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John Kosar CMT

Jim welcomes John Kosar CMT, Director of Research at Asbury Research LLC. John believes we could see 2.4% on the 10 year Treasury, as the bond market is still reflecting concern about the economy.

Jeffrey D. Saut

Jim welcomes back Jeffrey D. Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James Financial Inc. Jeff believes that a lot of people underestimate the strength of the US economy. He stresses the importance of buying quality stocks in...

Martin Armstrong

Jim welcomes back Martin Armstrong of Jim and Martin cover an array of economic and geo-political issues around the globe. Martin takes aim at politicians and journalists in the U.S., stating that neither group understand economics, and politicians cannot successfully manage the economy.

Neil Dutta

Jim is pleased to welcome back Neil Dutta, Head of U.S. Economics at Renaissance Macro Research. They discuss the US economy, and Neil sees strong momentum in the second quarter, forecasting 3.5% GDP growth. He sees stronger growth ahead, but notes it’s difficult to see beyond six months out.

Chris Puplava

Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense interviews Chris Puplava, Portfolio Manager at the PFS Group. Chris discusses what to look for in a major market top. Major tops are associated with key breakdowns in the credit markets and the economy.

Dani Evanson

This week Jim and Cathlyn focus on putting together an income plan for retirement. Every day approximately 10,000 Americans turn 65, and less than 30% have a retirement plan. They stress the importance of having a plan that fits your individual needs, and is not a cookie-cutter solution.

James J Puplava CFP

The first Big Picture topic looks at the wild ride over the last 10 years for investors, with two bear markets in stocks and one in real estate. Jim discusses how global QE has been a catalyst to financial assets since 2009 and that is why he has recommended dividend-paying blue chip stocks throughout that period.

David P Nicoski CMT

Jim welcomes back David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research, LLC. Dave sees the recent stock pullback as a minor hiccup, but also believes there are more opportunities currently in stocks overseas.

Dr. Gary Shilling

Jim welcomes back A. Gary Shilling PhD, President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., an economic consulting firm. Gary and Jim cover the current economic trends, as well as current Federal Reserve policy under Janet Yellen.

Jim O’Sullivan

Jim welcomes Jim O’Sullivan, Chief US Economist at High Frequency Economics. According to MarketWatch, O’Sullivan is the "most accurate forecaster in America over the past 10 years." They discuss the outlook for second quarter growth prospects, as well as the balance of 2014.