roque at Key Square Capital Management recently told Financial Sense Newshour...

Saudi Arabia and Iran Reignite the Oil Price War
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By Oil Price – The rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is becoming increasingly evident in the oil pricing policies of the two large Middle Eastern producers. The two countries are currently reigniting the market share...

Dollar Breakout Threatens Rally
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – The story of 2018 has been one of U.S. growth, but not necessarily global growth. While most major economies around the world are still expanding, they have been decelerating or holding steady...

Pension Crisis on the Horizon
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By FS Staff – “If you were a state or a municipal worker in a troubled state, you should be made aware of it,” Puplava said. “In the next decade, you're going to see many of these states begin to reduce benefits to retirees. It's already happening right now...

Sanctions, Oil, and the Emerging China-Russia-Iran Axis
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By Global Risk Insights – Although China has backpedaled on proposed tariffs on US crude imports, the move is indicative of its need to diversify sources and steps may now be taken to enable China to play the oil card in the future – including imports from Iran despite sanctions and drawing closer to Russia.

Turkey Default Risk Spikes to 2008-2009 Crisis Levels; Possible Contagion, Warns Russell Napier
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By FS Staff – All focus is on Turkey right now as their currency goes into freefall and 5-year credit default swaps (insurance against default) have now spiked to levels last seen during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Russell Napier warned that Turkey...