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  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The Only Game in Town Oct 01

    Oct 1 – Deutsche Bank problems are putting investors (and German authorities) on edge. Is this another Lehman moment? In today’s podcast, Jim discusses why Deutsche Bank represents a systemic threat to the global financial order, how it...

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: A Strong Defense Wins Championships Sep 24

    Sep 24 – In the first part of today’s podcast, Jim describes why “a strong defense wins championships” when it comes to investing. Then, Jim covers the “US’s unspoken crisis”—public pensions—which, being massively...

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: On The Record (Part 1) Aug 27

    Aug 27 – This week on the Big Picture, John asks Jim questions from listeners and elsewhere in another edition of On The Record. This is the first of a two-part discussion highlighting Jim’s current thinking on a number of different topics.

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Lower for Longer Jul 16

    Jul 16 – In the first Big Picture topic this week, “Lower for Longer”, Jim notes that bond yields have reached levels we’ve never seen before. The US has now issued bonds at the lowest rates in United States history. The German government has finally...