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Has a New Bull Market In Precious Metals Begun? (Video)

Sep 13 – Precious metals expert David Morgan says the final phase of the bull market for gold is gearing up. He talks about monetary demand and explains when he expects a shake-out.

Hurricane Season and Weather to Have Major Impact on Energy Sector, Says James Garriss

Sep 12 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan interviews James Garriss of Browning World Climate Bulletin. In this interview, Garriss discusses the current hurricane season and...

Dan Nevins on Yield Curve, Recession and Thin Air Spending Power

Sep 11 – As markets flirt with fears of a recession, many point to the recent yield curve inversion as a telling sign that recession is imminent. Financial Sense Insider spoke with Daniel Nevins, a financial analyst, investment professional and behavioral economics...

With Brexit’s Deadline Quickly Approaching, Here’s What You Need to Know

Sep 11 – Stratfor’s Senior Europe Analyst Adriano Bosoni updates us on where things stand with Brexit and its Oct. 31 deadline. He explains Boris Johnson’s stance and the three scenarios that could unfold...

Rise of the Deepfake

Sep 10 – On today’s FS Insider podcast, Cris Sheridan and Chris Preitauer discuss fake news, fake videos (i.e. deepfakes) and two scenarios likely to unfold before the 2020 elections or soon thereafter. Topics discussed: big data, psychographics, microtargeting...

So, You Want to Be a Homeowner?

Sep 10 – Purchasing a house is one of the largest financial transactions an individual will make in his or her life. Yet, many people tend to glaze over some key points when they consider purchasing a home...

1 in 5 Suffer From Elder Abuse

Sep 9 – On this edition of Lifetime Income, Jim Puplava discusses the disturbing, but pervasive issue of elder abuse with Carolyn Rosenblatt. Carolyn is an RN, an attorney, and a consultant for families with...

How to Survive a Recession and Bear Market

Sep 9 – You’re seeing falling interest rates and it looks like another rate cut is coming. Long term bond yields are almost as low as they were in the summer of 2016 and there’s talk that this time...

Market Facing a Confluence of Confusion, Says Ralph Acampora

Sep 6 – Ryan Puplava tells us what moved the markets. Ralph Acampora discusses what he calls a confluence of confusion and Danielle DiMartino Booth explains why expanding consumption isn't a good sign for the markets. Jim and Chris cover free money...

Planning Ahead Is Key for Retirees

Sep 6 – Planning for the inevitable not only creates piece of mind, but also improves financial security. Jim Puplava discussed how to replace lost income when a spouse passes away, how to deal with medical and healthcare decisions...

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