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  • When Things Get Crazy, Don’t Get Lazy – Focus on Risk! Apr 22

    Apr 22 – Jn today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava covers three extremely important topics that every investor should understand: 1) Risk—understanding it, recognizing when it is increasing, and how to mitigate it from decimating your...

  • Geopolitical Update: North Korea, Turkey, and Europe in the Spotlight Apr 19

    Apr 19 – Recent geopolitical events have set markets on edge and Jacob Shapiro, Director of Analysis at Geopolitical Futures, discusses the threat level posed by North Korea under Kim Jong Un, recent developments in Turkey, and ongoing problems in the European Union.

  • Are the Credit Markets Signaling Trouble Ahead? Apr 15

    Apr 15 – Credit demand has been weak this recovery. The big puzzle right now is, with optimism at record levels along with the stock market, why is credit demand starting to fall? Despite business and consumer optimism, it hasn't translated into...

  • Banks Are Making Money – Why Aren’t You? Apr 08

    Apr 8 – Today’s Big Picture is broken up into three topics: 1) How banks are making money but this is not being passed along to bank depositors through savings accounts. Why is that and will that change as the Fed raises interest rates?