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  • Martin Armstrong: Stock Market Bubble Still to Come Jan 18

    Jan 18 – Well-known market forecaster Martin Armstrong at joins us today to discuss his thoughts on a wide range of topics, including his current forecasts on stocks, bonds, why he doesn’t think the market...

  • Forecast 2017: The Oracles Jan 14

    Jan 14 – In today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava looks at the consensus forecasts for 2017 when it comes to the stock market, the economy, and interest rates. He and John Loeffler also discuss the “wild cards” that could throw the stock market off kilter.

  • India and the Cashless Society Jan 04

    Jan 4 – Just two months ago, the second largest nation in the world, India, banned the most common forms of cash from being used. Jeremy Luedi, a Senior Analyst at Global Risks Insights, gives the details and explains some of the...

  • Dan Amerman on Imminent Surge in Entitlement Costs Dec 28

    Dec 28 – America is facing an “imminent multi-trillion dollar surge in Social Security and Medicare costs,” writes Dan Amerman. Today, he discusses why this will happen and what it means for US national debt, retirement savings...