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  • Blackrock Outlook: Technology Causing Historic Supply-Side Shock Aug 18

    Aug 18 – Shayan Hussain, a senior market strategist from BlackRock, joins FS Insider to discuss their macro outlook, investment strategy, and a large range of other topics including the massive impact of technology on the global economy...

  • Richard Duncan: Fed Tightening Due to Growing Concern of Market Bubble Aug 17

    Aug 17 – FS Insider speaks with Richard Duncan, editor and publisher of Macro Watch, on the details surrounding the Fed’s proposal to reduce their balance sheet and the impacts this could have on the markets and the economy.

  • Big Picture: When the Music Stops, Who Will Have a Chair? Aug 12

    Aug 12 – In today’s Big Picture podcast, we discuss risk management: how to do it and why you should be doing it. Jim Puplava explains why most investors don’t want to be 100% invested right now, how much he has in cash, and...

  • The Mother of All Disruptions Is Here Aug 02

    Aug 2 – FS Insider speaks with Kay Hymowitz, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor at the City Journal, regarding the great debate over A.I. and the major reasons why it is likely to prove far more disruptive...