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First Suez, Now Yantian - The Global Supply Chain Is Having a Rough Time

Jun 23 – The global supply chain continues to be plagued by port closures, blockages, and high shipping rates. To discuss all that's going on right now in global trade, we speak with Lori Ann Larocco, a regular columnist for American Shipper...

Gary Shilling Says He Is Shorting Areas of the Market and Commodities Have Peaked

Jun 22 – In today's FS Insider episode, we continue our discussion with Gary Shilling from this weekend where he says that US consumers aren't showing 'pent-up demand', what he expects for the US deficits in the years ahead in light of MMT, his outlook on inflation, how he's currently positioned in the market, and much more.

Weekly Update: Dollar Deep-Dive; Also, Is this a Pause that Refreshes?

Jun 21 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, shows how the dollar has strengthened over the past 3 months relative to a basket of currencies, what technical indicators are saying about how much further this could last, and...

How to Survive Covid-19

Jun 21 – Jim Puplava welcomes Dr. Peter McCullough to discuss some of the things that aren't widely talked about when it comes to Covid-19, vaccine safety, lack of transparency and censorship of various preventative treatments, and much more...

Cracks Appearing in the Housing Bubble, Says Gary Shilling

Jun 18 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. Dan Wantrobski gives listeners his longer-term view on equities and, lastly, Jim Puplava welcomes Richard Sylla before rounding off today's show speaking with Gary Shilling...

Nick Reece on Fed, LEIs, and the Case for Emerging Markets

Jun 17 – Nick Reece at Merk Research lays out the three key indicators for determing if a bull market is in danger of topping out and what those indicators are saying currently. He also discusses market volatility and uncertainty around expectations...

Here's Why You Shouldn't Fear the Taper

Jun 17 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, recently discussed why we are positioned for a more persistent, higher-than-average level of inflation in our latest weekly investment video and also explained why investors shouldn't fear a Fed tapering...

The Man Who Predicted Inflationary Spike Now Says to Expect 'Deflationary Surprise'

Jun 16 – David Abramson, Chief US Strategist and Director of Research at Alpine Macro, warned listeners in 2020 that we'd see a big upturn in inflation starting this year and laid out a number of investment moves to consider. FS Insider...

Weekly Update: Financials Breaking Trend While Tech and Energy Show Improving Strength

Jun 15 – Ryan Puplava, CEO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, gives this week's technical review looking at the broad stock market, investor sentiment, interest rates and the bond market, as well as an update on individual sectors...

Replay: The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies and the Inflation Revival

Jun 15 – Will rising inflation be transitory or more permanent? In today's FS Insider podcast, we are going to re-air an important interview in this debate where Jim Puplava speaks with Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan on their book...

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