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A private investor from London, England, Dominic Frisby is the presenter and producer of podcast Frisby's Bulls And Bears - He is also Moneyweek Magazine's expert on gold and commodities. Aside from his involvement in the commodities sector, Dominic is also one of the UK’s leading voiceover artists, a TV presenter and stand-up comedian. Follow him on Twitter @dominicfrisby

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Why Haven’t Gold Stocks Gone Up with the Gold Price?

While the price of gold has shot up to record levels in recent years, the same is not true of gold mining stocks. In fact, they're underperforming badly.

A Great Way to Play Growing Demand for High-Tech Batteries

Despite the weak economy, demand for high-tech goods from tablet computers to smart phones is soaring. Dominic Frisby looks at how to invest in the metal that's crucial to keeping our gadgets powered up.

Get Ready for Another Gold Buying Opportunity

Despite gold's recent volatility, don't be tempted to sell. In fact, you should buy more. Dominic Frisby explains why now could be a good time.

The Most Bullish Chart on the Face of the Planet

Precious metals expert James Turk recently described this chart as the most bullish on the face of the planet. But which metal is he talking about? Dominic Frisby explains.

This ‘Psychic’ Metal is Predicting a Christmas Rally

Most people think of copper as a good predictor of market sentiment. But in fact, there's a better metal to keep an eye on. Dominic Frisby explains what it is, and what it can tell us about today's markets.

How Much Further Will Stock Markets Fall?

It's been a terrible week for stock markets so far. Unfortunately, things only look set to get worse. So how far could markets eventually fall? Dominic Frisby investigates.

Gold Bounces Off 144-Day Moving Average Yet Again

Gold's recent nasty fall took many investors by surprise. But it seems to be recovering well after dropping to a very specific technical level – the 144-day moving average. Dominic Frisby explains.

It's Time to Bet Against the Pound and Back the Dollar

The pound is currently rallying against the US dollar. But that won't last long. Dominic Frisby explains why, and looks at where both currencies are headed next.

How Much Further Will Markets Fall?

Markets are in full-blown capitulation mode. Sooner or later they will bottom out, but when? Dominic Frisby looks at how far markets are likely to fall before buyers return.

How Far Will Gold Fall?

Gold has taken a hammering recently. But don't panic, says Dominic Frisby. We've seen these sorts of falls before and we'll see them again in the future. Gold's long-term bull market is intact. If you haven't already got gold, this could be a great opportunity.

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