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  • The Next Crisis – It’s Not What You Think Nov 28

    Nov 28 – In this holiday reprise edition of the Big Picture, Jim’s first topic is “The Next Crisis – It’s Not What You Think”. Jim outlines where he believes the next financial crisis will begin; in the bond market. He plays clips from the recent Carl Icahn video regarding danger in the high yield...

  • Richard Duncan on the Dollar Standard – No Replacement in Sight Nov 27

    Nov 27 – Cris welcomes Richard Duncan, author and Chief Economist at Blackhorse Asset Management in Singapore. Richard believes there is no replacement in sight for the dollar; not SDRs from the IMF, nor the Chinese yuan, nor gold. He also provides an important historical perspective on why...

  • David Nicoski: Cautiously Optimistic, But Declining Market Breadth Is Concerning Nov 21

    Nov 21 – Jim welcomes back David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research. Dave is currently cautious, and based on his technical data could be in either the bull or bear camp. He does not see the conditions for a recession, but is concerned about the degradation in...

  • Kurt Kallaus: Slowdown in Manufacturing Spilling Into Other Areas Nov 20

    Nov 20 – Kurt talks about oil, gold, stocks, rate hikes, credit spreads, the junk bond market, and the deterioration in manufacturing, which he says has spilled over into other areas of the US economy. Kurt Kallaus is the author of Exec Spec and the KDelta trading model for...