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Book Review: Trumponomics - Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy

Nov 16 – FS Insider reviews Art Laffer and Steve Moore’s recently released book on Trump’s reshaping of the Republican party towards “working class populism” and how this is being achieved through...

Amazon HQ2: How New York City and Northern Virginia Won Over Bezos

Nov 15 – With 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investments at stake, the competition for which U.S. city would become Amazon’s next headquarters was fierce. Take a look at what cities did to woo the tech giant and find out why two locations were dubbed Amazon’s next HQ2...

Two Key Risks for 2019

Nov 15 – The U.S. housing market looks like it put in a peak last November. Also, trade tensions between the U.S. and China continue to build. What do both of these have to do with the market for 2019? Urban Carmel discusses these two risks in detail...

The 20 Percent Slide in Oil

Nov 15 — On this episode of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan interviews the author of “The Price of Oil”, Roberto Aguilera. Analysts predicted $80 to $100 oil in September-October, but prices reversed course and have now...

Market’s Weekly Bill of Health

Nov 14 – When considering the market’s overall health, two topics central to the discussion are trends and momentum. Changes in the market’s vitality and direction are felt in both areas, providing early warning and guidance to investors who are aware of these two factors...

Urban Carmel on Housing Cycle Peak, Trade War Fallout

Nov 14 – The housing market may have peaked for this cycle and, according to recent research by the Fed, trade wars typically shave about two percent off GDP in years following. Urban Carmel at the Fat Pitch discusses housing as a leading economic...

Macro Nutrients: Oil Slumps, Midterm Aftermath and the Coppock

Nov 13 – Last week, the U.S. issued waivers to eight countries including China, India, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Greece and Japan which allows them to continue importing Iranian crude, worsening oil producers' concerns about oversupply. On Friday, WTI and Brent...

It's Never Been a Better Time to Buy Investment Property, says Kathy Fettke

Nov 13 - With 10,000 boomers retiring daily, many are talking about retirement, but some are talking about renting to those retirees. Jim Puplava and Kathy Fettke discuss “Opportunity Zones” (where you can defer paying taxes until 2026), identifying trends that can inform decisions about where to buy investment property, and how tax reform made this a better time to buy.

Earnings in Focus After October Whirlwind

Nov 13 – October has been nothing short of a whirlwind for the markets as they experienced a second correction this year. Contributing to the year’s market rollercoaster were third quarter earnings; a majority of companies within the S&P 500 reported in October...

Nearly Two-Thirds of the Entire U.S. Stock Market Just Went Through a Bear Market

Nov 12 – The S&P 500 fell 6.9 percent last month, making it the third worst month since the bull market began nearly 10 years ago. The decline was sharp and swift with some U.S. companies losing over $10B in market capitalization...

Hour 4 - 2018 Financial Strategy and Wealth Preservation Conference

Nov 12 – This is the fourth hour of our October 27, 2018 conference featuring Financial Sense Wealth Management's Financial Planner Paul Horn and FSWM President Jim Puplava.

Hour 3 - 2018 Financial Strategy and Wealth Preservation Conference

Nov 12 – This is the third hour of our October 27, 2018 conference featuring guest Chris Hennessey who is a lawyer, CPA and member of the Putman Business Group.

Hour 2 - 2018 Financial Strategy and Wealth Preservation Conference

Nov 12 – This is the second hour of our October 27, 2018 conference featuring Financial Sense Wealth Management's Chief Investment Officer Chris Puplava.

Hour 1 - 2018 Financial Strategy and Wealth Preservation Conference

Nov 12 – This is the first hour of our October 27, 2018 conference featuring Financial Sense Wealth Management President Jim Puplava.

The Good, Bad and Indifferent With Target Date Funds

Nov 12 – The person that developed Target Date Funds (TDF) is a marketing guru. The premise is to develop a fund an investor can stay in over their lifetime that will automatically reduce risk over time as the person approaches retirement. The concept is simple in nature and has spread like wildfire as the investment of...

Protecting Your Second Biggest Asset From Major Losses

Nov 12 - On this episode of Lifetime Income, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss protecting your second biggest asset which is most likely your 401(k), 457 or 403(b) plan. Depending on your age or when you intend to retire, this can have significant importance. Jim and Chris discuss strategy, philosophy, and pitfalls relevant to protecting this very important asset.

Big Picture: Volatility and Risk; Cold War 2.0

Nov 10 - The mid-term elections changed the political make-up of Washington this week. What will a divided Congress mean for the economy and the markets? In today’s Big Picture podcast, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss the headwinds to Trump’s tax and infrastructure plans, and the key proposals for compromise in 2019...

Market Is Ready to Run, Says Gary Dorsch

Nov 10 – Ryan Puplava discusses this week’s market action and the strong post-election rally, Fed comments on business activity, and the headline-grabbing volatility in the energy market with natural gas and oil...

Jeff Christian on Peak Gold, Midterm Elections, and the Next Financial Crisis

Nov 9 - FS Insider welcomes Jeff Christian from CPM Group to discuss his outlook for gold and silver for the next two months as well as 2019 and beyond. Christian updates listeners on the main drivers affecting precious metals and comments on mine production and peak gold, his outlook for the next recession and financial crisis, in addition...

Stephen Wolfram Explains How Smart Contracts Will Work

Nov 8 - What if we could write a legal contract in computational code? How would that change the legal system and society itself? Stephen Wolfram, the founder of Wolfram Alpha explains why smart contracts are so revolutionary...

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