Ron Hera: Why Financial Repression is Going to Fail

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Ron Hera


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Jim welcomes Ron Hera from Hera Research LLC to discuss his views on financial repression. Ron believes the current version is going to fail, and is very different from the period of financial repression following World War II. Today, the debt levels are higher, savings are lower, and GDP growth is slower. Ron believes economic growth will remain anemic for decades due to debt levels growing faster than GDP. He sees a gradual fading of American capitalism as the country moves toward central planning. Ron believes the last line of defense against this is to accumulate hard assets.

Ron Hera, who is the principal author of the Hera Research Newsletter, is a private investor focusing on hard assets, natural resources, commodities and precious metals. Hera is an outspoken proponent of the free market and of the Austrian School of economics. His articles on economics and on companies that produce natural resources appear regularly in print publications and on hundreds of thousands of websites globally, including translations into languages such as Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. Hera is also known for candid interviews with other investors in commodities and precious metals, such as Jim Rogers, Eric Sprott, Hugo Salinas Price, Jim Sinclair and Dr. Marc Faber.

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