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John Doody PhD

Jim welcomes back John Doody PhD, editor of the Gold Stock Analyst. John discusses the recent weakness in the gold stocks and sees opportunity in today’s market. He notes three factors that determine value when investing in a gold stock.

Neil Howe

Jim welcomes back Neil Howe, founder of Life Course Associates. Jim and Neil cover a number of topics including the generational reaction to the recent "anti-piracy" legislation (SOPA) introduced in Congress, and a recent study citing the generational differences in workforce values and attitudes, and how they may pose challenges for businesses and organizations.

file pic

Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC, joins Jim Puplava this week to discuss the energy markets. Kurt sees opportunity in the energy stocks, which he believes are greatly undervalued. He specifically likes the oil royalty trusts, as opposed to the natural gas royalty trusts. Kurt also sees a great need to expand the pipeline infrastructure in the US to handle new oil and gas discoveries in the US and Canada.

Louise Yamada CMT

Jim welcomes back noted technician Louise Yamada this week. Louise sees many positives, including energy forming a bottom, gold going through a healthy correction, and the Nasdaq finally breaking out of a decade-long consolidation.

James J Puplava CFP

This week on the Big Picture, Jim starts with an important topic on the new reality of the markets, "The Story Nobody Wants to Hear" as well as another powerful and critical topic, "Financial Repression and Taxation." Jim also takes your Q-calls this segment.

Russell Napier

Jim welcomes back Russell Napier, Consultant at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. Russell discusses China dumping US treasuries and growing signs of a private-sector liquidity squeeze in the US. Russell notes that when credit dies, deflation follows, leading to greater financial repression.

Peter Warburton

Jim is pleased to welcome back Dr. Peter Warburton, Director at Economic Perspectives Ltd in London. Peter notes that the latest economic indicators are surprisingly good, as monetary "easing" seems to be working. However, he sees a price to be paid down the road with much higher levels of inflation. Peter also believes oil will continue to rise in a slow, grinding process to the $150 a barrel range.

Bud Conrad

Jim welcomes back Bud Conrad, Chief Economist at Casey Research LLC. Bud believes the US will opt for inflation (more money-printing) as the only way to deal with its massive and compounding debt.

John R Ing

Maison Placements Canada Inc. CEO John Ing joins Jim this week to discuss gold. John believes that gold could reach $3,000 oz. this year, particularly if events in Europe or the Middle East erupt into crisis. John also discusses the potential of precious metals producers paying dividends in gold and silver.

David P Nicoski CMT

Jim welcomes David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research, LLC. David sees the markets as overextended, but notes that markets can stay overextended for long periods of time. He sees the general indices heading higher, along with commodities and gold stocks.