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Strong US Consumption Helping to Boost China; US Housing on Fire

Oct 20 – In today's weekly investment report, Chris Puplava shows how the global economy recovery continues, what we are seeing with US housing data, and why the inventory restocking cycle is more important to the 2021 economic outlook than...

Can Supplements Help Prevent Covid?

Oct 19 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with The Diet Doctor's cardiologist, lipidologist, and medical director Dr. Bret Scher about different ways to boost your immune system and improve your health. Dr. Scher discusses the right types of...

Do Not Let Short-Term Noise Overshadow Long-Term Investing

Oct 19 – Such an epic hit to our economy has been met with an even larger amount of stimulus, and the word “epic” does not do it justice. How do you respond to a $2.2 trillion hit to the economy? With more than $5 trillion in stimulus! Up to now...

Is the Global Recovery Hitting Stall Speed?

Oct 16 – In today's edition of the Financial Sense Newshour, Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up before speaking with Decision Point's Erin Swenlin to get an update on her technical outlook for the market. Next, in our Smart Macro segment...

AI, Global Health Surveillance, and the Pandemic Era

Oct 15 – FS Insider speaks with Woody Preucil, Senior Managing Director at 13D Global Strategy and Research, on the similarities between 9/11 and Covid-19 in accelerating the use of advanced technologies for surveillance and tracking...

Covid, Universal Basic Income, and an Asian Consumption Boom

Oct 14 – FS Insider speaks with Louis Gave at Gavekal Research about the guiding principle of our time when it comes to Covid, climate change, and, increasingly, the investment landscape. Gave discusses US vs. Asian debt, currency trends...

Andrew Zatlin on Jobless Claims Fraud, Inflation Surge

Oct 13 – FS Insider speaks with Andrew Zatlin at SouthBay Research on the fraud and mechanics behind one of the most important economic data points, jobless claims, which he says were artificially boosted higher after Covid...

Commodity Strength Bolsters Recovery Outlook

Oct 13 – Chris and Ryan Puplava discuss the most recent data on the global economic recovery, mobility and consumer trends, credit markets, commodities, market breadth, sector performance, and more...

Civil Unrest Is Growing and Wealthy Americans are Buying Dual Citizenships to Prepare

Oct 12 – Today we speak about the growing number of Americans buying dual citizenship and second passports to other countries, where they are going, how much it costs, and the various reasons why this trend is accelerating...

Martin Armstrong on Cycles of Socialism and US Elections

Oct 9 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Jonathan Krinsky from Bay Crest Partners to get an update on the technical outlook of the market and then with Martin Armstrong on how 2020 coincides with prior years of socialistic waves...

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Market Quotes by TradingView