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Richard Duncan

Feb 24 – Today, we discuss Richard Duncan's recent presentation to a group of institutional investors titled, "Trump's Recipe for Disaster," where Duncan looks at the impact of rising interest rates in an overleveraged global economy...

Caitlin Long

Feb 23 – Caitlin Long used to work for Wall Street. Now she’s leading the charge in the most disruptive technology that the financial industry has ever faced. It’s called blockchain tech and Caitlin, President of smart-contract technology...

Daniel Crosby

Feb 22 – Dr. Daniel Crosby joins us today to discuss his latest book, The Laws of Wealth, where he explains how human psychology presents the both the biggest obstacle to investment success and the greatest source of returns over others.

Michael Pettis

Feb 17 – Today, we resume our conversation with Michael Pettis where he discusses how large concentrations of capital into a single market—as we see in the US today—often resolve with an eventual debt crisis and soaring unemployment.

Michael Pettis

Feb 16 – When it comes to global trade, most people—including President Trump—don’t understand how it operates, says Michael Pettis, author of The Great Rebalancing. In today’s podcast, Michael explains why many of the fears surrounding...

Jim O'Sullivan

Feb 15 – Jim O’Sullivan, Chief US Economist at High Frequency Economics, has been named “Forecaster of the Year” for the sixth consecutive year by MarketWatch. Today, he joins us on FS Insider to discuss his outlook on the...

Callum Thomas

Feb 10 – Callum Thomas of discusses the global macro backdrop 2016 vs. today, the three C’s defining the current investment environment—China, Commodities, and Currencies—and then focuses on the investment...

Lakshman Achuthan

Feb 9 – For two years, the US and global economy was caught in a growth slowdown, which narrowly averted recession last year. Today, however, Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI), says...

James Bianco

Feb 8 – Jim Bianco of Bianco Research joins FS Insider today to discuss the large divergence in “hard” vs. “soft” economic data, his outlook for stocks and bonds in looking at futures market data, the big changes Trump is going to make...

Clif Droke

Feb 3 – Clif Droke, editor of the Momentum Strategies Report, discusses his New Economy Index, the technical backdrop for the market, a decennial rhythm for possible euphoria then panic later this year, and, lastly, how he’s invested currently given his outlook.

William Messner

Feb 2 – William Messner, who participated in DARPA’s Grand Challenges in the early to mid-2000s, explains just how far driverless car technology has come since then and why more and more driverless cars will be on the...

Jay Zagorsky

Feb 1 – The Dow Jones industrial average just recently hit the 20,000 mark. Is this important? Not according to Jay Sagorsky since, among other things people don't know, the Dow at 10,000 is not the Dow we know today.

Jacob Shapiro

Jan 27 – Jacob Shapiro, Director of Analysis at Geopolitical Futures, explains their framework for geopolitical analysis and prediction in the context of potential trade wars between the US, China, and other countries.

Kurt Kallaus

Jan 26 – Kurt Kallaus of ExecSpec offers an extensive overview of the US economy and various sectors, including areas of improvement, main risks and threats moving forward, and how he’s invested based on his outlook.

Norbert Haering

Jan 25 – Norbert Haering, a financial journalist, economist, and author of “The Abolition of Cash and the Consequences,” has conducted an extensive investigation into the companies and organizations behind the war on cash.

Jeffrey M Christian

Jan 20 – Jeff Christian at CPM Group, one of the world’s leading precious metals experts, joins FS Insider today to provide his outlook on gold, the US economy, Trump, and why he thinks gold will move to “record levels over the...

Axel G Merk

Jan 19 – Axel Merk at discusses his outlook on stocks, bonds, the US dollar, gold, and more with FS Insider today.

Martin Armstrong

Jan 18 – Well-known market forecaster Martin Armstrong at joins us today to discuss his thoughts on a wide range of topics, including his current forecasts on stocks, bonds, why he doesn’t think the market...

Nikhil Buduma

Jan 13 – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft—the largest tech companies in the world--are all investing heavily into deep learning AI. Nikhil Buduma from MIT, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Remedy Health, and the author...

Nikhil Buduma

Jan 12 – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft—the largest tech companies in the world—are all investing heavily into deep learning AI. Nikhil Buduma from MIT, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Remedy Health, and...