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Inflation Hasn't Peaked Yet, Says Bloomberg's Chief US Economist

Nov 23 – FS Insider speaks with Bloomberg Chief US Economist Anna Wong about how long global supply chain pressures will likely persist, their outlook for inflation and why it hasn't peaked yet, her thoughts on Biden's renomination...

Weekly Update: Covid Outbreaks and Hindenburg Omens

Nov 22 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, covers the most recent data and charts on surging COVID-19 cases in Europe, the corresponding surge in riots and unrest as lockdowns are re-imposed, what UK data suggests...

Survivor Checklist - Here's What You Need to Do if a Loved One Passes Away

Nov 22 – There are a number of things that need to be done in case a spouse or loved one passes away, whether notifying various government agencies like social security or reaching out to life insurance companies, banks, credit card companies...

Tom McClellan Warns of Major Stock Market Peak, Says Indicators Are Flashing Red

Nov 19 – Noted technician Tom McClellan speaks with Financial Sense Newshour in today's show and says his indicators are flashing warning signs for a major peak in the stock market. He discusses when he thinks this is going to happen and...

Shermin Voshmgir on the Token Economy: How Web3 Reinvents the Internet

Nov 18 – Shermin Voshmgir, author of the must-read book Token Economy: How Web3 Reinvents the Internet, joins FS Insider to discuss how the token economy fits into the evolution of the internet in its current form, often referred to as Web3...

Alexander Ineichen on Applied Wisdom, the Failure of Experts, and the Politics of Fear

Nov 16 – FS Insider welcomes Alexander Ineichen to discuss his most recent book, Applied Wisdom: 700 Witticisms to Save Your Assets. Alexander explains how there is "no applied wisdom without applied history" and that by looking at the predictions...

Weekly Update: Getting that Wile E Coyote Feeling

Nov 16 – Frank Barbera, Senior Portfolio Manager for Financial Sense Wealth Management, shows how there is now a 'radical divergence' that exists between consumer sentiment and the stock market, and how this is largely...

Slowing US and Global Growth; Credit Risks in Focus

Nov 16 – US and global growth is slowing after a strong initial recovery. We have the fiscal cliff ahead of us as well as the Fed's planned tapering of its QE purchases. Growth will likely slow well into the first half of 2022 and with it some moderation...

Why Americans Are Seeking Refuge in Portugal and the Caribbean

Nov 15 – There's been an enormous surge in Americans seeking dual citizenship and residency in other countries, says Christopher Willis at Latitude World. Christopher explains why, the most popular countries Americans are moving to, and the process...

Gold Now Up Against All Major Currencies as Inflation Hits 30-Year High

Nov 12 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap on the most recent data showing surging inflation here in the US, Europe, and around the globe. Frank Barbera discusses the market outlook and says that institutional investors are...

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