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Erik Townsend

In a special segment this weekend, FSN Foreign Correspondent Erik Townsend joins Jim to discuss the sudden demise of commodities broker PFGBest, and look at the facts behind the bankruptcy. In Jim’s Lifetime Income Series, he looks at how to create your own guaranteed pension plan.

Nicole M Foss

Jim welcomes back Nicole Foss from Nicole believes that the addition of unconventional oil and gas is not a game changer, and peak oil will still be a problem. She sees the real issue as one of flow rate, not the amount of oil reserves in the ground. Nicole also sees major problems with our energy infrastructure, especially that we don’t have enough pipelines where we really need them.

Joseph Dancy

Jim is pleased to welcome energy expert Joseph Dancy. Joe sees many bargains in energy stocks, with more acquisitions likely. He also believes global food prices are going much higher, and we could see a repeat of the disruptive 2007-2008 global food crisis. Joe also sees higher oil prices, from both oil production losses in Iran and Norway, and higher oil consumption in China and Japan.

Nick Barisheff

Jim welcomes back Nick Barisheff, CEO at Bullion Management Group Inc. Nick discusses "the truth about banks raiding bullion accounts," and the misperceptions of allocated and unalloacted gold accounts. Nick also says the catalysts for the next launch in gold prices are unknown at present, but there are many candidates.

Jeffrey D Saut

Jim welcomes back Jeffrey Saut, Managing Director of Research at Raymond James Financial. Jeff believes the economy could be giving another head fake, as in 2010 and 2011, and expects it to re-accelerate this fall. He also sees both the public and institutions as under-invested in equities. His current advice is to stick with dividend-paying stocks and non-correlated assets in this time of political uncertainty.

eric hunsader

Market Microstructure expert Eric Hunsader of Nanex joins Erik on The Next Level to discuss what really went wrong in the Facebook IPO.

Ralph Acampora

Jim welcomes back legendary technician Ralph Acampora to the program. Ralph is bullish, as he sees both investors and institutions underinvested in stocks. He also notes that one third of Dow stocks are breaking out to new highs.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim drills down into his economic analysis this week in his first Big Picture segment: "Voodoo Economics and Zombie Economies," and makes a strong case for dividends in his second Big Picture segment, "Dividends Don’t Lie−Why you need to own US Blue Chip stocks."

James J Puplava CFP

In this week’s installment of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim looks at a specific case study, the Smiths, and discusses potential solutions to achieving their retirement dreams. Jim also answers your Q-Calls in this segment.

Fools on the Hill

Jim welcomes filmmaker Jerrol Lebaron, creator of the documentary "Fools On The Hill." An unlikely activist, Jerrol sets out on a journey to make our politicians actually read the bills before they vote, and post them on the internet. Unfortunately, most just pass the legislation that lobbyists have written for them, unread. Faced with out-of-touch politicians and a broken political process, can one man make a difference? Jerrol takes his campaign to Washington DC on July 17th-20th to rally for political reform and transparency.