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Stocks Typically Soar After Second Rate Cut, Says NDR’s Ed Clissold

Sep 19 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan discusses rate cuts with Ed Clissold of Ned Davis Research. Ed does not believe the US bull market is over and he describes the circumstances with which...

Andrew Zatlin on Fed, Strong Dollar and China Getting Hit With a Double Whammy

Sep 28 – FS Insider interviews Andrew Zatlin at SouthBay Research to discuss the Fed, Trump’s problems with a strong dollar and how China has been hit with a double whammy that, he believes, guarantees they’ll....

Where Will Socialism and Central Bank Policy Lead the US?

Sep 18 – Unusual conditions and strange economic events seem to be occurring with greater frequency, and potential policy missteps are creating foreboding signals in the economy...

Will Denyer On Greatest Risk to the Markets and the Economy

Sep 17 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan welcomes Will Denyer, lead economist at Gavekal Research. Denyer discusses what he sees as the biggest danger to the equity markets...

Millennials and Homeownership: What Stands in the Way

Sep 17 – With most young people in the U.S. (roughly ages 21-37), reporting they’d like to purchase a home, why have just 37% of millennials made the jump?

US Military Options in Iran

Sep 17 – The United States has openly accused Iran of being behind the drone and cruise missile attacks on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil refinery. Now the question is what the United States will do in response. The U.S. is in a difficult position...

Protect Your Income, Lower Your Risk

Sep 16 – We’re back to low interest rates and the Fed is expected to continue to lower rates further. If you’re retired and dependent on your investments for income....

Dividends for the Long Run

Sep 16 – Sooner or later we’re going to have a recession and bear market. You don’t want to go through sequence risk and lose 30%-40% of your investments if so. In this edition of Lifetime Income, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss the surprising...

Monetary Magic + Socialism = Gold

Sep 13 – On today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Ryan Puplava explained what happened to the markets this week, Jonathan Krinsky at Bay Crest Partners discusses the technical outlook for stocks, bonds, oil, and the US dollar, and Dave Morgan...

Has a New Bull Market In Precious Metals Begun? (Video)

Sep 13 – Precious metals expert David Morgan says the final phase of the bull market for gold is gearing up. He talks about monetary demand and explains when he expects a shake-out.

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