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The Truth Behind 2019’s Most Popular Wellness Trends

Nov 25 – On this edition of Lifetime Planning, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss the nutrition and fitness trends of 2019. Covered in this episode are meatless meats, cucumber diets, eggs, intermittent fasting, home fitness gyms...

The Liquidity Rush: Why Markets Are Heading Higher

Nov 22 – Ryan Puplava starts things off and explains what moved the markets this week. Then Jonathan Krinsky says the market's firing on all cylinders and shares areas he thinks are about to break out. Silver expert David Morgan discusses commodities and in the Big Picture Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer look at the liquidity rush...

What's in the Hong Kong Bill that Congress Just Passed? (VIDEO)

Nov 21 – Just recently, Congress passed a bill adding further complications to US-China trade talks by putting support in favor of protestors in Hong Kong. This Bloomberg video explains how the bill would do three things and why China...

Markets Ignoring Impeachment Hearings but Watch What Happens Dec. 15, Says Kurt Kallaus

Nov 21 – FS Insider interviews Kurt Kallaus from about his outlook on the economy, U.S.-China trade talks, impeachment hearings, the upcoming 2020 elections and much more. As we’ve been discussing on our show over the past few weeks...

A Global Economic Recovery Hangs in the Balance

Nov 20 – FS Insider’s Cris Sheridan gives a brief update on today’s pullback in the stock market and how elevated investor sentiment readings must be factored against the ongoing upturn in global leading economic indicators...

Elevated Sentiment Readings Provide Short-term Caution, Though Building Signs of Global Recovery

Nov 20 – As we discussed in last Friday’s Financial Sense Newshour podcast, there are emerging signs of a global recovery based on leading economic indicators for China and 34 OECD countries. However, as stated in last week’s update...

Evolution of the Commission Shift

Nov 19 – Just last month a majority of online brokers lowered their trading commissions down to zero. Why did they do this? How are they making money? What should we expect down the road? Joining Cris Sheridan on this edition...

FOMO in Full Force

Nov 19 – The Dow topped 28,000 for the first time in history. Retail sales rebounded in October and the Fed added $68 billion to financial markets. These factors are all helping to fuel market expansion and on a recent edition of the Financial Sense Newshour...

It's Already Time to Look Ahead to Holiday Sales (VIDEO)

Nov 18 – In this Bloomberg interview, Tom McGee of the International Council of Shopping Centers explains why he's predicting a strong retail environment heading into the holiday shopping season. He talks to Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz and Caroline Hyde...

End of Year Tax Tips

Nov 18 – Many tax deductions have been phased-out. What should you do now? How can you make gifting work to your financial advantage? What thing, if missed, creates a 50% penalty? Joining Jim Puplava on Lifetime Planning...

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