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Everyone Needs a Big Brother

Jul 2 – Shown above are the four largest ETF holdings of the Federal Reserve. As the coronavirus brought unexpected peril to various industries, the Fed decided to stabilize things with its open market operations by deploying close to $6.8 billion...

Emerging Markets Getting Hit by a Triple Whammy, Says Stratfor's Michael Monderer

Jul 2 – Michael Monderer joins FS Insider to discuss Stratfor's third quarter global economic outlook. Michael says a V-shaped recovery is dead and that we should expect a 'long, slow and uneven recovery'...

Undeniable Arms Race in AI, Says Daniel Faggella

Jul 1 – Cris Sheridan talks to Daniel Faggella, founder of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, about the fascinating developments in AI technology and its implementation across the financial services industry...

Is This the Next Great Depression?

Jun 30– Alan Beaulieu discusses his short-term and long-term economic outlook. He also talks about the rise of MMT and what impact the 2020 elections and a second wave of the coronavirus could have on the economy...

Dan Pilla Says Small Businesses Could Face Trouble on Their Loans If They Make This Mistake

Jun 29 – Dan Pilla, one of the nation's leading experts on taxes and the IRS, discusses the impact COVID is having on small businesses across the country, the problems they are facing today, and the number one thing that small businesses...

We Haven’t Seen Disruption Like This Since the 1930s, Says Chris Whalen

Jun 29 – “Social distancing means financial Armageddon for commercial real estate and municipalities in coming months,” wrote Chris Whalen. He recently joined FS Insider to discuss this financial disaster as well as...

Dave Nicoski Says We're Still in a Bull Market; Plus, Marshall Adkins Calls for $70 Oil

June 26 – Ryan Puplava explains what moved markets. Dave Nicoski discusses the divergences in major indexes and explains why he's bullish on precious metals. Marshall Adkins says higher oil prices will continue into 2021. Plus another edition of Smart Macro...

When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do?

Jun 26 – In light of the worsening development in COVID-19 infections and deterioration in the economic improvement, we’ve started to reduce risk in client accounts from a neutral position on stocks to nearly a minimum stock exposure level...

The End of Money: From Paper to Things

Jun 26 – We are at a key pivot point in investment history. The monetary environment is going to change the investment landscape going forward. I have found there are very few investment cycles in an investor’s lifetime. These are periods or cycles where...

Andrew Zatlin on Second Layoff Wave and Business Outlook

Jun 25 – Andrew Zatlin discusses the second wave of layoffs underway and what this means for the economic and market outlook for the remainder of 2020. Andrew is the founder of SouthBay Research, an advisory firm geared towards institutional investors....

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Market Quotes by TradingView