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  • Worth Wray: If Dollar Rallies, All Bets Are Off May 04

    May 4 – Worth Wray, Chief Economist and Global Macro Strategist for STA Wealth Management, explains how we almost saw a global financial crisis heading into this year, what stopped it, and the ultimate long-term costs this...

  • Dr. Ben Hunt on the Placebos of Monetary Policy Apr 28

    Apr 28 – The primary instruments of monetary policy in 2016…are placebos,” says Ben Hunt PhD. In this podcast, Ben explains what this means for markets, under what conditions placebos fail to work, and the growing number of parallels between the 1930s and today.

  • 2016 Market and Economic Outlook With Chris Puplava Apr 27

    Apr 27 – PFS Group’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Puplava, offers a detailed outlook of the US economy and explains why, if current trends continue, there are growing signs for a major market top this year and a possible US recession in 2017.

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Fundamentally Speaking – Just the Facts Apr 23

    Apr 23 – This week on the Big Picture, Jim looks at what is driving the markets, which are up across the board, even with a slowing economy and corporate profits down. The falling dollar seems to be the key to improving liquidity and taking...