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Can Big Oil Continue to Pay Dividends?
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The dividends for the largest oil companies in the world are suddenly not looking as untouchable as they once were. Hefty payouts from Big Oil are what has made them the darlings of Wall Street for a long time. The oil majors, in most cases...

China Explores Its Monetary Easing Toolkit
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The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has flooded China’s financial system with record amounts of cash this past week to pre-empt the annual liquidity crunch ahead of the Lunar New Year in early February. The central bank is cautiously refraining...

Lakshman on US Slowdown, Shocks, and China
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Wednesday’s drop in the US service sector to the lowest level in two years took many economists by surprise, leading to a sell-off in the dollar and a boost to gold and commodities, as expectations for further rate hikes this year diminished. Lakshman Achuthan...

Why We Won’t Have a “Lehman Moment” in the 2016 Crash
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What the central banks cannot do is create productive places to invest the credit they've generated in such excess, or force qualified borrowers to swallow more unproductive debt. One way to lose a war is to focus on preparing to fight the last war.

Gold to Beat Stocks?
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"Stocks beat gold in the long run!" is a 'rallying cry' to buy stocks we have heard lately that gets me riled up. It’s upsetting to me for two reasons: first, an out of context comparison, in my opinion, misguides investors. It might be...

What Kind of Power Will China Become?
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These are grim times for the Chinese economy. In the two years since property markets peaked and subsequently began to slow in most cities across China, it has become abundantly clear that the approach to economic management...

Krinsky on Stock Market: Primary Trend Has Shifted to the Downside
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Most major global equity markets are now in a downtrend, Jonathan Krinsky told listeners on Saturday, and investors should be careful of jumping in too soon in search of a bottom. Krinsky also notes that the uptrend in the dollar remains intact and he expects the downward...

Q4 Earnings Illustrate Earnings Recession
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Fresh weakness in oil is dragging stocks lower today. We don’t have much on the economic data front, but the earnings calendar is very busy today, with 32 S&P 500 index members reporting results, of which 18 reported this morning and the...

Spend or Die! The Era of Negative Interest Rates
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Question – What do you do when you really need someone to spend money? Answer – You tell them they’ll lose it if they don’t. Spending is the lifeblood of an economy. At a social level many people frown on consumerism and materialism...

Global Liquidity Continues to Contract
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Given fears expressed by a number of major strategists on our show that the Fed made a policy mistake by waiting too long to hike rates, BofA Merrill Lynch's Global Liquidity Tracker is going to be a very interesting chart to keep an eye on. In the past two economic cycles...