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James J Puplava CFP

In this week’s first Big Picture segment, Jim takes on the elephant in the room, the US budget deficit, and discusses the recent Congressional Budget Office release of the annual Budget and Economic Outlook for the next decade. Jim also takes more of your Q-Calls this segment.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim looks at two more Big Picture topics: "The One Year Business Cycle−what the 'new normal' will look like in the future" and also "Follow the Money−Why gold could top $2,200 oz. this year." Jim also wraps up your Q-calls.

Rick Santelli

Jim is pleased to welcome Rick Santelli from CNBC this week. Rick and Jim cover a number of key issues, including the exploding national debt, the mass mortgage refinance program (taxpayers will pay), and what drives today’s futures markets. (Click here for transcript)

Jeff Prosserman

Jim is pleased to welcome Producer/Director Jeff Prosserman to discuss his explosive new documentary "Chasing Madoff," the story of Harry Markopolos and his ten year struggle to expose Bernie Madoff and save investors' life savings. Finding himself trapped in a web of epic deceit, the once unassuming Boston securities analyst turned vigilante investigator now feared for his life and the safety of his family, as he discovered no one would listen. "Chasing Madoff" tells the story the regulators hid from the public and which is still widely ignored by the media.

Douglas Noland

Jim welcomes Douglas Noland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors Inc. Doug discusses the global credit crisis, and believes the greatest bubble in the history of mankind is ready to unfold.

Ned Schmidt

Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA of the Agri-Food Value View report. Ned sees the agriculture markets bottoming in February with higher prices likely this spring, particularly in sugar, cotton, palm oil, beef and hogs. Ned also believes outlook for the U.S. farm machinery market may not be as strong as the Street believes.

Ralph Acampora

Jim Puplava welcomes back noted technician Ralph Acampora this week. Ralph sees stocks headed higher, and is particularly bullish on the blue chip stocks, which are technically breaking out. In addition, Ryan Puplava checks in with a wrap-up of the markets, and Rob Bernard of the PFS Group discusses fixed income opportunities.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim addresses "As Good As It Gets" which refers to the reality that economic growth in the future will have limitations. Jim’s next Big Picture topic is, "In Search of Yield−the changing make-up of market dynamics."

James J Puplava CFP

In this Big Picture segment, Jim and John discuss Federal Reserve policy, higher taxes and how to avoid an impoverished retirement. Jim also takes your Q-Calls.

James Dines

Jim is pleased to welcome back James Dines of The Dines Letter to discuss his forecast for 2012. In an interview covering many subjects, Mr. Dines believes gold shares will catch up to the gold price, Chinese growth won’t be enough to bail out the world’s economies, and that nothing will save the world until a currency link to gold is reinstated and enforced. (Click here for transcript)