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  • Megatrend: Retail Ice Age or Metamorphosis? May 27

    May 27 – Thousands of retail chain stores will be closing this year. In today’s Big Picture, we do a deep-dive into the disruptive forces shaking up the retail industry. We discuss the trends, the latest research, and where experts think things...

  • Global Bubble Status Report With ETH Zurich’s Didier Sornette May 18

    May 18 – For the month of May, there’s an “abnormally large number of stocks showing strong positive bubble signals with weak fundamentals,” write the scientists behind the Global Bubble Status Report at ETH Zurich’s Financial Crisis Observatory.

  • Casey Dinges on America’s D+ Infrastructure May 17

    May 17 – It’s Infrastructure Week and Casey Dinges, Senior Managing Director at American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), joins FS Insider today to discuss ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card, which was just released in March. Topics covered...

  • What We Know and What We Don’t Know May 13

    May 13 – In today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava looks at the things we do know, i.e. the market is expensive, vs. the things we don’t, like how many times can the Fed hike rates before an over-leveraged player or sector breaks.