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Jeffrey M Christian

Jim welcomes back Jeff Christian, Founder of CPM Group. Jeff discusses some unusual recent trading in the gold market, and why sovereign bonds have done better than gold as a safe haven recently. Jeff also believes that gold prices will likely fall over the summer, but anticipates higher prices by year end.

Bud Conrad

Jim welcomes back Bud Conrad, Chief Economist with Casey Research. Bud sees both Greece and Spain ultimately exiting the Euro, with resultant chaos and opportunity. He also sees more Federal Reserve stimulus for both the US and Europe, which will cause gold to start rising once again. Bud is also concerned about the currencies in Japan and China, as they both seek to stimulate weakening economies through money-printing.

eric janszen

The Next Level is a new weekly program hosted by Erik Townsend each Monday on Financial Sense aimed at investment professionals and more advanced private investors to discuss hotly debated topics in the financial community. In this first of many, Erik interviews Eric Janszen of on the subject of hyperinflation vs. high sustained inflation.

David P Nicoski CMT

This week Jim welcomes back technician David Nicoski CMT, from Vermilion Technical Research. David sees a possible repeat of the 2010-2011 patterns. He believes fear is driving bond yields lower, forming a bubble in bonds. David also feels the long-term gold bull market is still intact.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim looks at two important Big Picture topics in this segment, "Why the economy is broken, and how to fix it" and also "What our indicators are telling us about the economy and markets." Jim also answers some of your Q-Calls this segment.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim takes an in-depth look at annuities as he explains how annuities work, the pros and cons, and how they fit into a retirement plan. Jim also answers more of your Q-Calls.

Simon A Mikhailovich

Jim is pleased to welcome Simon Mikhailovich, co-founder of Eidesis Capital in New York. Jim and Simon discuss the risk of financial derivatives, and how derivatives will only be reformed after they collapse. Simon notes that the entire derivatives market is unsecured, other than the central bank’s ability to print money, and the US taxpayer’s ability to bail out the banks. They also discuss the recent JP Morgan derivatives trade fiasco, and "what happens when you are the market, and you have no one to sell to."

Mark Nestmann

Jim is pleased to welcome back Mark Nestmann, President of the Nestmann Group Ltd. Mark and Jim discuss the real tax story of Facebook billionaire Eduardo Saverin. Mark also warns of coming currency exchange controls and the dangers of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

Axel G Merk

Jim welcomes back Axel Merk this week, Founder of Merk Investments LLC. Axel sees major problems with inflation if Greece leaves the Euro on its own, but not so bad with EU assistance. Axel doesn’t see the formation of a Eurobond market yet, but some form of deposit insurance may be next. Axel believes the problems in Europe stem from a general lack of leadership.

Bill Powers

Jim welcomes back Bill Powers of the Powers Energy Investor newsletter. Bill and Jim discuss the short-term underperformance of the energy stocks, and the problems at Chesapeake Energy. Longer term, Bill is very bullish about shale gas and the companies involved in the sector. Bill also discusses the "pipeline wars" and why energy stocks represent a better play than the commodity for the long-term investor.