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An Independent Scotland?
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The United States is just starting to think about the upcoming elections (for whatever reason, the vast majority of people don’t focus on politics until after Labor Day), but there is another election happening “over the pond,”...

Gold - Watch the €1000 Level
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Gold is still in a downtrend, if you examine a chart of gold prices measured in dollars. But gold in euros looks much stronger, and that’s actually a bullish condition, eventually. People often ask at what dollar price is gold likely to find support or resistance.

Bubble Forming With Leveraged Buyouts
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U.S. middle market leveraged buyout (LBO) transactions are becoming increasingly frothy. According to the latest data from Lincoln International, risk-return fundamentals in the space are worse than they were in 2007.

August Retail Sales Rose Broadly
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On a year-over-year basis, retail sales rose to a 13-month high of 5.0 percent, up sharply from the winter slowdown that saw the annual sales gain dip to as low as 1.6 percent.

Better Days Ahead
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After bottoming out in 2012, America’s housing market has climbed to a 6-year high and it is probable that the 2006-record will be surpassed within the next 2-3 years.

Strong Dollar Undermines Precious Metals
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Precious metals have had to endure a week of gathering dollar strength, which is at least partly the result of problems specific to the euro, yen and sterling. The result is gold has fallen a further $30 over the week, and silver by about $0.70c. The first chart is of gold and open interest on Comex.

Apple’s Smartwatch May Put Biotech on Silicon Valley Time
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Tech sites are buzzing right now about the new Apple smartwatch and iPhone. Having been a part of or close to the tech industry for a long time, the excitement that builds over new products doesn’t normally move me much.

Keep Your Eye on These Disruptive Tech Ventures
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As part of our ongoing emphasis on tech innovations, we’ll mention a few stories that have caught our eye recently. Some are obviously tech-related, others less so. We continue to believe that such innovations — and the entrepreneurs who bring them from concept to reality...

Is Crimea a Short-Term Gain for Putin, but Long-Term Loss for Russia?
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Ongoing tensions in Ukraine have recently settled with a ceasefire deal and Russian troops also pulling back from the area. This is certainly a positive development, though many still wonder whether we are witnessing the beginnings of a new Cold War or worse between Russia and the West.

Great Graphic: Thinking About the Cost of College
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The beginning of the new school year heightens the anxiety over the rising cost of higher education. The cost of a college education is increasingly beyond the means of average American family. Tuition has risen faster than inflation, student debt has soared and jobs are difficult to secure.