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Dan Wantrobski CMT

Jun 13 – Jim welcomes Dan Wantrobski CMT, Managing Director of Technical Research at Janney Capital Markets. Dan and Jim discuss the recent turbulence in the bond market, and Dan gives a broad historical perspective on bond yields.

Russell Napier

Jun 12 – Currency debasement is just beginning in Japan according to Russell Napier, and there is no Plan B for the Bank of Japan. Emerging markets are in a vice, due to the declining Yen and rising US dollar. Cris Sheridan and...

Chuck Carnevale

Jun 11 – With stock market valuations at current levels, are there any bargains left in the stock market today? Cris Sheridan welcomes Charles (Chuck) Carnevale, creator of F.A.S.T. Graphs™. Chuck talks about the sectors and...

Ben Hunt

Jun 10 – Signals are everywhere, but sometimes it's just noise. For example, many big names in the investment world are pointing to recent large swings in the bond market as a signal of future financial instability. Cris Sheridan welcomes...

Robert Johnson PhD CFA

Jun 9 – The financial markets now hang on every word uttered by Fed Chair Janet Yellen for clues regarding future Fed actions. Many market observers don’t fully grasp the power of the Fed, nor even understand how it works.

Veronica Dagher

Jun 8 – There was a time a few decades back when most workers spent a career with one company, and retired with a pension, Social Security and a gold watch. Those times are gone, and all that is left is a Social Security benefit where...

James J Puplava CFP

Jun 6 – This week’s first Big Picture topic is “The Fed’s Next Move – Raise, Pause or Postpone?”. Jim believes we’ve begun the first part of a peaking business cycle, where bonds peak first, then stocks, and finally commodities.

Ralph Acampora

Jun 6 – While the market has been going sideways all year, some stocks and sectors have done well, while others have lagged behind. Jim welcomes legendary technician Ralph Acampora, Director of Tactical Investments at Altaira Wealth Management. Ralph believes you need to be selective in this market, and sees...

Pierre Lassonde

Jun 5 – Is the nearly four year bear market in gold finally coming to an end? Cris welcomes Pierre Lassonde, Chairman of Franco-Nevada Corporation, who believes gold is at a tipping point. Pierre tells Cris why he believes China is key...

Charles Hugh Smith

Jun 4 – US healthcare costs are now close to 20% of our entire economy and are climbing steadily. Cris welcomes Charles Hugh Smith, writer of the Of Two Minds blog, who discusses why healthcare costs are out of control, why Obamacare...