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  • Michael Pettis on Capital Flows and Debt Crises Feb 17

    Feb 17 – Today, we resume our conversation with Michael Pettis where he discusses how large concentrations of capital into a single market—as we see in the US today—often resolve with an eventual debt crisis and soaring unemployment.

  • Jim Bianco: Extreme Readings in the Bond Market Feb 08

    Feb 8 – Jim Bianco of Bianco Research joins FS Insider today to discuss the large divergence in “hard” vs. “soft” economic data, his outlook for stocks and bonds in looking at futures market data, the big changes Trump is going to make...

  • The 800-Pound Gorilla – Risk of Policy Mistakes Feb 04

    Feb 4 – According to a recent BofA Global Fund Survey, one of the greatest concerns on the minds of large institutional investors right now is a policy mistake by the Trump administration, which could lead to any number of...

  • The 401(k) Black Hole Jan 30

    Jan 30 – Last week we discussed The High Risk for Boomers when it comes to future investment returns. Today, we discuss those same risks—low returns, high market valuations, and rising interest rates—as they apply to most working individuals through their 401(k)...