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We Are Just Beginning a Major Global Spending Push, Says Felix Zulauf

Feb 24 – "Authorities have realized that they cannot just create money and liquidity and inject it into the financial system... We have to spend it. We are at the beginning of a huge period where governments will increase their expenditures..."

Cyclically-Important Commodities Are Signaling Economic Boom, Says Nick Reece

Feb 23 – FS Insider speaks with Nick Reece from Merk Research about the current market action and the areas he likes best. Nick says the recent Fed speech further confirms the view that rates will stay low for a considerable amount of time...

US Facing 'Mass Exodus' of Capital, Says Dan Pilla

Feb 22 – Leading tax expert Dan Pilla explains why repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and raising corporate tax rates back to 35%—one of the highest in the industrialized world—will lead to a 'mass exodus' of corporate capital that...

2021 May See a Surge in Buybacks and Dividends, Says Gina Martin Adams

Feb 19 – After this week's market wrap-up, Bloomberg's Chief Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams says corporations are flush with cash and are likely to resume buybacks this year. Next, Ryan Sweet from Moody's explains why stimulus...

Central Banks Next in Line to Buy Bitcoin, Says Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone

Feb 18 – Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone says bitcoin is on track to hit $100,000 as headlines begin to surface around more companies and even central banks ultimately look to add the cryptocurrency to their balance sheet as a digital reserve asset...

Craig Johnson on 2021 Market Outlook, Energy and "Green" Metals

Feb 18 – "Bullseye" Craig Johnson at Piper Sandler is one of the most accurate forecasters on the stock market we speak with on our Financial Sense Newshour podcast. Each year he gives a year-end target for the S&P 500 and, amazingly...

Felix Zulauf on Global Planned Economy, Massive Stimulus, and Current Bull Cycle

Feb 17 – The legendary and longtime fund manager Felix Zulauf joins FS Insider to discuss his outlook on the economy, the markets, commodities, inflation, and much more. Felix explains how we are in what he calls the fourth bull cycle since 2009...

Get Ready for the 2021 Weather Whiplash on Commodities

Feb 16 – James Garriss of the Browning World Climate Bulletin discusses the impact weather is having on the commodity space and what they expect for agricultural and energy prices this year and looking out further...

Survivor Checklist - Here's What You Need to Do if a Loved One Passes Away

Feb 15 – There are a number of things that need to be done in case a spouse or loved one passes away, whether notifying various government agencies like social security or reaching out to life insurance companies, banks, credit card companies and others...

There's a Massive Liquidity Wave Hitting Markets

Feb 12 – After this week's wrap-up, Jonathan Krinsky from BayCrest Partners says the bearish window is closing and a correction may have been pushed out as investors ride the liquidity wave higher. Next, Tim Duy explains how the Fed is likely...

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Market Quotes by TradingView