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Don't Expect an Investment Boom if the Corporate Tax Rate Is Cut
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By Paul Kasriel – It appears as though the rate on US federal corporate profits is going to be reduced. Although US corporations may be considered “people” in terms of the First Amendment, they are not “people” when it comes...

The Uptrend Continues
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – It’s been a very bullish year, and yet major averages continue to attack their high-water marks time and time again. For many, this instills a sense of unease … a feeling that things are too good...

Have Stocks Reached a Permanently Rigged Plateau?
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By Brady Willett – A painting recently sold for a record $450 million, a blanket recently sold for $1.5 million, Bitcoin has gone ballistic, and Cramer thinks there are ‘bubbles’ everywhere except stocks. Are these the types of signals that bears have been waiting for? In a word, maybe.

Vice Index - Where the US Economy Stands Today Into 2018
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By Andrew Zatlin – US Consumer spending is accelerating again. Just in time for the Holiday Season. Consumer confidence is driving a boost in holiday spending. For starters, holiday shopping started early: rather than wait...

Are US Shale Stocks Finally Set for a Rebound?
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By Oil Price – After years of meager returns and overspending to boost production at all costs, US shale explorers and drillers are finally about to see their share prices rise next year, according to veteran energy...

November Jobs Report: 228K New Jobs, Better Than Forecast
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By Jill Mislinski – This morning's employment report for November showed a 228K increase in total nonfarm payrolls, which was better than forecasts. The unemployment rate remained at 4.1%. The consensus...

Middle or Late Innings of Economic Expansion?
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By Kurt Kallaus – Each year of this enduring slow-growth expansion cycle starting in 2009 has had a growing chorus of doomsayers looking for the next recession. The evidence in forecasting the next economic peak resembles...

Former Soros Analyst Warns on Growing Risks
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By FS Staff – Despite a minor hiccup last week, nearly all markets have been heading higher with no end in sight. Market strategist John Roque at Key Square Capital Management said even though bears have been wrong for years, we do see high levels of concentration...

Where the North Korean Crisis Meets the Iran Nuclear Deal
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By Reva Goujon – By virtue of its military might, the United States has the unique ability to quickly — and credibly — place its most intractable adversaries under existential threat. Command over the world's most powerful...

Tax Bill May Spark Exodus From High-Tax States
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By FS Staff – It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see the GOP tax bill pass in the near future. Prepped for signing by the end of this year, the bill is sure to have sweeping effects on all taxpayers, especially those in high tax states...