America’s Public Pension Crisis (Part 1)

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America is facing a public pension crisis and it’s only getting bigger, says today’s guest Lawrence McQuillan, author of the must-read book, California Dreaming: Lessons on How to Resolve America’s Public Pension Crisis. Lawrence just got back from a debate between finance professors and public policy officials at Stanford University and shares with FS Insider the key arguments, the main areas of contention, and how he sees this problem ultimately resolving in the first part of an hour-long conversation continuing next week.

Lawrence is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation at the Independent Institute. He received his PhD in economics from George Mason University, and he has served as Chief Economist at the Illinois Policy Institute, Director of Business and Economic Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and Founding Publisher and Contributing Editor of Economic Issues.

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