Lifetime Income Series

Dr. Gary Small

Aug 24 – In a special reprise edition of Lifetime Income, this week’s program is about the many changes coming and the risk of procrastination. After you’ve filed your taxes you may have received some unwelcome surprises.

Jonathan Clements

Aug 17 – This week Jim and John will focus on overcoming barriers and mistakes that could delay your retirement, or even alter your lifestyle once you are retired. A few of the concepts discussed in the program reflect a change in...

Erica Pitsch

Aug 10 – The reality is that traditional retirement has changed. People are living longer, staying in the workforce longer, and dealing with an investment environment where interest rates are at historic lows and markets are more...

Mitch Anthony

Aug 3 – In a special reprise edition of Lifetime Income, Jim and John focus on three generations; the Millennials, Generation X, and the Baby Boomers. They will discuss how to become a millionaire by retirement through consistent savings...

Ben Mattlin

Jul 27 – This week Jim and John cover a topic that can dramatically alter your later years in retirement; medical expenses, including long-term care. Most people heading into retirement aren’t prepared for these catastrophic expenses, and when disaster strikes, most are caught unaware.

Jeff Volek PhD

Jul 20 – This week Jim and John discuss the important issue of choosing an education that is affordable, and even more importantly, focusing on fields of study that are more likely to generate a well-paying job after graduation.

Paul Horn CFP

Jul 13 – It has been well-documented how the retirement paradigm for the Boomers has changed. Every month there is a new study or survey documenting how Boomers will be living longer, but also working longer. The key issue is that...

Bob Marckini

Jul 6 – Many Americans are making costly mistakes when it comes to decisions on Social Security and Medicare. Social Security is the one benefit many retirees count on in this era of financial repression. This week Jim and John discuss how to...

Adam Sherry

Jun 29 – This week Jim and John address The Hamilton Project, a report on retirement issued by the Brookings Institution. Most households in the United States find retirement planning a daunting challenge, with good reason. Rising life...

Jack Wolfson

Jun 22 – Due to advances in medicine people are living longer. According to the Social Security Administration, a male aged 65 today has a life expectancy of nearly 83 years, and a woman 85 years. But these are just average figures for the general population.