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Zweig Breadth Thrust Signal
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Technicians have a lot of versions of a “breadth thrust” signal, and the basic idea is that the Advance-Decline numbers suddenly go from not so good to REALLY good in a short amount of time. The late Martin Zweig was...

Energy Storage Just Got a Massive Vote of Confidence
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There has been a lot of skepticism about the future size of the energy storage business especially amid Tesla’s announcement earlier this year that it was entering the storage battery business. Detractors assert that energy...

Calm Before the Storm?
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Global business activity is slowing down and the majority of the developing nations are experiencing severe economic problems. Over in the developed world, Japan is contracting again, Euro zone is barely growing and even...

Tech Innovations You Should Watch: Light-Based Memory, Quantum Computing, and Wireless Charging
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Readers are likely familiar with optical fibers, which transmit data by means of light rather than electrical signals. The use of optics in data transmission is widespread because it allows many more data to be transmitted...

Peter Boockvar's Contrarian Play: Sell US Stocks, Buy Commodities and Emerging Markets
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The carnage in commodities continues to make headlines and notable investment gurus like Gary Shilling think it's far from over. Then again, if you're a contrarian value investor like our most recent guest, Peter Boockvar commodities are beginning to show signs...

Jobless Claims, Leading Economic Indicators Still Not Warning of Recession
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US jobless claims came out today better than expected. Since one data point does not make a trend, here is a chart of the popular 4-week moving average of initial jobless claims going back nearly five decades with recessions highlighted in red...

China’s Forex Reserves Drop Most on Record: What Does It Mean?
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Given monstrous levels of debt at the consumer and corporate levels, given the US is not Brazil, and given poor demographic characteristics, I am waiting for an explanation as to how we get an asset bubble burst...

The US Consumer Is Bigger Than China’s Entire Economy
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Last month the FOMC explained their decision to stand pat by citing two factors: concerns about global developments and the decline in market-based measure of inflation expectations. Within a couple of business days...

The Myth of Retiring Baby Boomers
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Anyone interested in digging deeper into the quandary over what’s responsible for the declining labor force participation rate in the US should have a look at this item from Doug Short over at Advisor Perspectives where...

Lack of Wage Growth Means Retail Spending Woes
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As we head into autumn, investor attention turns to the holiday shopping season. It’s an economically important time: in less than three months, over 1 million people will be hired. That’s a massive boost to wages.