Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: On the Record (Part 2)

This week on the Big Picture, Jim and John continue with Part 2 of On the Record, where John asks Jim questions on a wide array of subjects. Some of the topics this week include Jim’s analysis of “helicopter drops” from the Federal Reserve, and if Jim would be in favor of them in certain circumstances. Jim has done a number of programs on the Lifetime Income Series on health and lifestyle, especially on diets. Jim has tried both vegetarian and paleo programs and talks about what works best for him. Turning to interest rates, Jim gives his views on if the Fed will end up raising rates sometime this year. A listener wanted to know if the government will start regulating 401Ks as some have warned, and will this be an example of more financial repression that we can expect in the future. Jim comments on that and more broadly on the pension markets, which may prove too tempting a target at some point for a government desperate for revenue.

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