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Doug Short

Jim welcomes Doug Short, VP of Research at Advisor Perspectives. Doug sees the US markets as having room to grow and are above trend. He also discusses the Alternate CPI statistics, which Doug believes do not add up, and are out of sync with reality. Given the alternate CPI inflation levels, Doug notes that the current S&P 500 would be considerably more undervalued than in 1982. However, he notes that it still feels like a recession, since comsumer income has not kept up with inflation. Median household income is down 8.4% since 2000. This is among the reasons that many investors are scared, and remaining on the sidelines.

Jeffrey D Saut

Jim is pleased to welcome back Jeffrey Saut, Managing Director of Research at Raymond James Financial. Jeff believes we have started a new secular bull market, but calls the stock market advance the “most hated rally in half a century”. Jeff notes that the support for the rally comes from a number of factors including central bank stimulus, low interest rates, strength in housing and autos, and improvement in the employment picture. He also mentions that the world is currently underinvested in US equities. Jeff makes an interesting observation about Mexico, both in terms of its labor situation and railroad transportation to the US, calling it the “New China” for US markets.

Puru Saxena

Jim welcomes Puru Saxena, Editor and Founder of Money Matters and Puru Saxena Limited in Hong Kong. Puru believes that the Chinese real estate bubble is on the verge of a major bust, which will not bode well for China, or Asia. He believes the thirteen year bear market in stocks is over, and a multiple year bull market in equities has begun, especially in the US. Puru sees the dollar as the most liquid and secure currency in the world and does not foresee a dollar crisis. Due to supply and demand factors, he does not favor commodities, as prices will be under pressure in the near to medium term.

Jeffrey Brown

Jim welcomes Jeffrey Brown, Independent Petroleum Geologist, creator of the Export Land Model, and ASPO-USA Board Member. Jeffrey explains his Export Land Model, and reviews the major trends regarding availability of oil exports on the world market. Jeffrey also looks at the growing tension between oil production and the rising internal demand of oil-producing nations as well as China, India, and other emerging economies. His overall thesis is that the US oil industry continues to make a serious mistake by providing, in his opinion, wildly unrealistic scenarios for future US and global crude oil production.

Ben Kwon

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss Doomsday portfolios, mostly cash and gold, and suggest that investors look at potential outcomes and consider diversifying their assets. They discuss historical disasters and note what worked best, and also look at what would likely happen in a dollar crash.

Tracy L Knudsen CMT

This week Erik Townsend sits in for Jim and welcomes technician Tracy Knudsen CMT, Senior Vice President & Senior Analyst at Lowry Research Corporation. Tracy notes that despite some short-term risks to the market, she has a strongly bullish long-term outlook for the stock market.

Erik Townsend

In this week’s edition of the Big Picture, Erik Townsend and Ryan Puplava sit in for Jim and discuss three different topics. The first, “The Significance of Cyprus- US Dollar on the cusp of a surprise?” deals with the events in Cyprus in the context of helping to stregthen the US dollar.


These 2 graphs are to illustrate that a healthy primary uptrend in US equities remains in place, despite the potential for a correction...

Doug Noland

Jim welcomes back Douglas Noland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors Inc. Doug sees the global government finance bubble as the next crisis epicenter. He believes the US has exported the finance bubble and today QE by central banks around the world make the dollar more attractive by comparison. Doug also sees the German people taking a harder line against bailouts in Europe, leaving their government in a bind. He believes that US bank depositors are also at risk of confiscation, by inflation.

Pamela Popper PhD ND

Jim welcomes Pamela Popper PhD, N.D. who appeared in the recent film “Forks Over Knives” and is one of the co-authors of the companion book, which reached the New York Times bestseller list. Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker than ever by nearly every measure. Forks Over Knives examines the claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. The film looks at groundbreaking studies that conclude that our animal-based diet is primarily responsible for America’s three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Despite the profound implications of their findings, the work by Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has remained relatively unknown to the public.