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David Nicoski CMT

Jim welcomes back technician David Nicoski CMT from Vermilion Technical Research, LLC. David sees the US markets decoupling from the global markets, as money is heading into large cap stocks with liquidity and dividends. David also sees the market more or less on hold until the "fiscal cliff" issue is resolved by Congress.

Eric Hunsader

Jim welcomes Eric Hunsader of Nanex to discuss the recent Knight Capital Group debacle, as well as the “flash crash” and Facebook IPO issues. Eric also discusses how high frequency trading (HFT) is affecting the individual investor, and what role the regulators are playing (or not playing) in response. Jim also answers your Q-calls in this segment. 

James J Puplava CFP

In this week’s Lifetime Income Series, Jim looks at the challenge of overcoming your fears in volatile markets and irrational times and putting together a plan to retire with security. Also in this segment, FSN foreign correspondent Erik Townsend joins Jim from France...

James J Puplava CFP

In this edition of the Big Picture, “Iceberg Ahead—Engines Full Steam!” Jim discusses results from two recent academic studies on the impact of uncertainty in the job market. Jim also discusses a new study from Ernst & Young showing that new tax policy...

Eoin Treacy

Jim welcomes back Eoin Treacy, Global Strategist at and Stockcube Research Ltd. in London. Eoin believes we are at the beginning of a major bull market in blue chip stocks, as pension funds and investors are underinvested.

Doug Noland

Jim welcomes Doug Noland, senior portfolio manager of the Federated Prudent Bear Fund, Prudent DollarBear Fund and Market Opportunity Fund. Doug sees the "risk-on and risk-off" markets moving now as a result of government policy-making, rather than market fundamentals. He also believes the US credit cycle is still in an uptrend and governments will keep the cycle elevated. Doug sees the sovereign debt crisis as much more serious than the private debt crisis, and the day of reckoning will be more severe. Doug is currently managing risk through the use of T-bills, gold and stock-shorting.

Jeffrey M Christian

Jim welcomes back Jeff Christian, founder of the CPM Group. Jeff believes that gold prices have turned the corner, and the exit of the momentum traders has been offset by value investors buying gold. Jeff’s top sectors for 2012 are (in order) palladium, platinum and gold. Jeff sees numerous catalysts for higher gold prices ahead, including US policy mistakes, more QE from the Fed, and the "fiscal cliff" tax increases and spending cuts, due to begin in 2013.

John Williams

Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John believes there is no way the system can be brought back into balance, and we are facing the reality of perpetual QE (money printing) to service the massive debt load and fund 5 trillion in new liabilities every year. John stresses you need to find ways to protect yourself against a depreciating dollar.

Louise Yamada

Jim is pleased to welcome back noted technician Louise Yamada from LY Advisors in New York. Louise points out that individual Dow stocks are breaking out of long term consolidation, and that dividend-paying stocks still offer the best investment opportunity.

James J Puplava CFP

In this week’s Big Picture Jim looks at a very important topic, the massive amount of sovereign debt that is coming due in the next few years. In "Rollover−The Next Sovereign Debt Crisis" Jim discusses the debt that is shortly coming due, and the problems it will create...