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Are Trade War Concerns Valid?

Oct 15 – It appears U.S investors’ concerns with global trade wars are dominating U.S. stock market direction for the last two years. This is with valid reason, as prior research (Global Economy affects U.S stock market returns) has pointed out...

Global Economy Expected to Grow at Slowest Pace Since 2008: IMF (VIDEO)

Oct 15 – The IMF just released its October World Economic Outlook warning that the world faces a "synchronized slowdown" and reduced its outlook for global growth to the slowest pace since the 2008 financial crisis. The IMF also expects the United States to continue slowing further.

The Convergence of AI and Healthcare

Oct 14 – Cutting edge developments in the AI, known as deep learning, are making significant headway toward helping us solve complex problems. Financial Sense Insider spoke with Nikhil Buduma, from Remedy Health and author of...

Bad Advisor, Bad Advice, Disastrous Outcome

Oct 14 – On this edition of Lifetime Planning, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss the devastating fallout from someone who put the direction of their estate in the hands of...

New Bull Market in 2020, Says Ari Wald

Oct 11– Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap, Ari Wald says we're still in a favorable bull market and Ryan Sweet talks about ISM numbers and specifically regarding manufacturing data. Then Chris Puplava and Chris Preitauer cover implications...

MMT Heaven and Hell for China and the United States

Oct 11 – There are conditions under which governments can create money—or debt—without fear of inflation or excessive debt burdens. There are other conditions under which debt or money creation can lead to inflation and balance sheet problems...

Company Finds “Holy Grail” with New AI Trading System

Oct 10 – FS Insider welcomes David Aferiat and Michael Nauss on the podcast to discuss their AI trading system called Holly—based off “Holy Grail”—which has won their company, Trade Ideas, numerous awards for revenue...

Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows (VIDEO)

Oct 9 – In this Wall Street Journal video, Orbital Insight explains how they use satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and a lot of math to analyze thousands of oil storage sites around the world to gain amazingly accurate insights into the oil market...

Jim O’Sullivan on Trade Talks, Impeachment and Recession Probability

Oct 9 – Jim O’Sullivan of High Frequency Economics joins FS Insider to discuss current trade talks, potential presidential impeachment and the probability of recession within the next year. He explains how tariffs...

Robert Shiller on Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events

Oct 8 – FS Insider welcomes Robert Shiller to discuss his latest must-read book, Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events. Robert asserts that one of the main motivational factors...

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