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fs staff summer reading list
The Supposed Superiority of Common Only A-D Data
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By Tom McClellan – I get asked a lot about the supposed problems with the NYSE’s Advance-Decline data, which some analysts claim is “contaminated” by the inclusion of NYSE-listed issues that are not “real stocks”.

This Isn't Your Grandfather's Market
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By FS Staff – Gary Dorsch at Global Money Trends recently told Financial Sense Newshour how this will likely be the longest bull market in history with a powerful trifecta of corporate tax cuts, record buybacks, and massive M&A activity...

Yield Curve Hysteria
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By Kurt Kallaus – Awareness of the yield curve and the dreaded potential for inversion as a harbinger of a recession has never been more prominent in the news. Esteemed Federal Reserve members, commercial...

Why It’s Still Too Early to Give Up on US Stocks
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – Back in early February, in the midst of the most vicious selloff we’ve seen in years, I showed the chart below and made the case that we were seeing a “minor blow-off top in the context of a continuing primary...

Unless the Fed Changes Course, a 2019 Recession Collision Is the Most Likely Outcome
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By Paul Kasriel – The current level of the federal funds rate is 1.92%. As of June 13, 2018, the median estimate of Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members of the appropriate federal funds rate by the end of 2081 was 2.40%.

Russell Napier Warns of Global Monetary Breakdown
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By FS Staff – FS Insider recently interviewed Russell Napier, well-known financial historian and co-founder of the Electronic Research Interchange (ERIC), to discuss a breakdown in the global monetary system, primarily with emerging markets linked to the US dollar...

Oil Slides as Saudis Gear up to Pump Record Volume
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By Oil Price – Saudi Arabia is offering extra oil on top of its contractual volumes to some buyers in its key market Asia, as OPEC’s largest producer boosts oil production to keep markets well-supplied amid disruptions from Venezuela...

Stealth Bull Market?
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By Jeff Saut – On CNBC last Friday, we stated that we have been in a stealth bull market. Indeed, after anticipating the stock market’s bottom in early February, the stealth bull market emerged. So what’s a stealth bull market?

The Road to War: China vs the US
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By Rick Mills – In 2016 Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, declared that there was no doubt, in his mind, that the US would go to war with China in the South China Sea in the next five to 10 years.

Trade Wars Will Boost Digital Manufacturing – at Consumers’ Own Homes With Personal 3D Printers
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By The Conversation – The U.S. is in multiple international trade wars. After President Trump ordered higher taxes on some Chinese imports, the Chinese retaliated. The trade dispute now involves as much as US$200 billion worth...