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Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Social Security
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By FS Staff – Regardless of gender, Social Security is a complicated topic. For women who are or were married, there are some important things to consider when drawing benefits. We spoke with Yolanda York, a public affairs specialist with the Social Security Administration...

Global Consumer Confidence and Global Equities
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By Callum Thomas – One of my favorite things to do is discover and utilize somewhat obscure, new, misunderstood, or underutilized datasets. Or indeed, to look at an existing and well-understood set of data in a different way. In today's post we look at...

Great Graphic: What Is Happening to Global Equities?
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By Marc Chandler – The decline in the global equity market is the most serious since the February and March spill. In this Great Graphic, the white line is the S&P 500. With the current setback, it is up around nine percent over the past 12 months.

Don't Mistake the Stock Market for the Economy
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Patrick O'Hare – Please, can we get some bad economic news? Is that too much to ask? That's not too much ask, it's just really dumb to ask for it. Nevertheless, we have heard it asserted in the face of the recent sell-off that bad economic news...

Trump Taking the Gloves Off in Escalating Cyberwar
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Global Risk Insights – U.S. cyber policy is shedding the overly-careful approach favored during the Obam- era, becoming more activist and increasingly likely to reach into foreign networks for the sake of defense. While this carries an increased risk...

Bonds May No Longer Provide a Hedge Against Stocks, Warns Jim Bianco
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By FS Staff – Jim Bianco, founder of Bianco Research, says investors are switching from a deflationary to an inflationary mindset, similar to what we saw during the 1970s, and bonds may no longer provide a hedge against the stock market. Here's what he...

China Feeling the Sting as Global Tech War Heats Up
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By GPF – On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury outlined plans to implement a stringent review system on foreign investment in 27 high-tech sectors deemed critical to national security, from telecommunications to aviation to biotech...

EIA: Market Tightens As Outages From Iran, Venezuela Pile Up
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Oil Price – Iran’s crude oil production fell by more than 400,000 per day from May to September 2018, reaching an average of just 3.4 million barrels per day last month, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Short Term Energy Outlook published...

Peak in OECD Leading Indicators
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Callum Thomas – The latest round of OECD leading indicator data showed ongoing softness in the breadth across countries - which is an interesting and innovative indicator we track as part of a suite of indicators on global equities. The punchline of course is...

60 Minutes: Bricks and Slaughter, Exposing Australia’s Housing Crisis
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Danielle Park –Detailed in the videos below we see similar themes and catalysts between the U.S. in 2006 and Canada today. As property prices mean and revert so do highly levered economies and financial markets. Expecting any other outcomes is unrealistic.