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Martin Armstrong

Oct 26 – Jim welcomes Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics and founder of Princeton Economics. Martin sees a strong trend of financial and economic power moving to Asia. In the US, he notes that stability is vital to economic growth...

Jeffrey D Saut

Oct 25 – Jim welcomes Jeffrey Saut, Managing Director of Research at Raymond James Financial Inc. Jeff believes that valuations are much better today than in the crash year of 1987 and that March 2009 marked the low in this market cycle.

John Doody

Oct 24 – Jim welcomes back John Doody Ph.D., Editor of The Gold Stock Analyst. John sees silver stocks as gold on steroids and believes that because of the small universe of silver producers, there is great opportunity in this group.

John Williams

Oct 23 – Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John believes the US has been given a "free pass" due to election year politics, but if its fiscal issues are not seriously addressed after the election, the dollar could...

Jim Puplava

Oct 20 – In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim discusses how to plan for incapacity, specifically looking into disability and long-term care options. In the next topic, Jim interviews Kevin Matsukado, Director of Safety and...

Ian McAvity

Oct 19 – Jim is pleased to welcome Ian McAvity CMT, editor of Deliberations on World Markets since 1972. Ian sees all the Quantitative Easing by central banks as nothing but a banking bailout and believes the world is heading toward a global currency crisis.

Kurt H Wulff CFA

Oct 18 – Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt notes that in terms of new supplies of oil and gas globally, North America is currently the one bright spot. He also mentions that the foreign oil majors...

Don Coxe

Oct 17 – Jim welcomes Don Coxe of Coxe Advisors LLP to discuss the Commodity Super-Cycle. Don believes that because most commodities are no longer priced primarily by Europe and North America, they are less risky than conventional...

Axel Merk

Oct 16 – Jim welcomes Axel Merk, founder of Merk Investments LLC. Axel discusses the potential risk to the US dollar, beyond the issues of the Fiscal Cliff. He also discusses three scenarios that put the bond market at risk going forward.

Jim Puplava

Oct 13 – In this week’s Lifetime Income Series edition, Jim focuses on the younger worker with many years to retirement and hoping to retire comfortably. Jim looks at ways that the younger person can plan now and use the advantages of time to build...