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December Durable Goods: A Major Disappointment
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The January Advance Report on December Durable Goods released on today by the Census Bureau was a major disappointment. Here is the Bureau's summary on new orders...

U.S. Shale Boom May Come to Abrupt End
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U.S tight oil production from shale plays will fall more quickly than most assume. Why? High decline rates from shale reservoirs is given. The more interesting reasons are the compounding effects of pad drilling on...

Self-Driving “Fully Automated” Vehicles on German Autobahn
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People will not give up their cars. But who needs truck drivers? And who needs taxi drivers? I suspect trucking will be the first industry to go mostly driverless.

Blood (and Snow) on the Street
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This is a busy week for earnings reporting and today has been a busy day for disappointing earnings guidance. The latter factor more than anything else is the main reason why the S&P futures are trading 1.1% below...

S&P Sales Growth Is Fine, but EPS Margins May Have Flattened
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U.S. corporates have started reporting their financial results for the 4th quarter of 2014. So far, it looks horrible. Bearing in mind that just 18% of the S&P has reported, this is how the quarter is tracking: EPS growth...

Random Thoughts on a Cruise to Nowhere
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In the past missives I have written about the real reason the Saudis have “leaned” on the price of crude oil. It began last summer when Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Director General of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, went to...

The Importance of Owning Stocks
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It's often touted that gold is a great, perhaps the best hedge against inflation. I'm not sure why this belief is so widespread among precious metal enthusiasts, but a quick look at the chart below, courtesy of Jeremy Siegel...

Syriza’s Victory Is Not the End but the Beginning
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As the demonizing of Syriza gives way to post-electoral analysis, its victory is being seen as anti-austerity not anti-EMU. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, and a small conservative party of Independent Greeks have...

The Fed - Lucky or Smart?
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Given the rapid growth in total thin-air credit, i.e., the credit created by the Fed and depository institutions, during most of 2014, the Fed was correct in phasing down the amount of securities it was purchasing if...

Martin Armstrong: Foreign Capital Flows Could Drive US Markets Significantly Higher
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Financial Sense Newshour had the recent privilege to speak with Martin Armstrong, the esteemed global strategist and creator of the widely-cited Economic Confidence Model, to explain how foreign capital flows are driving...