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Russia-China Gas Relationship on the Rocks
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The Russian media is reporting an indefinite delay in the final signing of the contract for Russia’s state-run Gazprom to supply China with gas through a new Siberian pipeline because of a decline in Chinese...

Conditions in the US Are Improving, Not Deteriorating
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At least that’s what the latest update from The Conference Board says. Released last week, the figures for June suggest that not only is the US economy improving, but it will continue to do so. The Conference Board...

Is the Tide Turning?
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According to our methodology, the primary uptrend on Wall Street is still intact; however, we are starting to observe some troubling signs which suggest that we may be in the final innings of this bull market.

Gold Update: Sentiment, Seasonality, and Price Patterns Look Favorable
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There's a tradable set up in gold. Sentiment, seasonality and the price pattern (especially the 2% intraday reversal on Friday) are all favorable. Importantly, there is a clear stop if price fails to rally. An even better set up...

Yield Curve Flashing Yellow
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You might have heard that the Federal Reserve is thinking about raising the fed funds rate before the end of the year. The Treasury market certainly has and you can see as much at the front of the yield curve. What's happening at the back end of the yield curve, though, is raising a number of questions...

US Housing Market Heating Up
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After Wednesday’s five-year high in existing home sales and fresh record high in median sales price, here’s a quick look at where home values are rising the quickest and where bidding wars are common via this WSJ...

Great Graphic: China’s Holding of Treasuries
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China has amassed one of the largest pools of capital. It was in the form of central bank reserves. At its peak, it was around $4 trillion. The composition of these reserves is a closely guarded secret. However...

New Weather Software Could Be A Game-Changer For Solar and Wind
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The promise of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is that they’re increasingly cheaper, cleaner and easier to harvest. But they’re also fickle, so that a period of cloudy skies or calm winds can greatly reduce...

Busiest Day of Q2 Earnings Season
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Earnings remain front and center on the busiest day of the Q2 reporting session thus far, with more than 50 S&P 500 index members reporting results. A few positive reports notwithstanding, the overall tone coming out of...

Existing-Home Sales Highest in Eight Years
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This morning's release of the June Existing-Home Sales shows the highest sales in eight years to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.49 million units from a slight downward revision of 5.32 million in May...