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Roth IRAs vs. Traditional IRAs - Understanding the Basics

Jul 26 – Financial Sense Wealth Managment's Crystal Kessler, CFP®, explains the difference between a Roth IRA vs. a traditional IRA, when a person may want to open a Roth IRA, the pros and cons of doing so, and how they can be used for...

Most Aren't Seeing the Big Picture When it Comes to Inflation, Says Eoin Treacy

Jul 23 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's wrap-up. Basil Chapman says if the Dow breaks above this key level, it's full risk-on. Eoin Treacy breaks down the 'big story' behind inflation and, lastly, Chris Puplava reports on the most recent data looking at...

Investors Should All Have Indonesia on their Radar Right Now, Says Penida Capital's Ed Gustely

Jul 22 – Indonesia is the world’s largest covid hotspot in the Asian region right now surpassing India and Brazil with the highest number of cases and a surge in deaths. This is important because behind China, India, and the US, Indonesia is also...

People Are Now Trading Stocks on the Blockchain and Eventually Everyone Will Be As Well, Argues a New Industry Report

Jul 21 – Stock market trading is moving to the blockchain, argues a new 94-page report by industry experts across the globe, and this trend is only going to continue until all assets ultimately end up trading as tokenized versions spread across...

The World Is About to Fall Off a Demographic Cliff, Warns Peter Zeihan, and the Implications Will Be Enormous

Jul 21 – The foundation of economic growth is the idea that consumption is continually stable or rising on a long-term basis, and that finance will rise right along with it. We have no experience of anything else in the modern era, Zeihan said. But now...

The Biggest Thing the Space Race Is Powering: Global Climate Risk Surveillance

Jul 20 – How do you collect emissions data from every company on the globe and then use that information to price their impact on the climate? Satellites—thousands of them—scanning nearly every part of the planet 24/7 and collecting that info...

Weekly Update: Covid Back to Weighing on Market as Small Business Outlook Worsens

Jul 20 – Chris Puplava provides an update on the latest data for delta variant cases in the US, Europe, and elsewhere. Chris shows how cases have surged in certain areas and how this is currently impacting small business revenues, particularly in leisure...

Eat Wild and Grow Your Own Medicine

Jul 19 – Jim Puplava speaks with book author and researcher Jo Robinson about her book, Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health. Jo explains how centuries of selective breeding of fruits and vegetables, along with modern...

Wherever Renewables Are Mandated, Electricity Costs Are Skyrocketing, Says Robert Bryce

Jul 16 – Ryan Puplava explains what moved the markets this week. Robert Bryce, documentary filmmaker and author, joins Financial Sense Newshour to discuss his recent testimony before Congress on how the push towards renewables is leading to...

The Reflation Trade Under Fire

Jul 16 – While off to a fast start in the first quarter, the reflation trade has taken a blow that puts its longevity into question. In simplistic terms, reflation characterizes an upswing in economic growth which sees both growth and inflation accelerate...

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