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Nick Barisheff

Nick Barisheff, CEO at Bullion Management Group Inc., joins Jim again this week. Nick believes gold fundamentals are still intact and gold will eventually take out the previous highs. Nick notes none of the problems have gone away, and sovereign solvency risk is growing, despite the current complacency both in the US and Europe.

John Williams

Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John believes the real unemployment rate is 22%, not 8.1%, which is why it still feels like a recession. He also calculates the CPI at 6%, not 2.8%, and explains how the government manipulates the rate of inflation. Lastly, John believes the US is still on track for hyperinflation in 2014 as we near the coming fiscal cliff.

Ralph Acampora

Renowned technician Ralph Acampora joins Jim this week. He sees low volume and a lack of participation by the public, indicating to him that the stage has been set for a new secular bull market. Also, Ryan Puplava wraps up this week in the markets, Chris Puplava drops by with this week’s Market Bill of Health, and Rob Bernard has the Fixed Income Report.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim broadens the picture to give a monthly check-up on the economy and look for signs of improvement or deterioration. Jim also takes your Q-Calls this segment.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim tackles a major issue facing the nation after the 2012 election season has ended, a "Financial Apocalypse Now" as new debt, new spending and new taxes push us closer to the fiscal cliff in 2013. Jim also answers more of your Q-Calls this segment.

The Golden Revolution by John Butler

A reserve currency can only function as such if there is a general consensus that it provides a stable store of value. Without this trust, money, no matter what form it takes, will be abandoned—either suddenly in a crisis, or gradually over time—in favor of something else. "The Golden Revolution" looks at how the world is rapidly moving toward some form of global metallic standard, in which money, at least in official, international transactions, is linked directly to gold, silver, or both.

Ronald Stoeferle

Jim welcomes back Ronald Stoeferle CMT, from Erste Group Bank in Austria. In his recent oil report "Nothing To Spare" Ronald notes OPEC spare capacity is virtually non-existent and we have reached a peak in conventional oil production. He also sees the "Petro Dollar" system losing its influence, as some countries begin to buy Middle Eastern oil in other currencies.

Kurt Wulff

Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, independent energy analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt sees the oil markets tightening, as OPEC has run out of spare capacity. He also expects natural gas prices to rise like oil did in 2009, as natural gas operators cap unprofitable wells. Lastly, Kurt discusses four energy stocks he currently sees as attractive values.

Brent Cook

Jim welcomes back Brent Cook, Geologist, Exploration Analyst and author of Exploration Insights. Brent discusses what he looks for in a junior mining company, and what other companies are looking for in assessing possible junior acquisition candidates. Brent also discusses the washed out nature of the market, and how recovery will take time.

Shelley D Moen CMT

Jim welcomes technician Shelley Moen CMT from Vermilion Technical Research this week. Shelley discusses the market this year vs. last year, and what could cause this rally to end. She also doesn’t believe the dividend stocks are overplayed, but represent a new paradigm shift in the markets.