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New Record: Electric Bus Goes 1,101 Miles on a Single Charge
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By Danielle Park – US-based electric bus manufacturer Proterra upgraded its 40-foot Catalyst E2, now called ‘Catalyst E2′, with a massive 660 kWh battery pack and brought it to the track at the Navistar Proving Grounds in New Carlisle...

US Household Incomes: A 50-Year Perspective
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By Jill Mislinski – Last week the Census Bureau released its annual report on household income data for 2016. Last year the median (middle) household income rose to $59,149, a 4.1% increase over 2015 and a record high.

Flood Insurance Is Broken. Here Are Some Ways to Fix It
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By The Conversation – Hundreds of thousands of Americans whose homes were damaged or destroyed by flooding from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma don’t know how they will pay for repairs, rebuilding or replacement.

Gold Investment 'Roars' in Japan on N.Korea Tension But Rate-Rise Talk Hits Price as Stocks Rise
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By Adrian Ash – Gold investment prices at multi-week lows against all major currencies except the Japanese Yen on Tuesday in London, erasing the last of September's earlier 4.0% jump versus the Dollar as global stock...

Are We at an Inflection Point in the Economy? Yes!
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By Andrew Zatlin – I’m looking at the macro fundamentals and I think an inflection is coming up in a few months…and that means opportunity. At the highest level, global growth is coming from a few places...

Archimedes' Dollar Smile
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By Alex Barrow – Archimedes, the Greek tinkerer, knew of the US dollar’s importance to global macro well over 2200 years ago, decades before Fed Chair Yellen was born. A man ahead of his time. If you’re one of the very few...

Market View Update - September 2017
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By Patrick O'Hare – When thinking about how to start a market view update, it is often helpful to pick up where the last one left off. Alas, that is what we will do. In mid-June, we wrote that the stock market has continued to defy calls for...

Study Shows Student Debt Delays Home Buying By Seven Years
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By Michael Shedlock – The Student Loan Debt and Housing Report 2017 by the National Association of Realtors and the nonprofit group American Student Assistance show the obvious: Student debt delays household formation, home...

Yesterday, All My Market Troubles Seemed So Far Away…
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By Peter Boockvar – We’re finally here. About 9 years after QE1 began, QT is about to start. If one believes that the stock market still is a discounting mechanism, then have nothing to fear with QT and that maybe it will actually be...

Investor Asset Flows Target Rising Long-Term US Interest Rates Into Q4
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By John Kosar CMT – A recent movement in the assets invested in two key ETFs that track long-dated Treasury prices, plus an aggressive bet via the futures market by smart money commercial hedgers on a decline in 30-year Treasury Bonds...