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Rick Sharga

Nov 6 – Jim welcomes Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President at to discuss the real estate market. Rick believes the real estate market nationally is finally coming out of one of the most abnormal real estate cycles in history with the epic boom/bust period of the last decade.

Russell Napier

Nov 5 – Jim welcomes back independent strategist Russell Napier. In a wide-ranging discussion Russell and Jim cover a number of important topics, from deflationary trends, to Fed policy, to key structural shifts in the U.S. affecting the strength of the dollar. Russell discusses why liquidity is tightening outside the U.S., and how...

Charles Hugh Smith

Nov 4 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Charles Hugh Smith, author of the Of Two Minds blog. Charles notes that the Federal Reserve has been seen as all-powerful, but believes that perception is now waning. The Fed’s monetary policy is seeing diminishing returns since it only helps increase the wealth of a very small minority of the public.

Jeremy Walston Md

Nov 3 – This week Jim and John cover a topic of great importance to most retirees, retirement plan distributions. The majority of Americans have some kind of retirement plan, whether it is a 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA or Roth IRA. There are many planning issues to consider with these plans...

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 1 – In Jim’s first Big Picture topic, Jim discusses why we haven’t seen a market crash, and why the conditions aren’t there at present for a mania or a crash, outside of a rogue wave situation. He notes that conditions don’t favor a speculative boom and despite the Fed’s money printing...

David P Nicoski CMT

Nov 1 – Jim welcomes back David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research. Dave believes the market is poised to continue higher and notes that typical market patterns seen at market tops are not in evidence today.

Bo Polny

Oct 31 – Jim welcomes Bo Polny, a precious metals cycle specialist. Bo’s work indicates that the next upcycle in gold will begin in November. Through his work with numbers and cycles, Bo has forecasted a number of significant gold and silver tops and bottoms in the last three years.

Richard Duncan

Oct 30 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Richard Duncan, Chief Economist at Blackhorse Asset Management in Singapore. Richard makes the case that since 2008 credit in the U.S. has been growing at less than 2% a year and the Fed has been printing money to create a wealth effect in financial assets in order to sustain the economy.

Satyajit Das

Oct 29 – Jim welcomes Satyajit Das, Author, Journalist and Commentator at They cover the global macro outlook, and Das sees inflexible economic and political structures in Europe and Japan leading to stagnating growth prospects.

David Marsh

Oct 28 – Cris Sheridan welcomes back David Marsh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of OMFIF (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) in London. David explains how the ECB is unlikely to launch a full-scale QE program in Europe with bonds near record highs. The ECB and Bundesbank don't want to run the risk of...