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Thinking of Living the RV or Van Life? Here's What You Need to Know

May 10 – The RV and van life is soaring in popularity. So much so that some RVs and popular vans now sell for a premium, which was largely unheard of in the past. In today's podcast, we discuss the basics of living the RV and/or van life with Marc and Julie Bennett from RV Love...

A 'Hurricane' of Inflation

May 7 – After this week's market wrap-up, Frank Barbera says we are looking at a 'hurricane' of inflation with soaring commodity prices and companies passing input costs onto consumers. What's the absolute best...

NDR's Alejandra Grindal on the Demographics of Inflation

May 6 – Alejandra Grindal, Chief International Economist at Ned Davis Research, joins FS Insider to delve into the long-term outlook for inflation when looking at demographics, population growth, globalization, and...

Andrew Zatlin: Roaring 20s Are Here, But Then Comes the Hangover

May 5 – Andrew Zatlin is one of the most accurate economic forecasters as tracked by Bloomberg and has been named by the WSJ as the moneyball of economics. Today, on FS Insider, he discusses how we are in the midst...

Lyn Alden on Inflation, Crypto, and Commodities

May 4 – Lyn Alden weighs in on the transitory vs. structural inflation debate and how she's invested currently when it comes to stocks, crypto, commodities, and precious metals. Lyn explains the investment case...

What to Know About 401(k)s and the Timeline of Retirement Savings

May 3 – The Covid crash and recession affected a number of retirement plans, including the amount of savings people are putting into retirement funds. In today's podcast, Josh Nunn and Crystal Kessler discuss...

Weekly Update: Potential Red Flag for Commodity Investors

May 3 – Ryan Puplava, CEO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, shares a number of charts on stocks, commodities, and specific sectors and says that commodities are currently showing a bearish divergence...

Special Feature: Craig Johnson and Jim Bianco Discuss Market Outlook, Economy, and More

Apr 30 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. "Bullseye" Craig Johnson, who gave the most bullish forecast for the S&P 500 this year, explains how he wasn't bullish enough. Lastly, Jim Bianco joins Financial Sense Newshour...

Felix Zulauf: Global Governments Committed to Maintaining Growth at All Costs

Apr 29 – Today, we are going to reprise one of our most popular interviews from earlier this year where we the legendary and longtime fund manager Felix Zulauf joins FS Insider to discuss his outlook on the economy...

James Garriss on US Drought, Dust Bowls, and Ag Commodity Outlook

Apr 28 – FS Insider welcomes James Garriss of Browning World Climate Bulletin back on the show to discuss the worsening drought situation, particularly in the Western half of the US, whether we could see large dustbowls...

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