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  • 7 Megatrends and the Next Crash Feb 25

    Feb 25 – Jim Puplava looks at seven large, transformative forces impacting all aspects of the global economy. Next, he talks about how these forces are colliding in the markets with a growing bubble that few are talking about.

  • Richard Duncan on Trump's Recipe for Disaster Feb 24


    Feb 24 – Today, we discuss Richard Duncan's recent presentation to a group of institutional investors titled, "Trump's Recipe for Disaster," where Duncan looks at the impact of rising interest rates in an overleveraged global economy...

  • Blockchain Technology Has Power to Destroy Monopolies Feb 23

    Feb 23 – Caitlin Long used to work for Wall Street. Now she’s leading the charge in the most disruptive technology that the financial industry has ever faced. It’s called blockchain tech and Caitlin, President of smart-contract technology...

  • Michael Pettis on Capital Flows and Debt Crises Feb 17

    Feb 17 – Today, we resume our conversation with Michael Pettis where he discusses how large concentrations of capital into a single market—as we see in the US today—often resolve with an eventual debt crisis and soaring unemployment.