Bud Conrad: Tangible Assets−Where You Should Have Your Money Now

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Bud Conrad

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Jim welcomes Bud Conrad, Chief Economist for Casey Research. Bud discusses real estate in the economic cycle and believes it’s now an attractive investment. He also lists where you should have your money now; metals, food, real estate and energy. Bud also talks about what worries him at the moment: rising food prices, Libya and the Middle East, a possible China-Japan conflict, and the massive US budget deficits. Bud and Jim also discuss interest rates, and how they could start rising.

As well as being chief economist for Casey Research, Bud is also the author of the book Profiting from the World's Economic Crisis. Bud holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He has held positions with IBM, CDC, Amdahl, and Tandem. Currently, he serves as a local board member of the National Association of Business Economics and teaches graduate courses in investing at Golden Gate University. Bud, a futures investor for 25 years and a full-time investor for a decade, is also a regular lecturer for American Association of Individual Investors. In addition, he produces original analysis for Casey Research, including unique charts and research on the economy and investment markets. Bud's commentary may be found in The Casey Report every month.

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