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  • Avi Gilburt: Gold Stocks Are My Favorite Sector – But Not Sure the Bottom in Gold Is Here Jul 22

    Jim welcomes Avi Gilburt, founder of Avi emphasizes a comprehensive reading of charts and wave counts that is free of personal bias or predisposition. Avi and Jim discuss the gold market, as well the larger indexes, the dollar and interest rates.

  • Ned Schmidt: Wall Street Is Wrong on Gold Jul 18

    Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA, Publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports at Schmidt Management Company. Jim and Ned discuss the gold market, which Ned believes has bottomed.

  • Ronald Stoeferle: Gold - The End of the Bottoming Process Jul 11

    Jim welcomes back Ronald Stoeferle CMT, CFTe, Managing Director at Incrementum AG to discuss his eighth annual “In Gold We Trust” report. Ronald likes the fact that the consensus considers the gold bull market over. Gold is now a contrarian investment.

  • Puru Saxena: Hard Landing Coming to China Jul 01

    Jim welcomes back Puru Saxena, Editor of Money Matters, a monthly economic report, and Founder of Puru Saxena Limited of Hong Kong. Puru sees a hard landing ahead for China, and warns against overvalued Chinese real estate.