Financial Sense

Waiting for the Curve to Invert
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By Kurt Kallaus – One of the hallmarks of a Bull market is climbing a “Wall of Worry”. Certainly, there is plenty of longer-term optimism with Consumer and Small Business surveys showing extreme confidence. Yet analysts seem...

With FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling, the US Could Lose Its Lead in Online Consumer Protection
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By The Conversation – The internet may be an international system of interconnecting networks sharing a rough global consensus about the technical details of communicating through them – but each country manages...

Confidence, and What Comes With It
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By Tom McClellan – There is a strong positive feedback mechanism involving consumer sentiment and the economy. As conditions get better, people get more confident, which causes them to spend more, so...

Goldman: These Are the Hottest Commodities in 2018
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By Oil Price – Goldman Sachs continues to ratchet up predictions for commodities, laying out a bullish case for commodities of all stripes in 2018. The investment bank said that its forecast a year ago for higher commodity prices...

Inflation: An X-Ray View of the Components
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By Jill Mislinski – Here is a table showing the annualized change in Headline and Core CPI, not seasonally adjusted, for each of the past six months. Also included are the eight components of Headline CPI and...

Consumers in Gear: Retail Sales Jump Far More Than Expected
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By Michael Shedlock – Retail sales rose 0.8% in November topping consensus estimate of a 0.3% rise. There's some talk of economic "overheating". The Advance Retail Trade Report from the Census Department shows retail and...

Fed Rate Rise Sees Gold Price Jump $10 as UK and ECB Hold Despite Rising Inflation
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By Adrian Ash – Gold prices rose further in London trade Thursday, gaining $20 per ounce from this week's 5-month lows after the US Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate as expected. After UK inflation came in at...

2 Charts That Might Define the Fed’s Jerome Powell Era
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By FF Wiley – In September, we proposed a theory of the Fed and suggested that the FOMC will soon worry mostly about financial imbalances without much concern for recession risks. We reached that conclusion by simply...

US Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate Most Expensive in History
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By Peter Boockvar – After seeing the tax reform inspired to jump in small business optimism from the NFIB, today the Duke CFO survey optimism index rose the to the best level since June 2004. Also, it was driven by tax reform.

Rosenberg on Tax Bill, Market Valuations, and Monetary Policy
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By FS Staff – The US stock market is booming! Nearly every index is hitting all-time record highs as investors price in a major tax cut to corporations before Christmas. What could go wrong? David Rosenberg, the well-known chief economist and strategist...