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Jeff Christian on Why 2023-2025 May Be Very Bullish for Gold and Silver

Nov 3 – Jeff Christian is the Managing Partner at CPM Group. Today, Jeff gives FS Insider listeners an update on his outlook as to why the 2023-2025 time period may be quite bullish for metals prices while also providing his analysis on...

Peter Boockvar on Outlook for Economy, Market, Energy, and More

Nov 1 – FS Insider speaks with Peter Boockvar, CIO of Bleakley Financial Group and also editor of the widely read Boock Report, to discuss his outlook on the US economy, stock market, the energy sector, uranium, and much more...

Good and Bad News About the Recent Social Security Changes

Oct 31 – In today's Lifetime Planning episode, Financial Sense's Jim Puplava covers all the recent changes to Social Security, including the big cost of living increase due to high inflation, the bump up in Social Security taxes, changes to Medicare premiums...

Tech Bust Meets 'Old Economy' Revenge

Oct 28 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. Bruce Fraser gives a technical update on the market and says we are seeing a similar setup to the 2000-2002 period. Next, Financial Sense Newshour's Jim Puplava speaks with Greg Weldon...

Rare Earths in Focus in Ongoing Weaponization of Supply Chain

Oct 27 – Today, we’re going to discuss the ongoing weaponization of the global supply chain between US and China with a ban on rare earths as the potential next step of retaliation given China's strategic advantage over the US in this area...

US Chip Ban on China Extremely Significant Move, Says Gordon Chang

Oct 26 – FS Insider speaks with Gordon Chang, author of The Great US-China Tech War, about the extremely significant move by the Biden administration in recent weeks to ban all exports of advanced chips to China. Gordon discusses the details...

A Nuclear Energy Renaissance

Oct 25 – Uranium investor and nuclear industry analyst Mart Wolbert provides an update on the number of countries that have decided to pivot towards nuclear power in light of the global energy crisis and longer-term geopolitical uncertainty...

Weekly Update: How China and Japan Are Adding to Global Market Turmoil in Treasury Sell Off

Oct 24 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, shows how we've now seen more wealth destruction take place than in 2008-2009 as Japan and China sell off significant amounts of US Treasury holdings. Why are they doing this...

Karen Covy on Divorce, Technological Traps, and Hidden Assets

Oct 24 – In today's Lifetime Planning episode, Financial Sense Newshour's Jim Puplava speaks with divorce coach and attorney Karen Covy on the role of technology on divorce today, the impact that Covid has had not just on divorce rates but also...

Year-End Market Rally, Economic Crash Landing

Oct 21 – Financial Sense Newshour's Ryan Puplava explains what moved the markets this week. Mish Schneider at Market Gauge gives an update on the technical and fundamental backdrop for the market, noting strength in domestically...

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