Wikileaks, Peak Oil, and Matt Simmons

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"We're sitting on an illusion that Saudi Arabia has all this vast amount of producible oil"

The above quote comes from Matt Simmons, the late energy expert and peak oil theorist, in a 2005 interview with Jim regarding his now prophetic book, "Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy."

twilight in the desert

In lieu of Wikileaks most recent report regarding the alarming revelation that Saudi oil reserves may be overstated by 40%, I highly recommend listening to this interview regarding Matt's findings and his predictions for the near-term impacts on the world economy.

Click here to listen to the full interview

Also, Jim wrote a 16-page report titled, "Hubbert's Peak & The Economics of Oil" where he gives an extremely detailed analysis of peak oil and its geopolitical ramifications. Here's a list of some of the issues discussed:

  • Oil Markets are Multi-Dimensional
  • The Law of Depletion
  • Hubbert: A Prophet of His Day
  • World Production Estimates
  • No Major Discoveries
  • A Theoretical Surplus
  • Oil is Geopolitical
  • The Future of War
  • What Can We Conclude

I consider it and Matt Simmons' book two must reads for those interested in gaining insights into peak oil and its possible effects upon the world we live in.

Link to Jim's article here

peaking saudi oil

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