Craig Johnson on 2018 Market Outlook; Dan Steffens on Energy

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Craig Johnson CMT CFA

Ryan Puplava, CEO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, discusses the market’s reaction to this week’s rate hike by the Fed, introduction of leverage into the Bitcoin space with futures trading and potential impacts this will have, this week’s economic data, the latest on the GOP tax bill, and what’s on the mind of most investment strategists heading into 2018. Craig “Bullseye” Johnson from Piper Jaffray, one of the most consistently accurate analysts on our weekend program, explains his 2018 forecast on the S&P 500 in addition to his favorite sectors and where he sees the greatest mounting risks. Lastly, Dan Steffens at Energy Prospectus Group gives his outlook on the oil markets and explains why he believes the energy sector is undervalued

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