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Praxis Seeks to Revive the Apprenticeship Model of Employment
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With private university education costing as much as $200,000 or more, and even public institutions of higher learning costing as much as $100,000, many students are finding themselves in debt and without a job upon graduation. Praxis launched around 3 years ago with...

A Big Tailwind for the Stock Market Has Now Dissipated
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A tailwind for the rally over the past year has been the bearish positioning of investors, with fund managers persistently shunning equities in exchange for holding cash. Sentiment has turned bullish. Optimism towards the economy has...

Is Bank Lending a Concern?
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I have seen some angst recently over declining growth in commercial bank lending. See, for example, the Wall Street Journal: "Bank loans across all categories are increasing 4.6% annually, the slowest pace since 2014, according to weekly...

Crude Inventory Build Sends Oil Prices Into a Nosedive
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Amid growing worries about the direction that oil prices are heading into, the Energy Information Administration reported a 5-million-barrel build in US commercial oil inventories for last week, bringing total US crude oil inventories to 533.1 million barrels.

Imagining a World After Fossil Fuels
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Since 1750, mankind has pumped some 150 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Almost half that amount has been emitted since 2000, 9.9 billion tons of it in 2016 alone. U.S. President Donald Trump claims...

John Murphy on Intermarket Analysis and the Sequence of Market Peaks
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Though we often look at market direction as a whole, one of the aspects of investment analysis that bears further attention is intermarket analysis. This time on Financial Sense, we spoke with John Murphy, chief technical analyst at

Don Coxe on Brewing US Pension Crisis, Stimulus vs. Rising Rates
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Pension fund committees are facing the difficult prospect of getting the 7.5 percent returns they need, Coxe stated. “The pension fund crisis in this country is going to be … over the next 2 years, the single biggest problem that the nation is going to have to face.” We’ve been...

Investors Dump Euro Bonds, Shift Into US
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In 2016, non-euro investors dumped euro-denominated bonds for the first time in history. Moreover, euro-area investors barely made purchases according to the ECB’s analysis of euro area net portfolio investment outflows.

Households' Equity Ownership Reaches 30% - It's Statistical Noise
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Households have 30% of their financial assets in equities, the same proportion as they held at bull market peaks in the 1960s and in 2007. Does this mean another bear market is imminent? No. Two of the last three times the purportedly...

Felix Zulauf: 2017 Could Be a "Game Changer"
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Given how well Zulauf's calls on our show turned out since we spoke with him last August, the head of Swiss-based Zulauf Consulting provided our podcast listeners an update on his outlook and the trends to watch for 2017 when it comes to the US stock market, gold, the euro, and...