Financial Sense

What Now?
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I got an email last week that read, “What do I do now?” I replied, “I don’t know what you mean.” She wrote back, “I didn’t buy the February lows that your model told us to buy and I didn’t buy any of the stocks on your ‘buy list’...

It's All Generally Relative
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Albert Einstein introduced his Theory of General Relativity in 1915. His finding, according to a helpful article, was that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity.

Atlantic Divergence in Monetary Policy as US Economy Outpaces EU
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In the short-term, the Fed may need to consider global factors when formulating policy. But over a longer horizon, a greater focus on domestic conditions means that the Fed may go down the road less traveled by raising interest rates from...

July 26-27 – The Fed Will Put Us on Notice for a September 20-21 Rate Hike
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The Fed was cocked and primed to deliver a 25 basis point increase in the federal funds rate on June 15. But on June 3, the BLS announced that nonfarm payrolls increased a paltry 38,000 in May. This monthly random number prompted the Fed...

Sovereign Debt Downgrades Accelerate in 2016
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The three main rating agencies—Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard and Poor's—all went on a downgrading spree in the first half of 2016. So far this year, Standard and Poor's has downgraded 16 sovereigns, Moody’s has downgraded 24...

An Upside Down World
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Soft helicopter money in Japan, relaxed austerity in Europe, expanded monetary stimulus by the Bank of England in reaction to the Brexit vote, and a US Fed on hold has propelled US markets to record highs. With the S&P 500 moving well past 2,100 and the Dow Jones Industrial...

Oil Rally Hopes Crushed as Inventories Hit All-Time High
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Oil prices sank on Thursday following fresh data showing oil and product stocks rising to an all-time high. The EIA released its weekly data on July 20, revealing a slight drawdown in crude oil inventories. Crude oil stocks were down...

Signs of Excessive Bullish Sentiment
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I like to watch the data on the number of shares outstanding in certain select ETFs, and one of the best for this purpose is the biggest one, SPY. It tracks the SP500, and it currently has $196 billion invested in it. So it is a big deal.

The Girl Child Arrives
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It was just seven months ago that the strongest El Nino in recorded history was set. The weather folks and their computers were anticipating that the Pacific Ocean would revert to a neutral status (+/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Now it looks like a full bore La Nina is in the immediate future...

S&P Warns of Rising Global Default Wave
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Still stinging from the blame and lawsuits directed its way in the 2008 crisis, S&P Global Ratings is trying to get out in front of the default tsunami now rising in corporate debt markets around the world. Already north of $50 trillion in 2015, corporate debt globally is expected...