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conspiracy roundtable

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Michael Coffman Phd, Tom DeWeese, Michael Shaw and Henry Lamb join Jim in a roundtable discussion on "21st Century Feudalism and the Threat to our Property Rights."

Dennis L Cuddy PhD

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Dr. Dennis Cuddy, a political analyst and a former Senior Associate with the US Dept of Education, discusses "The Master Plan: a global currency, a global central bank, and the people behind it."

Joel Skousen

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Joel Skousen, publisher of the World Affairs Brief newsletter, joins Jim to discuss "The Government Shut-Down Lie", the "Social Security and FDIC trust fund myths", and most ominously, "Preparing for the Next World War."

andrew gavin marshall

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Jim is joined today by Andrew Gavin Marshall, Research Associate with the Centre for Research on Globalization, to discuss the Bilderbergs, "the high priests of Globalization."

Paul Craig Roberts

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Jim is joined today by Paul Craig Roberts to discuss "Conspiracy theory, the agenda for control and the oligarchy that controls the country."

Carl Teichrib

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Jim Puplava is joined by Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor at Forcing Change, to discuss the quest for a single world currency.


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Patrick Wood and Dr. Martin Erdmann join Jim Puplava in a roundtable discussion about the ominous implications of the link between Technocracy and the energy Smart Grid.

Puru Saxena

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Puru Saxena, publisher of Money Matters in Hong Kong, joins Jim to discuss China’s real estate bubble and potential trouble ahead in Asia .

Quint Tatro

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Jim tackles the key question, "What to do now?" in the Big Picture, as well as "Bad Moon Rising- DEFCON 3", plus technician Quint Tatro and Ryan Puplava on the markets.

Evelyn Browning Garriss

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Evelyn Garriss joins Jim to look at drought conditions in the US. In addition two important Big Picture topics, "Is the US the Next Japan?" and "Ditch the Models- the Metrics have changed." Jim also takes your Q-Calls.