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James Grant

Jim is pleased to welcome back James Grant, Founder and Editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. James and Jim cover an array of topics, including Grant’s outlook for Federal Reserve policy and how attempts to control or manipulate interest rates are ultimately futile.

Brian Pretti CFA

Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at In a wide-ranging conversation, Brian and Jim discuss how the U.S. stock market is more attractive, even if by default, than markets in Europe or Asia.

Hamid Benbrahim

Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense, welcomes Dr. Hamid Benbrahim where they discuss how the financial markets are a complex adaptive system and how economics alone is insufficient as a framework for understanding how complex adaptive systems operate...

Alex Daley

Jim welcomes back Alex Daley, Senior Technology Editor at Casey Research. Alex discusses why he moved to Puerto Rico from Vermont and how Puerto Rico now offers advantages that no other nation on earth can provide to the world’s largest market of investors and entrepreneurs, Americans.

Robert Bernard

This week Jim and Cathlyn revisit a very important topic, how to plan and pay for a college education. They also discuss future trends in education, and the importance of selecting a field of study that will actually pay for the expense of a college education.

Luzi Stamm

In Jim’s first Big Picture topic Jim speaks exclusively with Luzi Stamm, member of the Swiss National Council, and one of the leaders of The Swiss Gold Initiative. The initiative will mandate no more sales of Swiss gold by the government, have all Swiss gold stored in Switzerland, and back the Swiss currency with 20% gold.

Gary Dorsch

Jim welcomes back technician Gary Dorsch, Editor at Gary urges caution around large even numbers on the averages, 2000 on the S&P and 17,000 on the Dow, but believes the markets are ultimately going higher, likely hitting 2200 and 18,000.

James Bianco

Jim is pleased to welcome back James Bianco, President of Bianco Research, LLC. James covers a number of topics including the bond market, the direction of interest rates, QE from the Fed, and future Fed policy. He believes that the economy isn’t as strong as people believe, and that interest rates can go lower from here before rising.

Laurence J Kotlikoff

Jim welcomes back Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University. Professor Kotlikoff has provided expert testimony on numerous occasions to the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the Joint Economic Committee.

Dan Steffens

Jim welcomes Dan Steffens, President of Energy Prospectus Group in Houston. Dan and Jim discuss the need for income by retirees and others today, and Dan explains how carefully selected energy companies can provide sustainable income streams that can beat inflation.