Director Tactical Investments

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Financial Consultant, CFA
dan [at] danielamerman [dot] com ()

Head of Research
twocents [at] bullionvault [dot] com ()

CEO & Co-founder

Yoga Program Manager

Chief Investment Officer, Editor
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Co-Founder, Analyst

Managing Director and Chief Data Scientist

Geological Consultant

Energy Analyst

Principal, Economist, Office of the Chief Economist

Chief Investment Officer

Senior Europe Analyst

Yoga instructor

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Creative Labs

President and Chief Executive Officer

Computer scientist

Senior Vice President

Private Investor, Co-Founder of Wall St for Main St, LLC
wallstformainst [at] gmail [dot] com ()

Professor of Radiation Medicine and Vice Chairman of Clinical Research for the Department of Radiation Medicine


Chief International Correspondent

Vice President & Lead Listening Coach

Managing Partner and Chief Markets Strategist
Bannockburn Global Forex

Developer of the ChapmanWave Methodology and Host

Financial writer

Chief US Strategist

Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry

Associate Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Assistant Professor in Economics

Divorce Adviser, Attorney, Mediator & Coach

Nocturne Capital

Chief Investment Strategist

tdanaher [at] guildinvestment [dot] com ()

SMU School of Law Professor
jdancy [at] smu [dot] edu ()

Chief Global Equity Strategist

Author, Journalist and Commentator

Davidowitz & Associates, Inc.

Senior Investment Strategist

Chief Market Analyst

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

Writer on finance and political economy
Wdonway [at] gmail [dot] com ()

Market Analyst
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Head of U.S. Economics

Professor of Economics

Founder & President

Professor of Political Science & Economics

Chief Monetary Economist
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Editor & Publisher

Senior Adviser, Portfolio Management

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Doctor and Author

Chairman, CEO & Editor in Chief

Senior Vice President-Publisher

Chief Economist, Senior Vice President, Research and Industry Technology

Family Physician and Author

Founder, Portfolio Manager
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Professor of Department of Economics

Writer, Editor and Researcher

Founding Partner & Chairman

Co-founder and Director

VP of Global Analysis

D. Richard Mead, Jr. Family Professor of Finance

Physician and Author

Chief Technical Strategist

Senior International Economist

Chief Investment Officer
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Independent Energy Analyst

Economist and Business Journalist

Professor of Applied Economics
The Johns Hopkins University

Senior Correspondent at The Daily Beast
ASU Future of War Fellow

Middle East and North Africa Analyst

PhD Student and Editor

Ph.D Student in Business Economics

editor [at] usfunds [dot] com ()

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Managing Director - Sr. Fixed Income Market Strategist

Senior Manager & Global Leadership Fellow

Professor of Economics
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Technical Analyst, Chief Market Strategist

Principal and Senior Technical Research Analyst
Piper Jaffray

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Economist

Technical Analyst

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Senior Editor

Senior Economic and Investment Advisor
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Chief Investment Strategist
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Contributing Editor


Director of Research
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Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures

Author, Journalist, Cofounder/Director of Research

Chief Investment Officer
David [dot] Kotok [at] cumber [dot] com ()

Founder and Nutritionist

Chief Market Technician

Senior Vice President & Senior Analyst

Broadcast News Veteran

Chairman of the Board & President

Associate Dean and Director of IPIA/Professor Ag Econ
Purdue Agriculture

Founder, Chairman, and CEO
Aurania Resources Ltd.
Keith [at] aurania [dot] com ()

info [at] cpmgroup [dot] com ()

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Director of Energy Research

Director of Special Services Radiation Medicine

Chief Equity Strategist

Managing Director, Facilities Management/Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Principal Research Scientist

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

imcavity [at] topline-charts [dot] com ()


Asset Allocation Strategist

Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation

Distinguished Professor of Finance

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Managing Editor & Senior Vice President

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silverguru22 [at] hotmail [dot] com ()

Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences

Chief Investment Officer and Senior Vice President

Author and Medical Director

Investor and Founder

Executive, Chief Economist, Office of the Chief Economist

Chief Market Analyst

Data Scientist and Author

Associate Professor of Sociology

Financial Analyst & Food Writer

Chief Knowledge Officer & PTW Presenter

Chief Investment Strategist


Centennial Professor of International Development

Professor of Retirement Income

Sustainability Studies, Faculty Member

Health Science Assistant Clinical Professor
University of California, San Francisco

Program Producer, Content Manager, and Co-Host
chris [dot] preitauer [at] financialsense [dot] com ()

Senior Analyst

wealthbuilder [at] eircom [dot] net ()

Director of Alternative-Fuels Technology

Senior Financial Analyst

President, Chief Neuromarketing Officer

Chief US Economist

Chief Global Strategist
West Shore Funds

Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Applied Economics

Professor of Department of Metabolism & Aging

General Partner & CEO
streettalk [at] streettalklive [dot] com ()


Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Commodities Meteorologist and Advisor

Chief Economist & Strategist

RN, Attorney and Author

College Finance Consultant

Speaker and Economist

On-Air Editor

Senior Vice President of Client Relations

Chief Technology Officer

Global Strategist
Kames Capital
p [dot] schotanus [at] yahoo [dot] com ()

Director of Research

Professor of Economics

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Vice President of Education

Strategic Wealth Builders
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Director of Analysis

Executive Vice President

Investment Advisor Representative
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Nonresident Fellow

ASherry [at] AndersonYocum [dot] com ()

Vice President and Fixed Income Strategist

Parlow-Solomon Professor on Aging and Professor of Psychiatry

Member of CEO Group

Partner, Global Director - Fintech Strategy

Professor on the Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks

Chief Operating Officer

Managing Director

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Shareholder / Director

Director of Real-Time Economics

eswenlin [at] decisionpoint [dot] com ()

Founder & Principal
gtlong [at] comcast [dot] net ()

American science writer


Senior Economist

Annenberg University Professor

Head of Research

Practicing Cardiologist, Professor of Genomics and Director

Managing Director

Private Investor
Erik [dot] Townsend [at] financialsense [dot] com ()

Reporter for Bloomberg News

Global Strategist and CEO

Harris & Harris Group Professor of Finance

Chief Technical Strategist

Editor & Publisher
Global Trend Alert

Head of Fiscal Policy Research

Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Chair of the EDRC

Director of Design Strategy

General Manager and Executive Vice President World Wide Sales

Managing Director

Social Security Public Affairs Director

Economist and Research Scientist

Geopolitical Strategist

Professor of Management Systems

Chief Market Strategist

Founder and President
info [at] felixzulauf [dot] com ()