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Rosenberg: If US Consumer Gets Spooked, We'll Get a Recession

Feb 24 – David Rosenberg recently spoke with FS Insider to discuss his key investment themes and ideas for 2020. David discusses corporate debt levels, the recent decline in a number of leading indicators, why the US consumer will be key...

Book Interview: The Psychology of Successful Aging

Feb 24 – Jim Puplava talks to Dr. Alan Castel, a professor at UCLA and author of the book Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging. Jim and Alan discuss the myths and paradoxes of getting older and Alan shares his ABCs of successful aging. They look at health

We're Due for a Correction, Says Ralph Acampora

Feb 21 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with the legendary market technician Ralph Acampora to get an update on his outlook for the stock market. Next, we speak with Frank Holmes about gold, blockchain, and...

Create a Plan for Life's What Ifs

Feb 21 – Financial planning and financial advising can often feel goal oriented and focused only on investments and accumulation. Those are important aspects of a financial plan, but it’s equally important to plan for life’s what ifs...

Neuromarketing: How to Persuade Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Feb 20 – One of the leading pioneers of neuromarketing, Patrick Renvoise, joins FS Insider to discuss his book, The Persuasion Code: How Neuromarketing Can Help You Persuade Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Patrick, who wrote the first book...

Part II: Does Mean Reversion Always Hold True?

Feb 20 – Only a select number of sectors have historically outperformed the S&P (reverted to the mean) when already underperforming: Top 3 being Consumer Discretionary, Industrials and Healthcare. However, what's even more interesting is...

Macro Update With America’s Most Accurate Forecaster, Jim O’Sullivan

Feb 19 – Jim O’Sullivan is the Chief U.S. Macro Strategist at TD Securities and has earned the honorable distinction of being labeled as the most accurate forecaster in America over the past 10 years, according to MarketWatch. On today’s FS Insider podcast, Jim O'Sullivan...

Are We Headed Toward a Systemic Banking Crisis?

Feb 19 – Russell Napier joined a recent edition of FS Insider to discuss the rising global debt levels and fears of a systemic banking crisis. He said the common wisdom of debt-to-GDP ratios tell a misguided story and explained where...

Tian Yang: Consensus Too Optimistic on Coronavirus' Impact, China Facing 'Very Big' Drop

Feb 18 – Tian Yang, head of research at Variant Perception, tells FS Insider that the consensus forecasts for the coronavirus' impact on China are too optimistic and that basic math shows they are facing a 'very big' hit to their economy...

Don’t Forget to Plan for Your Loved Ones

Feb 17 – Financial Sense Wealth Management’s Lead Wealth Advisors Becki Sutton, CFA, CFP ® and Aaron Wiegman, CFP ® are back on the podcast to discuss how you can create a financial plan that takes your loved ones into account. They cover...

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