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Weekly Update: Frank Barbera on Stocks, Precious Metals, and the Dollar

Dec 13 – Frank Barbera, Senior Portfolio Manager for Financial Sense Wealth Management, looks at the underlying technicals for the stock market, precious metals, gold and silver mining stocks, the dollar, and interest rates...

Chris Martenson on the False Narratives Behind Covid, Energy, and Inflation

Dec 13 – In this special hour-long interview, Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity to dissect the false narratives surrounding Covid, Covid treatments, the green energy transition, inflation, and more...

Ron William: 2022 Will Be a Big Cycle Turning Point

Dec 10 – Ryan Puplava discusses what moved the markets this week, including the most recent data point on inflation, which has now spiked to a near 40-year high. Ron William at RW Advisory explains his outlook for a big turning point...

Patrick Wood on Technocracy in a Post-Covid World (Part 2)

Dec 8 – Technocracy involves the reprogramming of the economy and how it functions through the use of science and technology but also the reprogramming of the individual via the use of social and biological engineering. Today, we discuss...

Patrick Wood on Technocracy in a Post-Covid World (Part 1)

Dec 7 – FS Insider speaks with Patrick Wood, the world’s foremost leading expert and author on the subject of technocracy, who has detailed its history, evolution, and ongoing implementation. In today's interview, Patrick explains how technocracy...

2021 Year End Tax Planning: SALT Deductions, ROTH Contributions, Oh My!

Dec 6 – In today's Lifetime Planning segment, we discuss the things to do now before year end when it comes to tax planning for 2021, including tax loss harvesting, making use of opportunity zones, charitable giving, ROTH conversions, and...

Weekly Update: Global Liquidity Falling, Nearly Half of US Stocks Now in Bear Market

Dec 6 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, shows how global liquidity is falling and what that means for the market and economic outlook into 2022. Chris also explains how this is impacting the credit markets...

A Large Cluster of Hindenburg Omens

Dec 3 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's wrap-up and also provides a technical update on the market. Then, in our Smart Macro segment on today's Financial Sense Newshour, Chris Puplava discusses the large cluster of Hindenburg Omens...

Martin Armstrong on Covid, Civil War, and Major Capital Shifts (Part 2)

Dec 2 – This week on FS Insider we are going to air part 2 of our conversation with the well-known forecaster Martin Armstrong to discuss Build Back Better, the Great Reset, Covid, his prediction of an American civil war and much more...

Martin Armstrong: Beginning of 2022 Panic Cycle Underway (Part 1)

Dec 1 – Today on FS Insider we are going to air the first part of a two-part conversation with the well-known forecaster Martin Armstrong to get an update on his outlook regarding a panic cycle into 2022, which he warned about on our show earlier this year...

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