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Gina Martin Adams on 2020 Outlook, Greg Weldon on Dollar Weakness

Dec 10 – 2020 is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about what the year will bring and what it means for investors. Financial Sense Wealth Management spoke to Gina Martin Adams, chief equity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence...

Protecting Your Assets From Lawsuits

Dec 9 – You can get sued for just about anything. How do you protect yourself, especially if you have significant assets? On this edition of Lifetime Planning, Jim Puplava welcomes Kevin Day from Tresp, Day, & Associates. Kevin discusses various strategies...

Going on a Cruise Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Dec 9 – Cruises are proving to be an increasingly popular way for retirees and families alike to travel and vacation. At first glance, it may seem like going on a cruise could break the bank, however, Bob Levinstein of...

Things You Need to Do Now Before Year End

Dec 8 – On this edition of Lifetime Planning Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss key dates and thresholds that occur prior prior to 2020. Whether it’s Medicare, RMD distributions, key tax brackets, above...

Slowdown Behind Us, Says Bloomberg’s Gina Martin Adams

Dec 6 – On today's Financial Sense Newshour, Gina Martin Adams, Chief Equity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, says the slowdown in economic indicators appears to be behind us. Greg Weldon discusses dollar weakness and the areas...

'Thin-Air Credit' Spikes in the Fourth Quarter

Dec 6 – The Fed is now injecting hundreds of billions of dollars into the financial system and expanding their balance sheet at the fastest monthly pace since the 2008 financial crisis, which some—like Duncan—are calling a resumption of quantitative easing...

The Most Extraordinary Monetary Policy U-Turn In History

Dec 5 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan interviews Richard Duncan at Macro Watch. Richard explains how...

Globalization in a Sudden and Sharp Decline

Dec 5 – Is the end of globalization near? On a recent edition of FS Insider Ben Breitholtz of Arbor Research and Trading discussed the trend toward deglobalization and the implications this may have on inflation, interest rates and stock prices...

Jeff Christian on Silver Buy Signal, Gold Outlook

Dec 4 – On this edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan speaks with Jeff Christian, managing partner at CPM Group. Jeff discusses his outlook for gold and silver prices over the next two to three years and the incredible bifurcation between options and futures traders versus longer term ...

ITR Economics’ 2020 Forecast

Dec 3 – Alex Chousovsky from ITR Economics joins FS Insider to give his 2020 forecast. He explains why he expects a mild recession in the first half of 2020 thanks to negative growth rates in industrial spending. Alex says he sees a split...

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