Lifetime Income Series

Drew Collins Nd

Mar 23 – This week Jim and John ask if you are really prepared to retire. The aging baby boomers are bombarded daily with television ads for retirement, making it look easy. Jim stresses that many baby boomers could be...

Roberta J Robinson

Mar 16 – This week Jim and John discuss estate tax planning, and the tax changes of which few are aware. Heirs of larger estates may be subject to capital gains taxes, and this program highlights the major issues involved.

Tana Cleaves

Mar 9 – This week Jim and John discuss how a successful retirement is about more than just one number. They discuss the importance of knowing your marginal tax bracket, the number (assets) you need to retire, your monthly budget number, and also the three phases of retirement.

Yolanda York

Mar 2 – This week Jim and John explain practical steps to help you navigate zero bound interest rates and make it through retirement. With the cost of living likely to continue to rise, and retirees living longer due to...

Adam Sherry

Feb 23 – This week Jim and John look at the subject of how to plan for a large estate, in excess of five million dollars. Jim covers the basics of estate taxes and exemptions, which only go so far with large estates.

David Saÿen

Feb 16 – This week Jim and John cover everyone’s favorite subject, taxes. Since we are in the middle of tax season, they cover some of the new rules that went into effect in 2014, and also some...

Lowell Smith

Feb 9 – This week Jim and John are going to focus on many of the major decisions that most couples and individuals face during their lives, and how these decisions can significantly impact...

James J Puplava CFP

Feb 2 – This week Jim and John delve deeply into retirement planning, and if you are already retired, making it more secure. Jim discusses the importance of not just having goals, but very...

James J Puplava CFP

Jan 26 – This week on Lifetime Income, Jim and John look at the new rules and contribution limits for retirement plans for 2015, and how deferred taxes can mean growing your nest egg faster for retirement.

Lotta Granholm-Bentley PhD

Jan 19 – This week Jim and John look at whether the standard financial industry retirement planning recommendations are right for you. Jim has often discussed the importance of having a plan...