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James J Puplava CFP

In this key Big Picture topic, Jim explains in depth how to both own and buy gold. Jim also answers more of your Q-Calls in this segment.

Felix Zulauf

Jim welcomes back Felix Zulauf, Founder and President at Zulauf Asset Management AG for another wide-ranging discussion. In the first of a two-part interview, Felix discusses the European debt crisis and believes the bailouts will be bigger than anticipated. He also sees money printing going global as central banks expand their balance sheets to equal or surpass the GDP of their respective countries. (CLICK HERE FOR TRANSCRIPT)

JKC de Courcy

Jim welcomes Joe de Courcy, Editor of Courcy’s Intelligence Brief and Chief Executive of Intelligence Research Ltd in London. Joe is hearing the drumbeat of war getting louder in the Middle East, as talk of general war is coming from many sources.

Marin Katusa

Jim welcomes back Marin Katusa from Casey Research this week. Marin and Jim discuss the petrodollar system and how Iran may play a key role in its demise, which would hurt the dollar and boost gold.

Brian Pretti

Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti this week. Brian sees a better tone to the economic statistics, along with continued Fed money printing, making for a nice sweet spot for the moment. However, sweet spots are temporary by definition. No economic recovery on record has failed to print 4%+ real growth rates during the up cycle…except this one.

Brent Cook

Exploration Analyst and Geologist Brent Cook of Exploration Insights joins Jim this week and sees real value in quality junior gold mining stocks. With a limited number of quality projects, Brent believes the best companies are likely take-over targets by the majors.

Alan Newman

Jim is pleased to welcome back technician Alan Newman this week, who is very bullish on gold and gold equities. In addition Ryan Puplava wraps up the week with a market overview and Rob Bernard joins Jim with his Fixed Income Report.

James J Puplava CFP

In this week’s first Big Picture segment, Jim takes on the elephant in the room, the US budget deficit, and discusses the recent Congressional Budget Office release of the annual Budget and Economic Outlook for the next decade. Jim also takes more of your Q-Calls this segment.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim looks at two more Big Picture topics: "The One Year Business Cycle−what the 'new normal' will look like in the future" and also "Follow the Money−Why gold could top $2,200 oz. this year." Jim also wraps up your Q-calls.

Rick Santelli

Jim is pleased to welcome Rick Santelli from CNBC this week. Rick and Jim cover a number of key issues, including the exploding national debt, the mass mortgage refinance program (taxpayers will pay), and what drives today’s futures markets. (Click here for transcript)